Larry Lalonde

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Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Mann & Machine
1x09 Cold, Cold Heart14/07/1992
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Kung Fu, la légende continue)
1x06 Force Of Habit24/02/1993
1x12 Dragon' Eye14/04/1993
1x15 Illusion19/05/1993
2x08 Out of the Woods16/03/1994
2x09 Tournament20/04/1994
3x03 May I Walk With You06/02/1995
Due South (Un tandem de choc)
1x19 An Invitation to Romance24/04/1995
Once a Thief (Les Repentis)
1x04 Art of Death06/10/1997
1x06 Wang Dang Doodle20/10/1997
1x08 Drive, She Said10/11/1997
1x11 That Old Gang of Mine24/01/1998
1x13 Mama's Boys07/02/1998
1x18 The Director Files14/03/1998
1x22 Endgame (2)02/05/1998
Largo Winch
1x01 L'héritier (1ère partie)26/01/2001
1x02 L'héritier (2ème partie)26/01/2001
1x06 Vengeance18/02/2001
Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace)
1x04 I Thought I Knew You23/08/2003
1x12 Victoria08/11/2003
1x15 Father Figure13/12/2003
1x16 Lost Sister03/01/2004
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les enquêtes de Murdoch)
1x09 Belly Speaker20/03/2008
4x01 Tattered and Torn15/02/2011
4x03 Buffalo Shuffle01/03/2011
4x11 Bloodlust26/04/2011
The Listener (Les pouvoirs de Toby)
1x04 Some Kinda Love18/06/2009
1x02 In Rats Alley04/10/2016
1x06 Madame Sosostris01/11/2016
1x12 Now That We Talk of Dying13/12/2016
1x03 Because I Could Not Stop for Death05/12/2019
1x06 It's Not Enough to Have Lived05/12/2019
1x09 The Junkie Run of the Predator Gene05/12/2019