John McNamara

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 2 avril 1962 (59 ans) • Ann Arbor, Michigan (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 Aquarius (US) Terminée
2005 Eyes Terminée
2002 Fastlane Terminée
1998 Vengeance Unlimited (Ultime Recours) Terminée
1997 Spy Game (Jeux d'espions) Terminée
1996 Profit Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries14.85

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 Dalton Trumbo (Trumbo)124
1987 Double Star (TV) (Double Switch (TV))92
Moyenne de tous ses films12.36

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 Dalton Trumbo (Trumbo)124
Moyenne de tous ses films14.72

Scénariste de séries

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x08 Senior Spirit15/10/1993
1x09 Brisco for the Defense22/10/1993
1x12 Crystal Hawks12/11/1993
1x15 AKA Kansas17/12/1993
1x18 Hard Rock04/02/1994
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
2x02 Wall of Sound25/09/1994
2x05 Church of Metropolis23/10/1994
2x14 Top Copy19/02/1995
2x21 Whine, Whine, Whine14/05/1995
3x01 ... We Have a Lot to Talk About17/09/1995
3x14 Tempus Anyone?21/01/1996
4x03 Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding06/10/1996
4x19 Voice from the Past (3)26/04/1997
1x01 Pilot (1)08/04/1996
1x02 Pilot (2)08/04/1996
1x03 The Hero15/04/1996
1x05 Healing29/04/1996
1x08 Security04/11/1996
Spy Game (Jeux d'espions)
1x08 And That About Concludes Our Session05/07/1997
1x12 How Diplomatic of You16/10/1997
Vengeance Unlimited (Ultime Recours)
1x01 Cruel and Unusual29/09/1998
1x03 Eden08/10/1998
1x06 Ambition29/10/1998
1x12 Judgement21/01/1999
The Fugitive (2000) (Le fugitif)
1x01 Pilot06/10/2000
1x02 The Hand of a Stranger13/10/2000
1x03 Guilt20/10/2000
1x13 And In That Darkness02/02/2001
1x15 Jenny (1)16/02/2001
1x22 Thanatos (2)25/05/2001
1x01 Pilot18/09/2002
1x06 Ray Ray20/11/2002
1x07 Wet27/11/2002
1x09 Get Your Mack On11/12/2002
1x12 10124/01/2003
1x14 Offense (2)07/02/2003
1x22 Iced (2)25/04/2003
1x01 Pilot30/03/2005
1x03 Wings13/04/2005
1x05 Shots27/04/2005
1x08 Karma01/02/2007
1x10 Poison15/02/2007
1x12 Investigator01/03/2007
The Philanthropist
1x05 Kosovo22/07/2009
1x08 Haiti12/08/2009
In Plain Sight (2008) (US Marshals, protection des témoins)
3x01 Father Goes West31/03/2010
Prime Suspect (US) (Suspect Numéro 1 : New York)
1x04 Great Guy, Yet: Dead13/10/2011
Aquarius (US)
1x01 Everybody's Been Burned28/05/2015
1x02 The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game28/05/2015
1x09 Why?18/07/2015
The Magicians
1x01 Unauthorized Magic16/12/2015
1x04 The World in the Walls08/02/2016
1x07 The Mayakovsky Circumstances29/02/2016
1x13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes11/04/2016
2x02 Hotel Spa Potions01/02/2017
2x09 Lesser Evils22/03/2017
2x13 We Have Brought You Little Cakes19/04/2017
3x02 Heroes and Morons17/01/2018
3x09 All That Josh07/03/2018
3x13 Will You Play with Me?04/04/2018
4x02 Lost, Found, F...ed30/01/2019
4x10 All That Hard, Glossy Armor27/03/2019
4x13 No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry17/04/2019
5x04 Magicians Anonymous05/02/2020
5x12 The Balls25/03/2020