Jay Beattie

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 L'Effet miroir (Reflections)93
Moyenne de tous ses films14

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2021 Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol Terminée
2018 The Crossing Terminée
2014 Matador (US) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries14.29

Scénariste de séries

L.A. Dragnet (Dragnet (2003))
1x02 The Big Ruckus09/02/2003
1x05 The Cutting of the Swath02/03/2003
1x07 The Artful Dodger16/03/2003
1x11 For Whom the Whistle Blows27/04/2003
2x04 The Magic Bullet25/10/2003
Cold Case (Cold Case : Affaires classées)
1x19 Late Returns04/04/2004
2x08 Red Glare21/11/2004
2x16 Revenge13/03/2005
Surface (2005)
1x08 Submersible Setback14/11/2005
1x11 The Story's Out02/01/2006
1x14 Fears Are Rising30/01/2006
1x05 The Feed18/09/2006
1x11 The Proffer24/11/2006
Criminal Minds (Esprits criminels)
3x04 Children of the Dark17/10/2007
3x13 Limelight23/01/2008
3x19 Tabula Rasa14/05/2008
4x02 The Angel Maker01/10/2008
4x07 Memoriam12/11/2008
4x14 Cold Comfort11/02/2009
4x23 Roadkill06/05/2009
5x03 Reckoner07/10/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x05 You Lost Me With the Cinder Block21/10/2009
1x11 We're All Adults13/01/2010
1x15 I Did Kill You, Didn't I?03/03/2010
The Event
1x05 Casualties of War18/10/2010
1x09 Your World to Take22/11/2010
1x12 Inostranka (2)07/03/2011
1x16 You Bury Other Things Too04/04/2011
1x18 Strain25/04/2011
1x06 Intrigue26/10/2011
1x12 Infamy11/01/2012
1x20 Legacy09/05/2012
2x04 Intuition21/10/2012
2x11 Sabotage13/01/2013
2x17 Victory24/03/2013
Matador (US)
1x01 Quid Go Pro15/07/2014
1x02 The Naked and the Dead22/07/2014
1x13 Mala Sangre07/10/2014
1x19 Young Hearts Spark Fire23/03/2015
1x01 Red Roses30/06/2015
The Crossing
1x01 Pilot02/04/2018
1x02 A Shadow Out of Time09/04/2018
1x11 These Are the Names09/06/2018
Star Trek: Discovery
2x08 If Memory Serves07/03/2019
American Horror Story
9x04 True Killers09/10/2019
Outer Banks
1x09 The Bell Tower15/04/2020
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol
1x01 As Above, So Below16/09/2021
1x02 The Araf23/09/2021
1x10 Resonance18/11/2021
Alaska Daily
1x07 Enemy of the People02/03/2023