David H. Goodman

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : David Goodman

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Birds of Prey (Les Anges de la nuit)
1x10 Gladiatrix08/01/2003

Scénariste de séries

Team Knight Rider (Nom de code : TKR)
1x01 Fallen Nation06/10/1997
1x03 The A List20/10/1997
1x08 Sky One24/11/1997
1x14 The Return of Megaman01/02/1998
1x21 Spy Girls11/05/1998
South Park
1x13 Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut (1/2)25/02/1998
2x02 Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut (2/2)22/04/1998
2x03 Chickenlover20/05/1998
2x04 Ike's Wee Wee27/05/1998
2x05 Conjoined Fetus Lady03/06/1998
2x11 Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods02/09/1998
2x13 Cow Days30/09/1998
3x02 Spontaneous Combustion14/04/1999
3x04 Jakovasaurs16/06/1999
3x06 Sexual Harassment Panda07/07/1999
3x08 Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub (2/3) (a.k.a. Melvins)21/07/1999
3x12 Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery10/11/1999
3x10 Dad10/12/2001
3x18 Double or Nothing22/04/2002
Birds of Prey (Les Anges de la nuit)
1x04 Three Birds and a Baby30/10/2002
1x10 Gladiatrix08/01/2003
1x21 Dosed (1)18/04/2003
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
2x09 Moving On11/12/2003
2x16 Risen19/02/2004
3x09 Trials25/11/2004
3x18 Transitions31/03/2005
4x04 Lost Time20/10/2005
4x14 Odds or Evens02/02/2006
4x21 Shattered27/04/2006
5x08 Win Today12/11/2006
5x13 Eating Away14/01/2007
5x18 Connections18/03/2007
5x24 The Beginning10/05/2007
6x08 Fight/Flight22/11/2007
6x16 A Dollar and a Dream01/05/2008
1x08 The Equation18/11/2008
1x12 The No-Brainer27/01/2009
The Event
1x03 Protect Them from the Truth04/10/2010
1x08 For the Good of Our Country15/11/2010
1x11 And Then There Were More (1)07/03/2011
1x14 A Message Back21/03/2011
1x19 Us or Them02/05/2011
Once Upon a Time
1x04 The Price of Gold13/11/2011
1x09 True North15/01/2012
1x13 What Happened to Frederick19/02/2012
1x17 Hat Trick25/03/2012
1x21 An Apple Red as Blood06/05/2012
2x04 The Crocodile21/10/2012
2x10 The Cricket Game06/01/2013
3x04 Nasty Habits20/10/2013
3x08 Think Lovely Thoughts17/11/2013
3x17 The Jolly Roger13/04/2014
3x21 Snow Drifts11/05/2014
4x03 Rocky Road12/10/2014
4x08 Smash the Mirror Part 1&216/11/2014
4x10 Fall30/11/2014
4x16 Poor Unfortunate Soul22/03/2015
4x20 Lily26/04/2015
5x04 The Broken Kingdom18/10/2015
5x08 Birth15/11/2015
5x15 The Brothers Jones27/03/2016
5x19 Sisters24/04/2016
5x22 Only You15/05/2016
6x04 Strange Case16/10/2016
6x09 Changelings27/11/2016
6x14 Page 2326/03/2017
6x18 Where Bluebirds Fly23/04/2017
6x20 The Song in Your Heart07/05/2017
7x03 The Garden of Forking Paths20/10/2017
7x07 Eloise Gardener17/11/2017
7x12 A Taste of the Heights09/03/2018
7x18 The Guardian20/04/2018
7x21 Homecoming11/05/2018
1x03 2 MG CU BID08/10/2019