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The Office (US)
5x11 The Duel15/01/2009
7x06 Costume Contest28/10/2010
Parks and Recreation
2x07 Greg Pikitis29/10/2009
2x15 Sweetums04/02/2010
2x23 The Master Plan13/05/2010
3x01 Go Big or Go Home20/01/2011
3x07 Harvest Festival17/03/2011
3x11 Jerry's Painting28/04/2011
3x16 Li'l Sebastian19/05/2011
4x03 Born & Raised06/10/2011
4x06 End of the World03/11/2011
4x09 The Trial of Leslie Knope01/12/2011
4x12 Campaign Ad19/01/2012
4x21 Bus Tour03/05/2012
5x01 Ms. Knope Goes To Washington20/09/2012
5x05 Halloween Surprise25/10/2012
5x06 Ben's Parents08/11/2012
5x10 Two Parties17/01/2013
5x13 Emergency Response14/02/2013
5x22 Are You Better Off?02/05/2013
6x01 London, Part 126/09/2013
6x02 London, Part 226/09/2013
6x10 Second Chunce09/01/2014
6x13 Ann and Chris30/01/2014
6x16 New Slogan13/03/2014
6x20 One in 8,00017/04/2014
7x01 201713/01/2015
7x02 Ron & Jammy13/01/2015
7x10 The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show17/02/2015
Blue Mountain State
3x09 The C-Word05/11/2011
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1x06 Halloween22/10/2013
2x01 Undercover28/09/2014
2x17 Boyle-Linetti Wedding01/03/2015
2x23 Johnny and Dora17/05/2015
3x07 The Mattress15/11/2015
3x12 9 Days19/01/2016
4x09 The Overmining06/12/2016
1x01 It Begins19/02/2016
1x02 One Long Day19/02/2016
1x09 The Table Read19/02/2016
1x10 The End of The Beginning19/02/2016
2x01 On Lockdown10/03/2017
2x02 Friends Night Out10/03/2017
2x09 Housesitting10/03/2017
2x10 Liberty Down10/03/2017
The Good Place
1x09 ...Someone Like Me as a Member03/11/2016
1x12 Mindy St. Claire19/01/2017
2x06 The Trolley Problem19/10/2017
2x07 Janet and Michael26/10/2017
2x12 The Burrito25/01/2018
3x01 Everything Is Bonzer! Part 127/09/2018
3x02 Everything Is Bonzer! Part 227/09/2018
3x09 Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By15/11/2018
Trial & Error
1x07 Chapter 7: The Case Gets Bigger04/04/2017
1x03 Whispers15/10/2017