David Simon

Né le 9 février 1960 à Washington, District de Columbia (États-Unis) (60 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2020 The Plot Against America Terminée
2017 The Deuce Terminée
2015 Show Me a Hero Terminée
2009 Treme Terminée
2008 Generation Kill Terminée
2002 The Wire (Sur écoute) Terminée
2000 The Corner Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries16.68

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 Bureaucracy Mr. MacMurray

Acteur | Documentaires

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2013 How to Make Money Selling Drugs Lui-même
Moyenne de tous ses films17.4

Réalisation de séries

NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
3x17 Hollie and the Blowfish26/03/1996
Homicide: Life on the Street (Homicide)
6x18 Full Court Press03/04/1998
6x21 Finnegan's Wake24/04/1998
7x10 Shades of Gray08/01/1999
7x12 The Same Coin29/01/1999
7x18 Self Defense09/04/1999

Scénariste de séries

Homicide: Life on the Street (Homicide)
2x01 Bop Gun06/01/1994
4x14 Justice (2)23/02/1996
4x18 Scene of the Crime12/04/1996
5x04 Bad Medicine25/10/1996
5x15 Wu's on First?07/02/1997
5x22 Strangers and Other Partners (2)16/05/1997
6x02 Blood Ties (2)24/10/1997
6x03 Blood Ties (3)31/10/1997
6x13 Something Sacred (2)30/01/1998
7x04 The Twenty Percent Solution30/10/1998
7x15 Sideshow19/02/1999
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
3x17 Hollie and the Blowfish26/03/1996
The Corner
1x01 Gary's Blues16/04/2000
1x02 DeAndre's Blues23/04/2000
1x04 Dope Fiend Blues07/05/2000
1x05 Corner Boy's Blues14/05/2000
The Wire (Sur écoute)
1x01 The Target02/06/2002
1x02 The Detail09/06/2002
1x03 The Buys16/06/2002
1x04 Old Cases23/06/2002
1x05 The Pager30/06/2002
1x06 The Wire07/07/2002
1x07 One Arrest21/07/2002
1x08 Lessons28/07/2002
1x09 Game Day04/08/2002
1x10 The Cost11/08/2002
1x13 Sentencing08/09/2002
2x01 Ebb Tide01/06/2003
2x02 Collateral Damage08/06/2003
2x03 Hot Shots15/06/2003
2x06 All Prologue06/07/2003
2x09 Stray Rounds03/08/2003
2x12 Port in a Storm24/08/2003
3x01 Time After Time19/09/2004
3x09 Slapstick21/11/2004
3x12 Mission Accomplished19/12/2004
4x01 Boys of Summer10/09/2006
4x05 Alliances08/10/2006
4x13 Final Grades10/12/2006
5x01 More With Less06/01/2008
5x03 Not for Attribution20/01/2008
5x05 React Quotes03/02/2008
5x06 The Dickensian Aspect10/02/2008
5x07 Took17/02/2008
5x08 Clarifications24/02/2008
5x09 Late Editions02/03/2008
5x10 -30-09/03/2008
Generation Kill
1x01 Get Some13/07/2008
1x02 The Cradle of Civilization20/07/2008
1x03 Screwby27/07/2008
1x04 Combat Jack03/08/2008
1x05 A Burning Dog10/08/2008
1x06 Stay Frosty17/08/2008
1x07 Bomb in the Garden24/08/2008
1x01 Do You Know What It Means?11/04/2010
1x02 Meet De Boys on the Battlefront18/04/2010
1x03 Right Place, Wrong Time25/04/2010
1x06 Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me16/05/2010
1x09 Wish Someone Would Care13/06/2010
1x10 I'll Fly Away20/06/2010
2x02 Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky01/05/2011
2x05 Slip Away22/05/2011
2x07 Carnival Time05/06/2011
2x09 What Is New Orleans?19/06/2011
2x11 Do Watcha Wanna03/07/2011
3x01 Knock with Me - Rock with Me23/09/2012
3x04 The Greatest Love14/10/2012
3x05 I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say21/10/2012
3x07 Promised Land04/11/2012
3x10 Tipitina25/11/2012
4x01 Yes We Can Can01/12/2013
4x04 Sunset on Louisianne22/12/2013
4x05 …To Miss New Orleans29/12/2013
Show Me a Hero
1x01 Part 116/08/2015
1x02 Part 216/08/2015
1x03 Part 323/08/2015
1x04 Part 423/08/2015
1x05 Part 530/08/2015
1x06 Part 630/08/2015
The Deuce
1x01 Pilot10/09/2017
1x03 The Principle is All24/09/2017
1x07 Au Reservoir22/10/2017
1x08 My Name is Ruby29/10/2017
The Plot Against America
1x01 Part 116/03/2020
1x02 Part 223/03/2020
1x04 Part 406/04/2020
1x06 Part 620/04/2020