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Réalisation / Long-métrages

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2004 Triple Play90
Moyenne de tous ses films13

Réalisation de séries

Who's the Boss? (Madame est servie)
1x07 Sorority Sister27/11/1984
Remington Steele (Les Enquêtes de Remington Steele)
3x18 Now You Steele It, Now You Don't05/03/1985
Growing Pains (US) (Quoi de neuf docteur ?)
1x07 Weekend Fantasy12/11/1985
1x08 Slice of Life19/11/1985
1x09 Carol's Crush26/11/1985
1x10 Dirt Bike03/12/1985
1x12 A Christmas Story10/12/1985
1x13 The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver07/01/1986
1x14 First Blood14/01/1986
1x15 Slice of Life II21/01/1986
1x16 The Seavers vs. the Cleavers28/01/1986
1x17 Charity Begins at Home18/02/1986
1x18 Reputation25/02/1986
1x19 The Anniversary That Never Was04/03/1986
1x20 Be a Man11/03/1986
1x21 Career Decision06/05/1986
1x22 Extra Lap13/05/1986
2x01 Jason and the Cruisers30/09/1986
2x03 Long Day's Journey Into Night28/10/1986
2x04 Call Me11/11/1986
2x05 Employee of the Month18/11/1986
2x06 Dream Lover25/11/1986
2x07 Do You Believe in Magic?02/12/1986
2x08 Jason's Rib09/12/1986
2x09 The Kid16/12/1986
2x10 The Breakfast Club06/01/1987
2x11 Choices13/01/1987
2x12 Higher Education20/01/1987
2x13 Some Enchanted Evening27/01/1987
2x14 Thank You, Willie Nelson03/02/1987
2x15 Thank God It's Friday10/02/1987
2x16 My Brother, Myself24/02/1987
2x17 Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins03/03/1987
2x18 Carnival10/03/1987
2x19 The Awful Truth17/03/1987
2x20 Born Free31/03/1987
2x21 The Long Goodbye05/05/1987
2x22 Confidentially Yours19/05/1987
3x01 Aloha (1)18/09/1987
3x02 Aloha (2)18/09/1987
3x03 Taking Care of Business22/09/1987
3x04 Not Necessarily the News29/09/1987
3x05 Michaelgate06/10/1987
3x06 Big Brother is Not Watching13/10/1987
3x07 A Star is Born27/10/1987
3x08 Gone But Not Forgotten03/11/1987
3x09 Who's Zoomin' Who?10/11/1987
3x10 This is Your Life17/11/1987
3x11 Broadway Bound24/11/1987
3x12 The Scarlet Letter01/12/1987
3x13 A Reason to Live08/12/1987
3x14 Nasty Habits15/12/1987
3x15 The Marrying Kind05/01/1988
3x16 State of the Union12/01/1988
3x17 The Mom Who Knew Too Much26/01/1988
3x18 Great Expectations09/02/1988
3x19 Dance Fever (1)01/03/1988
3x20 Dance Fever (2)02/03/1988
3x21 Bringing Up Baby09/03/1988
3x22 The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (1)30/03/1988
3x23 The Obscure Objects of Our Desire (2)30/03/1988
3x24 How the West Was Won (1)20/04/1988
3x25 How the West Was Won (2)26/04/1988
3x26 Graduation Day04/05/1988
4x01 Fool for Love19/10/1988
4x02 Birth of a Seaver26/10/1988
4x03 Family Ties (1)02/11/1988
4x04 Family Ties (2)09/11/1988
4x05 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?16/11/1988
4x06 Homecoming Queen23/11/1988
4x07 Nude Photos30/11/1988
4x08 Ben's First Kiss07/12/1988
4x09 The Nanny04/01/1989
4x10 Mandingo11/01/1989
4x11 In Carol We Trust18/01/1989
4x12 Mom of the Year25/01/1989
4x13 Semper Fidelis01/02/1989
4x14 Feet of Clay08/02/1989
4x15 Anniversary from Hell15/02/1989
4x16 Fortunate Son22/02/1989
4x17 Double Standard01/03/1989
4x18 The Recruiter15/03/1989
4x19 Show Ninety -- Who Knew?22/03/1989
4x20 Second Chance12/04/1989
4x21 The Looooove Boat (1)26/04/1989
4x22 The Looooove Boat (2)03/05/1989
5x01 Anger With Love20/09/1989
5x02 Mike and Julie's Wedding27/09/1989
5x03 Carol Meets the Real World04/10/1989
5x04 Fish Bait11/10/1989
5x05 Teach Me18/10/1989
5x06 Carol's Papers25/10/1989
5x07 Coughing Boy01/11/1989
5x08 The New Deal (1)08/11/1989
5x09 The New Deal (2)15/11/1989
5x10 Paper Route22/11/1989
5x11 Five Grand29/11/1989
5x12 Carol's Promotion06/12/1989
5x13 Ben and Mike's Excellent Adventure13/12/1989
5x14 The Triangle03/01/1990
5x15 The Return of the Triangle10/01/1990
5x16 The Home Show17/01/1990
5x17 Jason vs. Maggie24/01/1990
5x18 Mike, Kate and Julie31/01/1990
5x19 Mike, the Teacher07/02/1990
5x20 Carol in Jail14/02/1990
5x21 Future Shock21/02/1990
5x22 Cheating14/03/1990
5x23 Mike the Director21/03/1990
5x24 Weekend at Mike's04/04/1990
5x25 Ben's Movie25/04/1990
5x26 Where There's a Will02/05/1990
6x01 Mike's Choice19/09/1990
6x02 Midnight Cowboy26/09/1990
6x03 Roommates03/10/1990
6x04 Daddy Mike10/10/1990
6x05 Ben's Sure Thing17/10/1990
6x06 Jason Flirts, Maggie Hurts24/10/1990
6x07 Happy Halloween (1)31/10/1990
6x08 Happy Halloween (2)31/10/1990
6x09 Let's Go Europe (1)07/11/1990
6x10 Let's Go Europe (2)14/11/1990
6x11 Let's Go Europe (3)28/11/1990
6x12 Divorce Story05/12/1990
6x13 The World According to Chrissy19/12/1990
6x14 How Could I Leave Her Behind?02/01/1991
6x15 Like Father, Like Son09/01/1991
6x16 Ben's Rap Group23/01/1991
6x17 Eddie, We Hardly Knew Ye30/01/1991
6x18 Maggie Seaver's: The Meaning of Life06/02/1991
6x19 All the World is a Stage13/02/1991
6x20 Not With My Carol You Don't20/02/1991
6x21 Meet the Seavers06/03/1991
6x22 Carol's Carnival27/03/1991
6x23 Home Schooling17/04/1991
6x24 Viva Las Vegas24/04/1991
Misfits of Science (Superminds)
1x07 Steer Crazy29/11/1985
My Two Dads (Mes deux papas)
1x01 Pilot20/09/1987
Family Matters (La vie de famille)
3x03 The Show Must Go On04/10/1991
3x04 Words Hurt11/10/1991
3x06 Citizen's Court25/10/1991
3x09 Born to be Mild15/11/1991
3x10 The Love God22/11/1991
3x12 A Pair of Ladies06/12/1991
3x16 Brown Bombshell31/01/1992
3x17 Food, Lies and Videotape07/02/1992
3x20 Love and Kisses28/02/1992
3x21 Stop, in the Name of Love13/03/1992
3x22 The Urkel Who Came to Dinner03/04/1992
4x01 Surely You Joust18/09/1992
4x02 Dance to the Music02/10/1992
4x03 Driving Carl Crazy09/10/1992
4x04 Rumor Has It16/10/1992
4x06 Whose Kid Is it Anyway?30/10/1992
4x07 An Officer and a Waldo06/11/1992
4x08 Just One Date13/11/1992
4x09 The Oddest Couple20/11/1992
4x17 It's a Mad, Mad, Madhouse27/11/1992
4x10 It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Urkel11/12/1992
4x11 Muskrat Love08/01/1993
4x12 Hot Wheels15/01/1993
4x13 The Way the Ball Bounces22/01/1993
4x15 Tender Kisses05/02/1993
4x16 Heart Strings12/02/1993
4x21 Walk on the Wild Side26/03/1993
4x23 Stormy Weather07/05/1993
4x24 Buds 'n' Buns14/05/1993
5x01 Hell Toupee24/09/1993
5x08 Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool12/11/1993
5x13 Rock Enroll07/01/1994
5x16 Presumed Urkel04/02/1994
5x17 Father of the Bride11/02/1994
5x22 Nunsense29/04/1994
5x24 Stefan Returns20/05/1994
6x01 To Be or Not to Be (1)23/09/1994
6x02 To Be or Not to Be (2)30/09/1994
6x06 Dark and Stormy Night28/10/1994
6x09 Paradise Bluff18/11/1994
6x13 An Unlikely Match20/01/1995
6x15 The Gun10/02/1995
6x18 My Uncle Hero03/03/1995
6x19 My Bodyguard17/03/1995
6x20 Cheers Looking at You, Kid24/03/1995
6x24 They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?12/05/1995
6x25 Home Sweet Home19/05/1995
9x08 Trading Places07/11/1997
9x10 Original Gangsta Dawg05/12/1997
Step by Step (Notre belle famille)
1x06 Pulling Together25/10/1991
1x07 Yo-Yo's Wedding01/11/1991
1x11 A Day in the Life29/11/1991
1x12 The New Car06/12/1991
1x13 Getting Organized13/12/1991
1x14 Home Alone03/01/1992
1x19 Country Club28/02/1992
1x21 He Wanted Wings27/03/1992
1x22 Beauty Contest24/04/1992
2x05 It's a Dog's Life16/10/1992
4x11 Make Room for Daddy09/12/1994
4x17 Head of the Class17/02/1995
4x24 A Foster/Lambert Production19/05/1995
Full House (US) (La Fête à la maison)
6x14 Birthday Blues19/01/1993
6x18 Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur23/02/1993
6x19 Subterranean Graduation Blues02/03/1993
6x20 Grand Gift Auto16/03/1993
7x01 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night14/09/1993
7x02 The Apartment21/09/1993
7x03 Wrong-Way Tanner28/09/1993
7x05 Fast Friends12/10/1993
7x06 Smash Club: The Next Generation19/10/1993
7x07 High Anxiety26/10/1993
7x10 The Prying Game16/11/1993
7x11 The Bicycle Thief23/11/1993
7x13 The Perfect Couple14/12/1993
7x15 The Test11/01/1994
7x16 Joey's Funny Valentine25/01/1994
7x17 The Last Dance08/02/1994
7x18 Kissing Cousins15/02/1994
7x20 Michelle a la Cart15/03/1994
7x23 Too Little Richard Too Late10/05/1994
8x09 Stephanie's Wild Ride29/11/1994
8x10 Under the Influence06/12/1994
8x11 Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen13/12/1994
8x12 D.J.'s Choice03/01/1995
8x18 We Got the Beat21/02/1995
8x19 Taking the Plunge28/02/1995
8x20 Up on the Roof14/03/1995
Boy Meets World (Incorrigible Cory)
1x01 Pilot24/09/1993
3x01 My Best Friend's Girl22/09/1995
3x05 Hometown Hero27/10/1995
3x13 New Friends and Old19/01/1996
3x14 A Kiss is More Than a Kiss26/01/1996
On Our Own (Seuls au monde)
1x02 Last Tango in St. Louis18/09/1994
1x03 Matchmaker Mama25/09/1994
1x04 A Matter of Principal02/10/1994
1x08 Bonnie is Really Clyde30/10/1994
4x14 Joe's Kept Secret15/01/1997
1x15 I'm in with the Out Crowd24/01/1997
2x05 Chick Fight Tonight21/10/1997
2x11 Valley of the Malls09/12/1997
2x12 A Very P.C. Holiday16/12/1997
Smart Guy (Le Petit Malin)
1x02 The Code02/04/1997
Malcolm & Eddie
2x18 Mixed Nuts23/02/1998
2x20 A Few So-So Men28/04/1998
2x21 A Delicate Procedure05/05/1998
2x23 Kansas City Split19/05/1998
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
8x12 Thumb Enchanted Evening27/03/2001
Even Stevens (La Guerre des Stevens)
2x09 Love and Basketball31/08/2001
That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
2x07 Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind19/03/2004
2x15 He's Got the Power09/07/2004
2x21 My Big Fat Pizza Party17/09/2004
3x16 On Top of Old Oaky22/04/2005
1x08 A Superstar is Born16/05/2005