Gary Harvey

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Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (Marshall et Simon : Une nouvelle dimension)
1x09 Little Buddy Beep Beep11/04/1998
So Weird (Aux frontières de l'étrange)
1x10 Tulpa29/03/1999
2x01 Medium27/08/1999
2x05 Listen24/09/1999
1x09 The Frog Prince08/03/2001
1x10 Revelations15/03/2001
1x11 What the False Heart Knows22/03/2001
1x12 This Song's for You30/03/2001
1x13 New Beginnings05/04/2001
4x16 The Girl on the Moon05/12/2003
4x17 Walking Wounded11/12/2003
4x18 Two Minutes to Midnight12/12/2003
5x09 Come On Home To My Place23/06/2005
5x10 Lines In The Sand30/06/2005
5x11 Moving Day07/07/2005
1x01 Begin It Now16/03/2005
1x02 The Hungry Ghost23/03/2005
1x03 Having Her Cake30/03/2005
1x04 Masters of Delusion06/04/2005
1x05 Fancy Footwork13/04/2005
1x06 Fast and Loose20/04/2005
2x03 Hazed And Confused13/10/2007
2x04 End Game20/10/2007
2x11 The Rules of Attachment (1)08/12/2007
2x12 The Rules of Attachment (2)15/12/2007
Wild Roses
1x04 Booms & Echoes27/01/2009
1x05 Secrets & Lies03/02/2009
1x08 Sin & Redemption24/02/2009
1x09 Meat & Potatoes03/03/2009
The Border
3x08 Dark Ride26/11/2009
Being Erica (Les vies rêvées d'Erica Strange)
2x11 What Goes Up Must Come Down01/12/2009
4x02 Osso Barko03/10/2011
4x04 Born This Way17/10/2011
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les enquêtes de Murdoch)
9x03 Double Life26/10/2015
9x05 24 Hours Til Doomsday09/11/2015
10x01 Great Balls of Fire (1)10/10/2016
10x02 Great Balls of Fire (2)17/10/2016
12x01 Murdoch Mystery Mansion24/09/2018
12x03 My Big Fat Mimico Wedding08/10/2018
The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco
1x01 Presidio25/07/2018
1x02 Wake01/08/2018