David Phillips

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1995 Sahara107
1988 The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy100
Moyenne de tous ses films18

Réalisation de séries

Mission: Impossible (1988) (Mission impossible, 20 ans après)
1x10 The Lions04/02/1989

Scénariste de séries

Mission: Impossible (1988) (Mission impossible, 20 ans après)
1x06 The Wall11/12/1988
Heartbreak High (Hartley, cœurs à vif)
1x03 Episode 313/03/1994
1x22 Episode 2220/07/1994
1x30 Episode 3014/09/1994
1x32 Episode 3228/09/1994
1x38 Episode 3809/11/1994
2x01 Episode 3928/05/1995
2x13 Episode 5120/08/1995
3x11 Episode 6312/11/1995
3x13 Episode 6526/11/1995
4x04 Episode 6907/07/1996
4x13 Episode 7808/09/1996
4x23 Episode 8817/11/1996
5x05 Episode 9619/02/1997
5x13 Episode 10419/03/1997
5x23 Episode 11423/04/1997
5x31 Episode 12221/05/1997
6x13 Episode 14304/08/1997
6x22 Episode 15203/09/1997
6x31 Episode 16106/10/1997
6x39 Episode 16903/11/1997
Ocean Girl (Océane)
1x05 Past Imperfect26/09/1994
Murder Call (Murder call, fréquence meurtre)
1x02 The Burial18/08/1997
1x07 Black Friday22/09/1997
2x05 Short Circuit04/08/1998
2x09 Deadfall09/09/1998
3x12 A Stab in the Dark14/08/2000
3x17 Still Life18/09/2000
All Saints
1x12 Heart to Heart05/05/1998
1x33 Boys Will Be Boys29/09/1998
2x26 Behind Closed Curtains27/07/1999
2x34 Knowing Me, Knowing You21/09/1999
3x01 Valley of the Shadow (1)08/02/2000
3x13 Blessed Release25/04/2000
3x24 Twentieth Century Blues11/07/2000
3x33 Tender Loving Care12/09/2000
4x02 What Katie Did Next20/02/2001
4x13 Lost Boys08/05/2001
4x23 Maiden's Revenge/Chains of Love10/07/2001
4x33 Sympatico18/09/2001
Thunderstone (Les Nomades du Futur)
1x03 Twin Brothers26/02/1999
1x04 Escape from the Hollow Mountain05/03/1999
1x20 The Serum25/06/1999
2x01 The Old Peddler13/08/1999
2x09 New Hope08/10/1999
Water Rats (Brigade des mers)
5x29 We Could be Heroes05/09/2000
5x31 Vigilante10/10/2000
6x03 High Roller20/02/2001
6x04 Shadow Man27/02/2001
6x12 Line of Duty01/05/2001
McLeod's Daughters (Le Ranch des McLeod)
2x02 Through the Looking Glass03/04/2002
2x13 Steer Trek31/07/2002
Robot Chicken
7x05 Legion of Super-Gyros11/05/2014
7x06 El Skeletorito18/05/2014
7x07 Snarfer Image25/05/2014
7x08 Up, Up, and Buffet01/06/2014
7x09 Panthropologie08/06/2014
7x10 Catdog on a Stick15/06/2014
7x11 Super Guitario Center22/06/2014
7x12 Noidstrom Rack29/06/2014
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
2x06 Jake and Sophia09/11/2014
2x12 Beach House04/01/2015
2x22 The Chopper10/05/2015
3x05 Halloween III25/10/2015
3x15 The 9-809/02/2016
3x22 The Bureau12/04/2016
4x08 Skyfire Cycle29/11/2016
4x15 The Last Ride25/04/2017
4x19 Your Honor16/05/2017
5x07 Two Turkeys21/11/2017
5x16 Nutriboom15/04/2018
6x03 The Tattler24/01/2019
6x10 Gintars14/03/2019
6x11 The Therapist21/03/2019
6x16 Cinco de Mayo09/05/2019
7x01 Manhunter06/02/2020
Rick and Morty (Rick et Morty)
2x02 Mortynight Run02/08/2015