Gail Harvey

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Mère de Katie Boland (33 ans)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

The New Ghostwriter Mysteries
1x06 Past Tense19/10/1997
1x11 Treasure Hunt23/11/1997
The Zack Files (Mystère Zack)
1x13 Fiber!01/01/2001
3x10 Unbearable27/05/2007
The Line (CA)
1x01 Season 1, Episode 116/03/2009
1x02 Season 1, Episode 223/03/2009
1x03 Season 1, Episode 330/03/2009
1x04 Season 1, Episode 406/04/2009
1x05 Season 1, Episode 513/04/2009
1x06 Season 1, Episode 620/04/2009
1x07 Season 1, Episode 727/04/2009
1x09 Season 1, Episode 911/05/2009
1x11 Season 1, Episode 1125/05/2009
1x13 Season 1, Episode 1308/06/2009
1x15 Season 1, Episode 1522/06/2009
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les Enquêtes de Murdoch)
4x10 Voices19/04/2011
4x11 Bloodlust26/04/2011
5x12 Murdoch Night in Canada15/05/2012
5x13 Twentieth Century Murdoch22/05/2012
7x03 The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch14/10/2013
7x04 Return of Sherlock Holmes21/10/2013
Lost Girl
2x06 It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away30/10/2011
2x11 Can't See the Fae-rest04/12/2011
3x07 There's Bo Place Like Home03/03/2013
3x10 Delinquents24/03/2013
5x09 44 Minutes to Save the World06/09/2015
Republic of Doyle
3x07 High School Confidential22/02/2012
Heartland (CA)
8x11 The Silent Partner18/01/2015
8x12 Broken Heartland02/02/2015
9x11 Making the Grade17/01/2016
10x13 Home Sweet Home12/02/2017
10x14 Written in the Stars19/02/2017
Private Eyes
2x03 The Frame Job08/06/2017
3x12 Glazed and Confused07/08/2019
Northern Rescue
1x03 Sarah's Stuff01/03/2019
1x04 D-U-A-L-I-T-Y01/03/2019