Kellie Cyrus

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

The Vampire Diaries
4x18 American Gothic28/03/2013
5x05 Monster's Ball31/10/2013
5x10 Fifty Shades of Grayson12/12/2013
5x12 The Devil Inside30/01/2014
6x04 Black Hole Sun23/10/2014
6x09 I Alone04/12/2014
7x05 Live Through This05/11/2015
7x20 Kill 'Em All29/04/2016
8x10 Nostalgia's a Bitch27/01/2017
The Originals
1x19 An Unblinking Death22/04/2014
2x16 Save My Soul16/03/2015
3x08 The Other Girl in New Orleans03/12/2015
5x08 The Kindness of Strangers13/06/2018
Blue Bloods
7x02 Good Cop, Bad Cop30/09/2016
Sleepy Hollow
4x03 Heads of State20/01/2017
Dynasty (2017) (Dynastie (2017))
1x03 Guilt is for Insecure People25/10/2017
1x07 Everythingship21/10/2018
God Friended Me
2x04 All Those Yesterdays20/10/2019
Almost Family
1x05 Risky AF20/11/2019