Len Uhley

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Scénariste de séries

DuckTales (1987) (La Bande à Picsou (1987))
1x36 A Drain In The Economy02/11/1987
2x02 The Duck Who Would Be King25/11/1988
2x03 Bubba Trubba25/11/1988
1x08 Where No Duck Has Gone Before23/09/1989
3x17 The Masked Mallard26/09/1989
3x18 A DuckTales Valentine27/09/1989
2x04 Ducks on the Lam25/11/1989
2x05 Ali Bubba's Cave25/11/1989
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (Tic et Tac, les rangers du risque)
2x30 Love is a Many Splintered Thing18/12/1989
TaleSpin (Super Baloo)
1x03 Plunder and Lightning (3/4)07/09/1990
1x05 From Here to Machinery10/09/1990
Darkwing Duck (Myster Mask)
1x08 Duck Blind16/09/1991
X-Men (1992)
3x15 Cold Comfort04/02/1995
3x10 ...For It May Come True23/11/1996
RoboCop: Alpha Commando
1x01 Justice Reborn (1)07/09/1998
1x02 Justice Reborn (2)08/09/1998
1x03 Justice Reborn (3)09/09/1998
1x04 Doppelganger10/09/1998
1x05 Town of Tomorrow11/09/1998
1x06 Cyber-Fagin14/09/1998
1x07 Plague on Ice15/09/1998
1x08 Robo Racer16/09/1998
1x09 The Hermanator17/09/1998
1x10 Robopop18/09/1998
1x11 The Weakest Link21/09/1998
1x12 Really, Really Big Shoo22/09/1998
1x13 A Pretty Girl Is Like a Malady23/09/1998
1x14 Francesca's Quest24/09/1998
1x15 Power Play25/09/1998
1x16 Deep Trouble28/09/1998
1x17 Maxsop 429/09/1998
1x18 Oh Tannenbaum Whoa Tannenbaum05/10/1998
1x19 We'll Always Have Paris06/10/1998
1x20 Best Friends12/10/1998
1x21 Garden of Evil13/10/1998
1x22 Robodog02/11/1998
1x23 Brawl in the Family03/11/1998
1x24 Cop Games04/11/1998
1x25 H-2-Uh-Oh05/11/1998
1x26 Inside Out06/11/1998
1x27 The ERG and I09/11/1998
1x28 Survival of the Fittest10/11/1998
1x29 While You Were Sleeping11/11/1998
1x30 Return of the Hermanator12/11/1998
1x31 Family Reunion (1)16/11/1998
1x32 Family Reunion (2)17/11/1998
1x33 Small Packages25/11/1998
1x34 Head Games26/11/1998
1x35 DARC Secrets27/11/1998
1x36 Thank You Very Mulch30/11/1998
1x37 Father's Day01/12/1998
1x38 Out of the Dark01/02/1999
1x39 Das Re-Boot02/02/1999
1x40 Talk About the Weather03/02/1999
Young Hercules (Hercule contre Arès)
1x11 Battle Lines (1)01/10/1998
1x21 Lyre, Liar03/11/1998
1x33 Con Ares01/02/1999
Men in Black: The Series
4x03 The Back to School Syndrome30/09/2000
X-Men: Evolution
1x11 Grim Reminder14/04/2001
Stargate: Infinity
1x03 The Best World28/09/2002
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (Les Quatre Fantastiques (2006))
1x13 De-Mole-Ition21/07/2007
1x19 Frightful01/09/2007
1x23 Johnny Storm And The Potion Of Fire29/09/2007
Wolverine and the X-Men (Wolverine et les X-Men)
1x08 Time Bomb01/11/2008
Thunderbirds Are Go! (Thunderbirds)
2x09 Impact10/12/2016
2x11 Weather or Not24/12/2016