Jeremy Podeswa

Né le 5 novembre 1962 à Toronto, Ontario (Canada) (56 ans)

Canada Nationalité canadienne

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2007 Fugitive Pieces 104
1999 Les Cinq sens (The Five Senses)106
Moyenne de tous ses films17.5

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2007 Fugitive Pieces 104
1999 Les Cinq sens (The Five Senses)106
Moyenne de tous ses films17.5

Réalisation de séries

Queer as Folk (US)

1x16 French Fried08/04/2001
2x15 Rage Against This Machine05/05/2002
3x01 Mad Dog Kinney02/03/2003
4x02 Stand Up for Ourselves25/04/2004

Six Feet Under (Six pieds sous terre)

1x09 Life's Too Short29/07/2001
2x05 The Invisible Woman31/03/2002
3x05 The Trap30/03/2003
4x03 Parallel Play27/06/2004
5x03 Hold My Hand20/06/2005

Carnivàle (La caravane de l'étrange)

1x02 After the Ball Is Over21/09/2003
1x10 Hot and Bothered16/11/2003
2x01 Los Moscos09/01/2005
2x05 Creed, OK06/02/2005


1x12 Totem Mole08/12/2004

The L Word

2x06 Lagrimas de Oro27/03/2005

Into the West

1x06 Ghost Dance22/07/2005


3x05 Granville Trapp18/10/2005
3x07 Ben White01/11/2005


1x09 Utica30/10/2005

Commander in Chief

1x08 Rubie Dubidoux and the Brown Bound Express15/11/2005

The Riches

1x10 This Is Your Brain On Drugs14/05/2007

John from Cincinnati

1x07 His Visit: Day Six22/07/2007


2x07 That Night, A Forest Grew11/11/2007

The Tudors (Les Tudors)

2x01 Everything Is Beautiful30/03/2008
2x02 Tears of Blood06/04/2008
3x05 Problems in the Reformation03/05/2009
3x06 Search for a New Queen10/05/2009
3x07 Protestant Anne of Cleves17/05/2009
3x08 The Undoing of Cromwell24/05/2009
4x07 Sixth and the Final Wife23/05/2010
4x08 As It Should Be06/06/2010


5x07 Where the Sidewalk Ends20/07/2009

The Pacific (Band of Brothers : L'enfer du Pacifique)

1x03 Melbourne28/03/2010
1x08 Iwo Jima02/05/2010
1x10 Home16/05/2010


1x03 Keep the Ends Out08/08/2010
1x04 The Outsider15/08/2010

Boardwalk Empire

1x04 Anastasia10/10/2010
2x06 The Age Of Reason30/10/2011
2x10 Georgia Peaches27/11/2011
3x03 Bone for Tuna30/09/2012
3x10 A Man, A Plan...18/11/2012
4x07 William Wilson20/10/2013
5x06 Devil You Know12/10/2014


1x03 Guinevere08/04/2011
1x04 Lady of the Lake15/04/2011

The Borgias

1x07 Death on a Pale Horse08/05/2011
1x08 The Art of War15/05/2011
1x09 Nessuno (Nobody)22/05/2011

True Blood

4x06 I Wish I Was The Moon31/07/2011

The Newsroom

1x06 Bullies29/07/2012
2x02 The Genoa Tip21/07/2013


2x11 In Memoriam09/12/2012

American Horror Story

2x09 The Coat Hanger12/12/2012
3x05 Burn, Witch. Burn!06/11/2013

The Walking Dead

4x07 Dead Weight24/11/2013

Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones : Le Trône de fer)

5x05 Kill the Boy10/05/2015
5x06 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken17/05/2015
6x01 The Red Woman24/04/2016
6x02 Home01/05/2016
7x01 Dragonstone16/07/2017
7x07 The Dragon and the Wolf27/08/2017

True Detective

2x04 Down Will Come12/07/2015

Here and Now (2018)

1x04 Hide and Seek04/03/2018
1x05 From Sun Up to Sun Down11/03/2018
1x10 It's Here15/04/2018

The Handmaid's Tale (The Handmaid’s Tale : La Servante Écarlate)

2x09 Smart Power13/06/2018
2x10 The Last Ceremony20/06/2018


Nomination Emmys 2018 Meilleure réalisation pour une série dramatique dans Game of Thrones : Le Trône de fer (Game of Thrones)