Eleanor Lindo

Aussi appelé : Eleanore Lindo

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2002 Les chevaux de la tourmente (Touching Wild Horses) 91
Moyenne de tous ses films11

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Réalisation de séries

The Littlest Hobo (Le Vagabond)
6x18 Pandora07/03/1985
1x06 Collateral Damage05/04/1993
Nancy Drew (1995) (Alice et les Hardy Boys)
1x06 Bridal Arrangements28/10/1995
The Hardy Boys (1995) (Les Frères Hardy)
1x11 Lovebirds02/12/1995
Pacific Palisades (Brentwood)
1x02 The Bet16/04/1997
Twice in a Lifetime (Destins croisés)
1x06 The Blame Game29/09/1999
1x14 The Gift of Life15/12/1999
Degrassi: The Next Generation (Degrassi : Nouvelle génération)
1x04 Eye of the Beholder11/11/2001
1x05 Parents' Day18/11/2001
3x14 Accidents Will Happen (1)26/01/2004
3x15 Accidents Will Happen (2)09/02/2004
4x14 Secret (1)30/11/2004
4x15 Secret (2)07/12/2004
5x07 Turned Out (1)31/10/2005
5x08 Turned Out (2)07/11/2005
6x09 What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1)02/01/2007
6x10 What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2)02/01/2007
7x11 Owner of a Lonely Heart17/03/2008
7x12 Live to Tell24/03/2008
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (Sue Thomas, l’œil du FBI)
1x11 Dirty Bomb02/02/2003
1x17 The Hunter04/05/2003
The Border
2x05 Peak Oil27/10/2008
3x06 Kiss and Cry12/11/2009
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les Enquêtes de Murdoch)
2x09 Convalescence31/03/2009
2x10 Murdoch.com07/04/2009
6x10 Twisted Sisters18/03/2013
8x12 The Devil Wears Whalebone26/01/2015
8x13 The Incurables09/02/2015
9x09 Raised on Robbery11/01/2016
9x10 The Big Chill18/01/2016
10x08 Weekend at Murdoch's28/11/2016
10x10 The Devil Inside09/01/2017
11x10 F.L.A.S.H.!08/01/2018
15x13 Murdoch on the Couch10/01/2022
Heartland (CA)
4x13 The Road Home23/01/2011
4x14 Leap of Faith13/02/2011
7x13 Lost Highway09/03/2014
7x14 Things We Lost16/03/2014
9x13 Risky Business07/02/2016
9x14 No Regrets14/02/2016
10x04 New Horizons23/10/2016
10x15 Forest for the Trees05/03/2017
10x16 A Long Shot12/03/2017
11x03 Decision Time08/10/2017
11x04 Hard to Say Goodbye15/10/2017
12x09 Long Road Back24/03/2019
12x10 All Hearts Lead Home31/03/2019
13x05 Fairytale20/10/2019
13x06 A Time to Remember27/10/2019
Rookie Blue
6x02 Perfect Family28/05/2015
Degrassi: Next Class (Degrassi : La Nouvelle Promo)
1x05 #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness08/01/2016
1x06 #NotAllMen11/01/2016
1x07 #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin12/01/2016
1x08 #TeamFollowBack13/01/2016
1x05 The Enemy Within04/02/2017
2x03 Secrets and Spies21/04/2018
2x04 A Free Man in Paris28/04/2018
2x07 Anatomy of a Lost Cause26/05/2018
2x08 The Fawn02/06/2018
3x03 Indiscretion02/03/2019
3x04 It's a Ravenzo09/03/2019
3x11 Truth & Reconciliation11/05/2019
3x12 Playing God18/05/2019
Frankie Drake Mysteries
1x07 Ties That Bind08/01/2018
4x01 Scavenger Hunt04/01/2021
4x02 Prince in Exile11/01/2021
Private Eyes
2x14 Finding Leroy24/06/2018
3x05 The Grape Deception25/06/2019
3x07 Dance Dance Retribution03/07/2019
Northern Rescue
1x05 12 Months to the Day01/03/2019
1x06 The Little Things01/03/2019
Hudson & Rex
3x02 Manhunt12/01/2021
3x06 Endless Summer09/02/2021
3x09 Grave Matters02/03/2021
3x16 The Art of the Steal20/04/2021
4x02 Oops I Bit It Again14/10/2021
5x06 Den of Snakes30/10/2022
5x07 The Date Escape06/11/2022
5x13 The Miranda Act31/01/2023
Ruby and the Well
2x05 I Wish I Could Spend Time With Her16/10/2022
2x06 I Wish They Would Just Listen23/10/2022

Scénariste de séries

Heartland (CA)
13x05 Fairytale20/10/2019