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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Earth: Final Conflict (Invasion Planète Terre)
5x16 Deportation25/02/2002
The Eleventh Hour (CA)
1x06 A Modern Mata Hari07/01/2003
2x02 Stormy Petrel22/02/2004
Queer as Folk (US)
3x05 There's Nothing Noble about Being Poor06/04/2003
3x09 Big Fucking Mouth11/05/2003
3x14 The Election22/06/2003
4x01 Just a Little Help18/04/2004
4x05 How Far You Can Go16/05/2004
4x12 Irritation and Separation04/07/2004
4x14 Liberty Ride18/07/2004
5x01 Move and Leave22/05/2005
5x04 Hard Decisions05/06/2005
5x10 I Love You17/07/2005
5x13 We Will Survive!07/08/2005
Kevin Hill
1x07 House Arrest10/11/2004
Beautiful People (US)
1x08 Photo Finish26/09/2005
The Border
1x04 Gross Deceptions28/01/2008
1x05 Compromising Positions04/02/2008
4x07 Hearts and Minds13/04/2008
4x08 Brood 1420/04/2008
1x09 Planets Aligned18/09/2008
3x06 The Other Lane03/09/2010
3x08 Jumping at Shadows10/09/2010
4x01 Personal Effects08/07/2011
4x03 Run, Jamie, Run22/07/2011
4x12 A New Life01/11/2011
4x14 Day Game15/11/2011
4x16 Team Player29/11/2011
4x18 Slow Burn13/12/2011
5x01 Broken Peace20/09/2012
5x02 No Kind of Life27/09/2012
5x07 Forget Oblivion01/11/2012
5x12 Keep the Peace (Part 1)06/12/2012
Being Erica (Les Vies rêvées d'Erica Strange)
1x05 Adultescence02/02/2009
3x10 The Tribe Has Spoken24/11/2010
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les Enquêtes de Murdoch)
2x12 Werewolves21/04/2009
2x13 Anything You Can Do28/04/2009
The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town
1x01 Death Checks In12/01/2010
1x02 Who Mailed Our Mayor?19/01/2010
1x03 The Stages of Grief26/01/2010
1x04 Big City Smack Down02/02/2010
1x05 The Butterfly Is To Blame09/02/2010
1x06 Cause of Death02/03/2010
1x07 Serious Shocking News09/03/2010
1x08 Dead Man Walking16/03/2010
Saving Hope (Saving Hope, au-delà de la médecine)
1x04 The Fight28/06/2012
2x02 Little Piggies02/07/2013
2x04 Defense16/07/2013
Being Human (US)
3x08 Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland04/03/2013
3x09 Of Mice and Wolfmen11/03/2013
Motive (Motive : le mobile du crime)
1x07 Out of the Past21/03/2013
Rookie Blue
4x08 For Better, For Worse08/08/2013
4x11 Deception29/08/2013
1x12 Caged29/03/2014
3x07 Paris02/04/2015
3x08 To the Gates!09/04/2015
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
1x05 Moo Shu to Go09/02/2016
Private Eyes
1x01 The Code26/05/2016
1x02 Mise en Place02/06/2016
1x09 Disappearing Act21/07/2016
2x05 Now You See Her…22/06/2017
2x07 Between a Doc and a Hard Place06/07/2017
1x04 Wolves27/11/2016
1x10 Golden Parachute25/01/2017
Mary Kills People (Dre Mary : Mort sur ordonnance)
2x01 The Means03/01/2018
2x02 The Connection10/01/2018
1x01 Willy MacIsaac06/03/2019
1x04 Delroy Nelson27/03/2019
Nurses (CA)
1x03 Friday Night Legend20/01/2020
1x04 Chrysalis27/01/2020