Don McBrearty

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Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

21 Jump Street
5x04 Poison03/11/1990
5x06 Brothers17/11/1990
The Odyssey (1992) (L'Odyssée Fantastique)
1x07 A Place Called Nowhere14/12/1992
1x09 Galileo & the Gypsies28/12/1992
The Zack Files (Mystère Zack)
2x03 The Terrible Truth01/10/2001
1x02 Spare Parts24/10/2004
1x04 Prions07/11/2004
1x06 The Trials21/11/2004
1x07 Faint Hope28/11/2004
Heartland (CA)
1x06 One Trick Pony08/12/2007
1x07 Come What May06/01/2008
1x12 Nothing Endures17/02/2008
1x13 Coming Together24/02/2008
2x08 Summer's End30/11/2008
2x17 Full Circle15/03/2009
2x18 Step by Step22/03/2009
3x05 Glory Days01/11/2009
3x06 Growing Pains08/11/2009
Murdoch Mysteries (2008) (Les enquêtes de Murdoch)
1x04 Elementary, My Dear Murdoch14/02/2008
1x05 Till Death Do Us Part21/02/2008
1x06 Let Loose the Dogs28/02/2008
1x08 Still Waters13/03/2008
2x06 Shades of Grey10/03/2009
8x15 Shipwreck23/02/2015
8x17 Election Day13/06/2015
9x07 Summer of '7523/11/2015
9x08 Pipe Dreamzzz30/11/2015
Wild Roses
1x06 Oil and Water10/02/2009
1x07 Love and Loss17/02/2009
1x06 Spirited Away12/02/2013
1x11 Night Terrors02/04/2013
1x13 The Light in Black16/04/2013
2x02 The Price07/10/2013
2x03 The Valley14/10/2013
Good Witch (Un soupçon de magie)
1x06 The Truth About Lies28/03/2015
1x07 The Storm04/04/2015