Linda Day

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Née le 12 août 1938 à Los Angeles (Californie) (États-Unis)

Décédée le 23 octobre 2009 à l'âge de 71 ans à Georgetown (Texas) (États-Unis)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Archie Bunker's Place
2x16 Tough Love15/03/1981
3x01 Billie04/10/1981
4x21 Bunker Madness13/03/1983
Teachers Only
2x10 Leather and Lace23/04/1983
2x13 Loss of Innocence14/05/1983
The Facts of Life (Drôle de vie)
5x14 Next Door04/01/1984
Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
6x21 The Bar Mitzvah Boy17/03/1984
Who's the Boss? (Madame est servie)
1x05 A Rash Decision13/11/1984
1x11 Samantha's Growing Up08/01/1985
1x15 Angela's Ex (1)05/02/1985
1x16 Angela's Ex (2)12/02/1985
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
6x24 A Man of Good Will28/03/1985
7x06 A Question of Trust31/10/1985
7x17 Alterations23/01/1986
Dallas (1978)
9x13 Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen13/12/1985
9x15 The Missing Link03/01/1986
9x23 Sitting Ducks28/02/1986
9x27 J.R. Rising04/04/1986
Sidekicks (Le Chevalier Lumière)
1x10 The Birds and the Killer Bees29/11/1986
Married... with Children (Mariés, deux enfants)
1x01 Pilot05/04/1987
1x02 Thinnergy12/04/1987
1x03 But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy19/04/1987
1x05 Have You Driven a Ford Lately03/05/1987
1x06 Sixteen Years and What Do You Get10/05/1987
1x07 Married ... Without Children17/05/1987
1x09 Peggy Sue Got Work31/05/1987
1x11 Nightmare on Al's Street14/06/1987
1x12 Where's the Boss21/06/1987
1x13 Johnny Be Gone28/06/1987
2x01 Poppy's By the Tree (1)27/09/1987
2x02 Poppy's By the Tree (2)27/09/1987
2x03 If I Were a Rich Man04/10/1987
2x04 Buck Can Do It11/10/1987
2x05 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1)18/10/1987
2x06 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (2)18/10/1987
2x07 For Whom the Bell Tolls25/10/1987
2x08 Born to Walk01/11/1987
2x09 Alley of the Dolls08/11/1987
2x10 The Razor's Edge15/11/1987
2x11 How do You Spell Revenge?22/11/1987
2x12 Earth Angel06/12/1987
2x13 You Better Watch Out20/12/1987
2x14 Guys and Dolls10/01/1988
2x15 Build a Better Mousetrap24/01/1988
2x16 Master the Possibilities07/02/1988
2x18 The Great Escape21/02/1988
2x19 Im-Po-Dent28/02/1988
2x20 Just Married ... With Children06/03/1988
2x21 Father Lode13/03/1988
2x22 All in the Family01/05/1988
4x15 Rock and Roll Girl04/02/1990
5x19 Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?07/04/1991
5x21 You Better Shop Around (1)14/04/1991
5x22 You Better Shop Around (2)21/04/1991
Major Dad
1x05 Wounded Flyboy and the Nurse Who Gave Him Reason to Live08/10/1989
1x07 Jane Wayne Day23/10/1989
Top of the Heap
1x03 Behind the Eight Ball21/04/1991
Laurie Hill
1x01 Pilot30/09/1992
1x02 Women on the Verge07/10/1992
1x03 Crush14/10/1992
1x04 Grasshopper21/10/1992
1x05 Sick and Tired28/10/1992
Mad About You (Dingue de toi)
1x14 Weekend Getaway27/01/1993
1x15 The Wedding Affair06/02/1993
1x16 Love Among the Tiles13/02/1993
1x17 The Billionaire20/02/1993
1x18 The Man Who Said Hello27/02/1993
1x19 Swept Away01/05/1993
The Nanny (Une nounou d'enfer)
1x14 The Family Plumbing09/02/1994
1x15 Deep Throat02/03/1994
1x16 Schlepped Away09/03/1994
Models Inc.
1x20 Of Models and Men14/12/1994
1x29 Sometimes a Great Commotion06/03/1995
1x14 The Party's Over10/01/1997
2x02 Salsa, Chlorine & Tears30/09/1997
2x03 Suddenly Stupid07/10/1997
2x10 Intruder Spawn25/11/1997
2x13 Labor of Love13/01/1998
2x15 In Boyfriend We Trust24/02/1998
2x16 The Joint03/03/1998
2x20 Friends05/05/1998
2x21 Sean's Video12/05/1998
3x03 Model Smoker20/10/1998
3x07 Father's Keeper17/11/1998
3x16 Cher's Weekend at Bernie's20/04/1999
3x17 Parent Trap20/04/1999
3x19 A Test of Character04/05/1999
Boston Common
2x18 Heres to You, Mrs. Byrnes07/04/1997
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
2x17 The Equalizer13/02/1998
2x26 Mom vs. Magic15/05/1998
3x01 It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener25/09/1998
3x03 Suspicious Minds09/10/1998
3x09 Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby20/11/1998
3x12 Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?08/01/1999
3x24 Slient Movie14/05/1999
3x25 The Good, the Bad and the Luau21/05/1999
4x01 No Place Like Home24/09/1999
4x02 Dream a Little Dreama Me01/10/1999
4x05 Spoiled Rotten22/10/1999
1x12 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream25/01/2002