Duane Clark

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 XIII: The Conspiracy (XIII : La Conspiration) Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1999 Family Tree86
1990 Shaking the Tree97
Moyenne de tous ses films10

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1990 Shaking the Tree97

Réalisation de séries

4x09 The Wrath of Kali20/11/1995
4x11 Timeless29/01/1996
Stargate SG-1
2x09 Secrets21/08/1998
The Practice (The Practice : Bobby Donnell & associés)
4x19 Till Death Do Us Part (1)30/04/2000
5x02 Germ Warfare15/10/2000
5x05 We Hold These Truths...05/11/2000
6x06 Vanished (2)21/10/2001
6x11 Eyewitness06/01/2002
7x06 The Telltale Nation10/11/2002
7x15 Choirboys (1)10/03/2003
3x05 The Unsinkable Sydney Hansen17/11/2000
4x09 Gobble Gobble23/11/2001
Dark Angel
1x12 Rising13/02/2001
Boston Public
1x17 Chapter Seventeen16/04/2001
2x04 Chapter Twenty-Six19/11/2001
3x19 Chapter Sixty-Three07/04/2003
One Tree Hill (Les Frères Scott)
1x05 All That You Can't Leave Behind21/10/2003
1x17 Spirit in the Night06/04/2004
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
2x12 Witness To Murder12/01/2004
2x20 The Oath19/04/2004
3x01 Lost Son20/09/2004
3x05 Legal18/10/2004
3x09 Pirated22/11/2004
4x02 Blood In The Water26/09/2005
4x24 Rampage15/05/2006
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
4x15 Early Rollout19/02/2004
5x17 Compulsion10/03/2005
6x09 Dog Eat Dog24/11/2005
6x16 Up In Smoke02/03/2006
Medium (Médium)
1x11 I Married a Mind Reader21/03/2005
1x14 In the Rough02/05/2005
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
1x23 What You See Is What You See18/05/2005
2x08 Bad Beat16/11/2005
3x02 Not What It Looks Like27/09/2006
3x24 Snow Day16/05/2007
5x24 Grounds For Deception13/05/2009
6x02 Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)30/09/2009
6x23 Vacation Getaway26/05/2010
7x01 The 34th Floor24/09/2010
8x07 Crushed11/11/2011
9x04 Unspoken19/10/2012
Cape Wrath (UK) (Meadowlands)
1x01 Pilot10/07/2007
1x02 Episode 217/07/2007
1x03 Episode 324/07/2007
1x04 Episode 431/07/2007
1x06 Episode 614/08/2007
XIII: The Conspiracy (XIII : La Conspiration)
1x01 Day of The Black Sun06/10/2008
1x02 All The Tears of Hell13/10/2008
1x01 Hour 1 - Rum and Gunpowder (1)17/10/2008
1x02 Hour 2 - Rum and Gunpowder (2)17/10/2008
The Philanthropist
1x03 Paris08/07/2009
Three Rivers
1x05 Alone Together01/11/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x09 Some of Us Have Been to The Desert09/12/2009
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
1x15 Kai e'e (Tidal Wave)23/01/2011
1x21 Ho'opa'I (Revenge)18/04/2011
2x02 Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)26/09/2011
2x04 Mea Makamae (Treasure)10/10/2011
3x18 Na Ki'i (Dolls)18/03/2013
4x03 Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko (The Truth Within)11/10/2013
10x01 Ua ʻeha Ka ʻili I Ka Maka O Ka Ihe27/09/2019
10x22 Aloha03/04/2020
XIII: The Series (XIII, la série)
1x01 Pilot20/04/2011
1x03 Lockdown04/05/2011
1x05 Training Camp18/05/2011
2x03 Defender15/10/2012
2x13 Battlezone19/11/2012
1x08 Exposure27/11/2012
1x21 Sons of Nevada10/05/2013
1x04 Single Strand24/01/2014
1x05 The White Room31/01/2014
2x11 Home27/08/2014
3x03 Sense Memory09/07/2015
3x05 Piñon Tree23/07/2015
APB (APB : Alerte d'urgence)
1x02 Personal Matters13/02/2017
1x12 Ricochet24/04/2017
Somewhere Between
1x01 For One to Live24/07/2017
1x02 2.025/07/2017
MacGyver (2016)
2x03 Roulette Wheel + Wire13/10/2017
3x02 Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship05/10/2018
Magnum, P.I. (2018)
1x06 Death Is Only Temporary29/10/2018