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Réalisation de séries

Dharma & Greg
5x01 Intensive Caring25/09/2001
5x10 Dream A Little Dream of Her27/11/2001
5x13 Protecting the Ego-System08/01/2002
5x24 The Mamas and the Papas (a.k.a. Finale) (2)30/04/2002

Scénariste de séries

Dharma & Greg
5x06 Try to Remember This Kind of September23/10/2001
5x07 Used Karma30/10/2001
5x12 Previously on "Dharma & Greg"11/12/2001
5x18 Mission: Implausible02/04/2002
5x22 Tuesday's Child23/04/2002
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
7x01 Total Sabrina Live! (2)20/09/2002
Gilmore Girls
7x07 French Twist14/11/2006
7x12 To Whom It May Concern30/01/2007
7x17 Gilmore Girls Only06/03/2007
7x21 Unto the Breach08/05/2007
Reaper (Le diable et moi)
1x08 The Cop13/11/2007
1x07 All About the Haves and Have-Nots28/10/2008
1x12 All About the Ripple Effect08/12/2008
1x17 All About Betrayal10/02/2009
Melrose Place (2009) (Melrose Place : Nouvelle Génération)
1x09 Ocean10/11/2009
1x15 Mulholland23/03/2010
Brothers & Sisters
5x01 Homecoming26/09/2010
5x07 Resolved07/11/2010
5x14 One That Got Away13/02/2011
5x22 Walker Down the Aisle08/05/2011
Emily Owens, M.D. (Dr Emily Owens)
1x05 Emily and... the Tell-Tale Heart20/11/2012
1x12 Emily and... the Perfect Storm29/01/2013
1x06 Three for the Road16/07/2013
1x10 Poison of Interest13/08/2013
Reign (Reign : Le destin d'une reine)
1x20 Higher Ground01/05/2014
The Kicks
1x01 Pilot26/06/2015
Feed the Beast
1x02 Father of the Year07/06/2016
1x09 Be My Baby26/07/2016