Gabe Miller

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Four Kings
1x06 Follow The Money09/02/2006
The Class (La Classe)
1x09 The Class Gives Thanks20/11/2006
1x14 The Class Has to Go to a Stupid Museum22/01/2007
The Cleveland Show
1x03 The One About Friends11/10/2009
1x09 A Cleveland Brown Christmas13/12/2009
2x02 Cleveland Live!03/10/2010
2x15 The Blue and the Grey and the Brown06/03/2011
2x18 The Essence of Cleveland03/04/2011
3x03 A Nightmare on Grace Street30/10/2011
3x14 March Dadness18/03/2012
4x11 Pins, Spins and Fins!03/03/2013
4x12 Brownsized03/03/2013
4x17 Fist and the Furious14/04/2013
The Office (US)
9x03 Andy's Ancestry04/10/2012
9x12 Customer Loyalty24/01/2013
The McCarthys
1x02 Love McCarthys Style06/11/2014
1x07 Arthur and Marjorie's Night Apart11/12/2014
1x04 Mannequin04/01/2016
2x04 Spokesman Scandal13/10/2016
2x16 Integrity Award16/03/2017
3x05 Sal's Dead26/10/2017
3x16 Target22/03/2018
3x22 Town Hall03/05/2018
The Mindy Project
4x23 There's No Crying in Softball14/06/2016
4x25 Freedom Tower Women's Health28/06/2016