Gilbert M. Shilton

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2003 The Last Disaster: Dans l’œil du cyclone (TV) (Devil Winds (TV))90
2003 The void123
Moyenne de tous ses films9.67

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2007 Perdues dans la tourmente (TV) (A Family Lost (TV))88
Moyenne de tous ses films12

Réalisation de séries

Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
2x16 Italian Ice04/02/1982
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
2x07 The Taxicab Wars01/11/1983
2x11 Steel29/11/1983
2x15 The Battle of Bel-Air10/01/1984
Blue Thunder (Tonnerre de feu)
1x01 Second Thunder06/01/1984
1x03 Arms Race20/01/1984
V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x06 Visitor's Choice23/11/1984
3x10 The Conversion04/01/1985
3x12 The Betrayal18/01/1985
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
4x20 Fright Knight07/03/1986
MacGyver (1985)
2x11 Phoenix Under Siege05/01/1987
Diamonds (Paire d'as)
1x06 Class Reunion03/11/1987
1x08 The Smiling Mortician17/11/1987
1x22 Goodbye Cabin24/05/1988
The Twilight Zone (1985) (La Cinquième Dimension)
3x07 The Hellgramite Method05/11/1988
3x09 The Call19/11/1988
3x27 Special Service08/04/1989
Quantum Leap (Code Quantum)
1x04 The Right Hand of God - October 24, 197407/04/1989
2x02 Disco Inferno - April 1, 197627/09/1989
2x03 The Americanization of Machiko - August 4, 195311/10/1989
2x12 Animal Frat - October 19, 196703/01/1990
Cop Rock
1x09 Marital Blitz05/12/1990
The Flash (1990) (Flash (1990))
1x17 Captain Cold06/04/1991
Counterstrike (Force de frappe)
2x04 It's All in the Game12/10/1991
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
3x08 Prince of Darkness18/11/1992
4x06 Pride and Joy27/10/1993
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
4x03 The Little Fish22/09/1993
4x14 Windstruck15/12/1993
4x24 Cuffs and Links16/03/1994
5x06 Homecoming12/10/1994
5x13 Up in Flames30/11/1994
5x20 You Gotta Have Heart08/02/1995
5x23 Love Hurts01/03/1995
6x09 Earthquake Weather06/11/1995
6x13 Courting29/11/1995
6x24 Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out13/03/1996
6x30 Ray of Hope15/05/1996
7x08 The Things We Do for Love06/11/1996
7x16 Unnecessary Roughness22/01/1997
Due South (Un tandem de choc)
2x12 Some Like It Red28/03/1996
2x18 Flashback30/05/1996
La Femme Nikita (Nikita (1997))
1x21 Verdict28/09/1997
Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena, la guerrière)
3x01 The Furies29/09/1997
Poltergeist: The Legacy (Poltergeist, les aventuriers du surnaturel)
3x08 Debt of Honor13/03/1998
3x14 The Prodigy26/06/1998
3x17 The Internment17/07/1998
First Wave
1x11 Motel California18/11/1998
1x17 Second Wave30/12/1998
2x19 The Trial of Joshua Bridges24/05/2000
The Crow : Stairway to Heaven (The Crow)
1x14 It's a Wonderful Death14/02/1999
The Immortal (L'invincible)
1x05 Wicked Wicked West04/11/2000
Mysterious Ways (Mysterious Ways : Les chemins de l'étrange)
2x11 A Time to Every Purpose13/11/2001
Degrassi: The Next Generation (Degrassi : Nouvelle génération)
7x21 Everything She Wants02/06/2008
7x22 Don't Stop Believin'09/06/2008