John Pasquin

Né le 8 juin 1945 (75 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2005 Miss FBI 2 : Divinement armée (Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous)115
2001 Super Papa (Joe Somebody) 98
1997 Un Indien à New York (Jungle 2 Jungle) 105
1994 Super Noël (The Santa Clause)97
1989 Out on the Edge (TV)94
Moyenne de tous ses films13.4

Réalisation de séries

Family Ties (Sacrée Famille)
2x04 This Year's Model26/10/1983
3x03 Little Man on Campus04/10/1984
3x07 Hotline Fever01/11/1984
3x09 Best Man15/11/1984
3x15 Auntie Up10/01/1985
4x04 Designated Hitter24/10/1985
4x10 How Do You Sleep?12/12/1985
4x11 You've Got a Friend19/12/1985
4x17 Engine Trouble06/02/1986
4x21 Teacher's Pet02/03/1986
5x08 The Big Fix17/11/1986
6x27 Return of the Native20/03/1988
Growing Pains (US) (Quoi de neuf docteur ?)
1x01 Pilot24/09/1985
1x02 Springsteen01/10/1985
1x03 Jealousy08/10/1985
1x04 Carol's Article15/10/1985
1x06 Mike's Madonna Story05/11/1985
1x15 Nightmare on Oak Street14/02/1989
2x01 Inherit the Wind12/09/1989
2x02 The Little Sister19/09/1989
2x03 Guilt by Disassociation26/09/1989
2x04 Somebody Stole My Gal03/10/1989
2x05 House of Grown-Ups10/10/1989
2x06 Five of a Kind24/10/1989
2x07 BOO!31/10/1989
2x08 Sweet Dreams07/11/1989
2x09 We Gather Together21/11/1989
2x10 Brain-Dead Poets Society28/11/1989
2x11 Lobocop05/12/1989
2x12 No Talking12/12/1989
2x13 Chicken Hearts02/01/1990
2x14 One for the Road09/01/1990
2x15 An Officer and a Gentleman23/01/1990
2x16 Born to Be Wild30/01/1990
2x17 Hair06/02/1990
2x18 I'm Hungry13/02/1990
2x19 All of Me20/02/1990
2x20 To Tell the Truth27/02/1990
2x21 Fender Bender20/03/1990
2x22 April Fool's Day10/04/1990
2x23 Fathers and Daughters01/05/1990
2x24 Happy Birthday08/05/1990
10x01 Twenty Years to Life27/03/2018
10x02 Dress to Impress27/03/2018
10x03 Roseanne Gets the Chair03/04/2018
10x04 Eggs Over, Not Easy10/04/2018
10x07 Go Cubs08/05/2018
10x08 Netflix & Pill15/05/2018
Home Improvement (Papa bricole)
1x01 Pilot17/09/1991
1x02 Mow Better Blues26/09/1991
1x04 Satellite On A Hot Tim's Roof08/10/1991
1x06 Adventures In Fine Dining22/10/1991
1x07 Nothing More Than Feelings29/10/1991
1x08 Flying Sauces05/11/1991
1x09 Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble19/11/1991
1x10 Reach Out And Teach Someone26/11/1991
1x11 Look Who's Not Talking10/12/1991
1x12 Yule Better Watch Out17/12/1991
1x13 Up Your Alley07/01/1992
1x14 For Whom The Belch Tolls14/01/1992
1x16 Jill's Birthday04/02/1992
1x15 Forever Jung04/02/1992
1x17 What About Bob?11/02/1992
1x18 Baby, It's Cold Outside18/02/1992
1x19 Unchained Malady25/02/1992
1x20 Birds Of A Feather Flock To Taylor03/03/1992
1x21 A Battle Of Wheels17/03/1992
1x22 Luck Be A Taylor Tonight07/04/1992
1x23 Al's Fair In Love And War28/04/1992
1x24 Stereo-Typical05/05/1992
2x01 Read My Hips16/09/1992
2x02 Rites And Wrongs Of Passage23/09/1992
2x03 Overactive Glance30/09/1992
2x04 Groin Pulls07/10/1992
2x05 Heavy Meddle14/10/1992
2x06 The Haunting Of Taylor House28/10/1992
2x07 Roomie For Improvement04/11/1992
2x08 May The Best Man Win11/11/1992
2x09 Where There's A Will, There's A Way18/11/1992
2x10 Let's Did Lunch25/11/1992
2x11 Abandoned Family02/12/1992
2x12 I'm Scheming Of A White Christmas16/12/1992
2x13 Bell Bottom Blues06/01/1993
6x18 Something Old, Something Blue25/02/1997
8x27 The Long And Winding Road (3)25/05/1999
George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
2x16 George vs. George26/02/2003
2x24 Long Time No See14/05/2003
3x01 Dubya, Dad and Dating (1)26/09/2003
3x02 Dubya, Dad and Dating (2)26/09/2003
3x03 The Cuban Missus Crisis03/10/2003
3x04 Feel the Burn10/10/2003
3x05 Carmen's Dating17/10/2003
3x06 Split Decision24/10/2003
3x07 No One Gets Out Alive31/10/2003
3x08 Bringing Home the Bacon07/11/2003
3x09 Fishing Cubans14/11/2003
3x10 Would You Like a Drumstick or a Kidney?21/11/2003
3x11 Mementos28/11/2003
3x12 Christmas Punch12/12/2003
3x13 Why You Crying?09/01/2004
3x15 God Needles George06/02/2004
1x01 Pilot31/05/2005
1x02 Rich Man, Poor Girl12/10/2005
1x03 Food Critic19/10/2005
1x04 Halloween26/10/2005
1x05 After Hours02/11/2005
1x06 The War of the Rose09/11/2005
1x08 The Courtship of Freddie's Father30/11/2005
Accidentally on Purpose (Parents par accident)
1x04 The Date12/10/2009
1x08 The Third Man16/11/2009
Rules of Engagement (Leçons sur le mariage)
4x01 Flirting01/03/2010
4x03 Atlantic City15/03/2010
4x05 The Four Pillars29/03/2010
4x08 Free Free Time19/04/2010
4x09 The Score26/04/2010
4x11 Reunion10/05/2010
Better with You
1x02 Better with Firehouse29/09/2010
Last Man Standing (C'est moi le chef !)
1x01 Pilot11/10/2011
1x02 Last Baby Proofing Standing11/10/2011
1x03 Grandparents Day18/10/2011
1x04 Last Halloween Standing25/10/2011
1x05 Co-ed Softball01/11/2011
1x06 Good Cop, Bad Cop08/11/2011
1x07 Home Security15/11/2011
1x08 House Rules22/11/2011
1x09 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner29/11/2011
1x10 Last Christmas Standing06/12/2011
1x11 The Passion of the Mandy13/12/2011
1x12 Moon Over Kenya03/01/2012
1x13 Take Your Daughter To Work10/01/2012
1x14 Odd Couple Out17/01/2012
1x15 House of Spirits07/02/2012
1x16 Tree of Strife07/02/2012
1x17 Adrenaline14/02/2012
1x18 Baxter & Sons21/02/2012
1x19 Ding Dong Ditch28/02/2012
1x20 Animal Wrongs20/03/2012
1x21 Wherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter10/04/2012
1x22 This Bud's For You17/04/2012
1x23 The Spotlight01/05/2012
1x24 Found Money08/05/2012
2x01 Voting02/11/2012
2x02 Dodgeball Club09/11/2012
2x03 High Expectations16/11/2012
2x04 Ed's Twice Ex-Wife23/11/2012
2x05 Mother Fracker30/11/2012
2x06 Circle of Life07/12/2012
2x07 Putting a Hit on Christmas14/12/2012
2x08 Bullying04/01/2013
2x09 Attractive Architect11/01/2013
2x10 The Help18/01/2013
2x11 Mike's Pole01/02/2013
2x12 Quarterback Boyfriend08/02/2013
2x13 What's in a Name?15/02/2013
2x14 Buffalo Bill Day22/02/2013
2x15 Breaking Curfew01/03/2013
2x16 Private Coach08/03/2013
2x17 The Fight15/03/2013
2x18 College Girl22/03/2013
3x01 Back to School20/09/2013
3x02 Driving Lessons27/09/2013
3x03 Pledging04/10/2013
3x04 Ryan vs. John Baker11/10/2013
3x06 Larabee for School Board01/11/2013
3x07 Shoveling Snow08/11/2013
3x08 Vanessa Fixes Kyle15/11/2013
3x10 Spanking06/12/2013
3x12 All About Eve10/01/2014
3x13 Breaking Boyd17/01/2014
3x14 Renaming Boyd’s School24/01/2014
3x15 Tasers31/01/2014
3x17 Eve's Boyfriend07/03/2014
3x18 Project Mandy28/03/2014
3x20 Parenting Bud11/04/2014
3x21 April, Come She Will18/04/2014
4x01 Here's the Kicker03/10/2014
4x05 School Merger24/10/2014
4x06 Mike Advises Mandy31/10/2014
4x07 Big Shots07/11/2014
4x08 Risky Behavior14/11/2014
4x12 Helen Potts09/01/2015
4x13 Mike Hires Chuck16/01/2015
4x14 Eve's Breakup30/01/2015
4x15 Big Brother06/02/2015
5x01 The Wolf Returns25/09/2015
5x05 The Road Less Driven23/10/2015
5x09 The Gratitude List20/11/2015

Scénariste de séries

George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
2x14 The Valentine's Day Massacre05/02/2003