Kevin Hageman

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2020 The Croods 2N-C
2019 Scary Stories (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)111
2017 Lego Ninjago : le film (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)101
Moyenne de tous ses films11.56

Scénariste de séries

NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu (NinjaGo)
2x01 Darkness Shall Rise18/07/2012
2x02 Pirates vs. Ninja25/07/2012
2x03 Double Trouble01/08/2012
2x04 Ninjaball Run08/08/2012
2x05 Child's Play15/08/2012
2x06 Wrong Place, Wrong Time22/08/2012
2x07 The Stone Army03/10/2012
2x08 The Day Ninjago Stood Still10/10/2012
2x09 The Last Voyage17/10/2012
2x10 The Island of Darkness24/10/2012
2x11 The Last Hope07/11/2012
2x12 Return of the Overlord14/11/2012
2x13 The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master21/11/2012
3x01 The Surge29/01/2014
3x02 The Art of the Silent Fist29/01/2014
3x03 Black Out16/04/2014
3x04 The Curse of the Golden Master16/04/2014
3x05 Enter the Digiverse13/07/2014
3x06 Codename: Artcturus13/07/2014
3x07 The Void26/11/2014
3x08 The Titanium Ninja26/11/2014
4x01 The Invitation23/02/2015
4x02 Only One Can Remain02/03/2015
4x03 Versus09/03/2015
4x04 Ninja Roll16/03/2015
4x05 Spy for a Spy23/03/2015
4x06 Spellbound30/03/2015
4x07 The Forgotten Element31/03/2015
4x08 The Day of the Dragon01/04/2015
4x09 The Greatest Fear of All01/04/2015
4x10 The Corridor of Elders03/04/2015
5x01 Winds of Change29/06/2015
5x02 Ghost Story30/06/2015
5x03 Stix and Stones01/07/2015
5x04 The Temple on Haunted Hill02/07/2015
5x05 Peak-a-Boo03/07/2015
5x06 Kingdom Come06/07/2015
5x07 The Crooked Path07/07/2015
5x08 Grave Danger08/07/2015
5x09 Curse World, Part I09/07/2015
5x10 Curse World, Part II10/07/2015
6x01 Infamous09/06/2016
6x02 Public Enemy Number One16/06/2016
6x03 Enkrypted23/06/2016
6x04 Misfortune Rising30/06/2016
6x05 On a Wish and a Prayer11/07/2016
6x06 My Dinner with Nadakhan12/07/2016
6x07 Wishmasters13/07/2016
6x08 The Last Resort14/07/2016
6x09 Operation Land Ho!15/07/2016
6x10 The Way Back15/07/2016
8x01 The Mask of Deception20/01/2018
8x02 The Jade Princess27/01/2018
8x03 The Oni and the Dragon03/02/2018
8x04 Snake Jaguar10/02/2018
8x06 The Quiet One24/02/2018
8x07 Game of Masks03/03/2018
8x08 Dread On Arrival10/03/2018
8x09 True Potential17/03/2018
8x10 Big Trouble, Little Ninjago24/03/2018
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (Chasseurs de Trolls : Les Contes d'Arcadia)
1x04 Gnome Your Enemy23/12/2016
1x05 Waka Chaka!23/12/2016
1x06 Win Lose or Draal23/12/2016
1x07 To Catch a Changeling23/12/2016
1x08 Adventures in Trollsitting23/12/2016
1x11 Recipe for Disaster23/12/2016
1x13 The Battle of Two Bridges23/12/2016
1x14 Return of the Trollhunter23/12/2016
1x15 Mudslinging23/12/2016
1x16 Roaming Fees May Apply23/12/2016
1x17 Blinky's Day Out23/12/2016
1x18 The Shattered King23/12/2016
1x19 Airheads23/12/2016
1x20 Where Is My Mind?23/12/2016
1x21 Party Monster23/12/2016
1x22 It's About Time23/12/2016
1x23 Wingmen23/12/2016
1x24 Angor Management23/12/2016
1x25 A Night to Remember23/12/2016
1x26 Something Rotten This Way Comes23/12/2016
2x01 Escape from the Darklands15/12/2017
2x02 Skullcrusher15/12/2017
2x03 Grand Theft Otto15/12/2017
2x04 KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!!15/12/2017
2x05 Homecoming15/12/2017
2x06 Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang15/12/2017
2x07 Hero with a Thousand Faces15/12/2017
2x08 Just Add Water15/12/2017
2x09 Creepslayerz15/12/2017
2x10 The Reckless Club15/12/2017
2x11 Unbecoming15/12/2017
2x12 Mistrial and Error15/12/2017
2x13 In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King15/12/2017