Dennie Gordon

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Née le 9 mai 1953 (69 ans) • Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2013 Sophie's Revenge 2 (Fei Chang Xing Yun 2)100
2001 Joe La Crasse (Joe Dirt) 91
Moyenne de tous ses films10.35

Réalisation de séries

Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
3x04 Deal With It11/09/1996
3x13 Christmas18/12/1996
3x21 Hitting Bottom26/02/1997
1x07 No Job Too Small02/11/1996
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
1x06 Part VI08/04/1997
2x19 The Trial (1)09/02/1998
2x20 Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes (2)16/02/1998
3x15 Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches21/02/1999
4x04 Legacy (1)17/10/1999
6x14 Judge Knot17/02/2002
Ally McBeal
1x03 The Kiss22/09/1997
1x17 Theme of Life09/03/1998
2x12 Love Unlimited18/01/1999
3x09 Out in the Cold10/01/2000
Nash Bridges
3x07 Sniper31/10/1997
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
2x02 Crossroads14/10/1998
Sports Night
1x10 Shoe Money Tonight08/12/1998
2x07 Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks14/12/1999
2x08 The Reunion21/12/1999
2x09 A Girl Named Pixley28/12/1999
Snoops (1999)
1x03 Bedfellas10/10/1999
Grounded for Life (Parents à tout prix)
1x07 Like a Virgin28/02/2001
2x03 Don't Let Me Download21/11/2001
2x10 We Are Family23/01/2002
2x13 Take It to the Limit13/02/2002
Beautiful People (US)
1x01 Pilot08/08/2005
1x02 Point and Shoot15/08/2005
Kitchen Confidential
1x06 Rabbit Test25/10/2005
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
1x11 Everybody Hates Christmas15/12/2005
The Office (US)
2x13 The Secret19/01/2006
2x15 Boys & Girls02/02/2006
The Loop
1x01 Pilot15/03/2006
1x05 Year of the Dog06/04/2006
2x02 The Phantom10/06/2007
2x03 Yeah, Presents17/06/2007
2x09 Fatty01/07/2007
What About Brian
2x08 What About Secrets...11/12/2006
The Wedding Bells
1x03 Partly Cloudy, With a Chance of Disaster09/03/2007
30 Rock
1x18 Fireworks05/04/2007
Aliens in America (Tandoori & Hamburgers)
1x06 Homecoming05/11/2007
Samantha Who? (Samantha Qui ?)
1x15 The Birthday12/05/2008
Burn Notice
2x15 Sins of Omission26/02/2009
3x03 End Run18/06/2009
3x15 Good Intentions25/02/2010
4x02 Fast Friends10/06/2010
4x10 Hard Time12/08/2010
4x13 Eyes Open11/11/2010
6x04 Under The Gun12/07/2012
7x04 Brothers In Arms27/06/2013
Royal Pains
1x06 If I Were a Sick Man16/07/2009
2x15 A History of Violins03/02/2011
The Ex List (Bella et ses ex)
1x06 Daphne's Idealized Wedding18/08/2009
1x13 The Other Foot06/10/2009
White Collar (FBI : Duo très spécial)
1x02 Threads30/10/2009
1x10 Vital Signs02/02/2010
3x04 Dentist of Detroit28/06/2011
The Deep End
1x05 An Innocent Man18/02/2010
1x18 Things That Haven't Happened Yet22/04/2011
Suits (Suits : Avocats sur mesure)
1x04 Dirty Little Secrets14/07/2011
Hell on Wheels (Hell On Wheels : l'Enfer de l'Ouest)
3x03 Range War 17/08/2013
4x03 Chicken Hill16/08/2014
4x04 Reckoning23/08/2014
2x02 Sleeping Giants26/06/2014
Kingdom (US)
1x07 Animator/Annihilator19/11/2014
1x08 The Gentle Slope26/11/2014
2x17 Help Wanted13/07/2016
2x18 Cut Man20/07/2016
12 Monkeys
1x12 Paradox03/04/2015
Grace and Frankie (Grace et Frankie)
1x08 The Sex08/05/2015
2x07 You're Not the Man25/07/2015
4x06 New Man30/07/2017
Under the Dome
3x10 Legacy20/08/2015
Madam Secretary
2x03 The Rusalka18/10/2015
Feed the Beast
1x07 Tabula Rasa12/07/2016
1x08 In Lies the Truth19/07/2016
Empire (2015)
3x08 The Unkindest Cut07/12/2016
1x07 Chapter 722/03/2017
1x04 Of Milk and Men14/02/2018
1x05 Stalling for Time21/02/2018
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan)
2x05 Blue Gold31/10/2019
2x06 Persona Non Grata31/10/2019
2x07 Dios y Federación31/10/2019
Hunters (2020)
1x05 At Night, All Birds are Black21/02/2020
2x09 Enter the Dragon27/11/2020
2x10 Man on the Wall04/12/2020
For All Mankind
2x07 Don't Be Cruel02/04/2021
2x08 And Here's to You09/04/2021

Scénariste de séries

Beautiful People (US)
1x01 Pilot08/08/2005