Constantine Makris

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
4x08 American Dream09/11/1993
4x12 Snatched12/01/1994
5x04 Family Values12/10/1994
5x07 Precious09/11/1994
5x17 Act of God22/03/1995
6x01 Bitter Fruit20/09/1995
6x09 Blood Libel03/01/1996
6x14 Custody21/02/1996
7x02 ID25/09/1996
7x07 Deadbeat13/11/1996
7x11 Menace05/02/1997
7x15 D-Girl (1)13/03/1997
7x21 Passion07/05/1997
7x23 Terminal21/05/1997
8x05 Nullification05/11/1997
8x09 Burned10/12/1997
8x16 Divorce04/03/1998
8x20 Burden24/04/1998
8x22 Damaged06/05/1998
9x02 DWB07/10/1998
9x05 Agony04/11/1998
9x10 Hate06/01/1999
9x23 Refuge (1)26/05/1999
9x24 Refuge (2)26/05/1999
10x02 KillerZ29/09/1999
10x10 Loco Parentis05/01/2000
10x13 Panic16/02/2000
10x17 Black, White and Blue22/03/2000
10x21 Narcosis10/05/2000
11x01 Endurance18/10/2000
11x09 Hubris10/01/2001
11x12 Teenage Wasteland07/02/2001
11x21 Brother's Keeper09/05/2001
12x03 For Love or Money10/10/2001
12x15 Access Nation27/02/2002
12x19 Slaughter10/04/2002
12x23 Oxymoron15/05/2002
13x01 American Jihad02/10/2002
13x02 Shangri-La09/10/2002
13x15 Bitch26/02/2003
13x24 Smoke21/05/2003
14x01 Bodies24/09/2003
14x09 Compassion26/11/2003
14x12 Payback14/01/2004
14x18 Evil Breeds24/03/2004
15x05 Gunplay20/10/2004
15x15 Obsession09/02/2005
15x17 License to Kill23/02/2005
15x21 Publish and Perish20/04/2005
16x03 Ghosts05/10/2005
16x06 Birthright02/11/2005
17x04 Fear America13/10/2006
17x05 Public Service Homicide20/10/2006
17x11 Remains of the Day05/01/2007
17x14 Church09/02/2007
17x16 Murder Book23/02/2007
17x19 Fallout27/04/2007
17x21 Over Here11/05/2007
18x08 Illegal13/02/2008
18x09 Executioner20/02/2008
18x12 Submission12/03/2008
19x01 Rumble05/11/2008
19x05 Knock Off03/12/2008
20x04 Reality Bites16/10/2009
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
1x09 Stocks & Bondage29/11/1999
1x14 Limitations11/02/2000
2x13 Victims09/02/2001
3x10 Ridicule14/12/2001
3x11 Monogamy04/01/2002
3x20 Greed26/04/2002
4x02 Deception04/10/2002
4x09 Juvenile22/11/2002
4x13 Rotten24/01/2003
4x23 Grief02/05/2003
5x04 Loss14/10/2003
5x05 Serendipity21/10/2003
5x10 Shaken25/11/2003
5x15 Families10/02/2004
5x17 Mean24/02/2004
5x23 Bound04/05/2004
6x03 Obscene12/10/2004
6x05 Outcry26/10/2004
6x13 Quarry25/01/2005
7x05 Strain18/10/2005
7x11 Alien06/12/2005
12x10 Rescue01/12/2010
12x12 Possessed05/01/2011
12x21 Reparations06/04/2011
13x11 Theatre Tricks11/01/2012
20x17 Missing14/03/2019
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (New York Section Criminelle)
1x04 The Faithful17/10/2001
1x09 The Good Doctor25/11/2001
1x11 The Third Horseman06/01/2002
1x20 Badge28/04/2002
2x11 Baggage12/01/2003
2x17 Cold Comfort30/03/2003
3x04 But Not Forgotten19/10/2003
6x09 Blasters21/11/2006
7x04 Lonelyville25/10/2007
Law & Order: Trial by Jury (New York Cour de Justice)
1x04 Truth or Consequences18/03/2005
1x06 Pattern of Conduct01/04/2005
Conviction (2006)
1x13 Hostage (2)19/05/2006
2x03 I Knew You Were a Pig21/01/2009
30 Rock
3x12 Larry King26/02/2009
The Unusuals
1x02 Boorland Day15/04/2009
1x06 The Circle Line06/05/2009
1x09 The Apology Line10/06/2009
Rescue Me (Rescue Me : Les héros du 11 septembre)
5x05 Sheila05/05/2009
5x06 Perspective12/05/2009
5x16 Clean21/07/2009
6x03 Comeback13/07/2010
6x04 Breakout20/07/2010
Royal Pains
1x04 TB or Not TB25/06/2009
2x01 Spasticity03/06/2010
2x18 Listen to the Music24/02/2011
3x01 Traffic29/06/2011
4x09 Business And Pleasure15/08/2012
5x02 Blythe Spirits19/06/2013
6x06 Everybody Loves Ray, Man15/07/2014
7x01 Rebound02/06/2015
Warehouse 13
1x06 Burnout11/08/2009
2x02 Mild Mannered13/07/2010
2x03 Beyond Our Control20/07/2010
2x12 Reset (2)21/09/2010
3x02 Trials18/07/2011
3x10 Insatiable19/09/2011
4x02 An Evil Within30/07/2012
4x04 There's Always A Downside13/08/2012
4x08 Second Chance17/09/2012
1x12 Revelation Zero 2/218/03/2010
1x13 Blowback25/03/2010
1x14 Better Angels01/04/2010
1x02 Cause & Effect18/07/2011
A Gifted Man
1x09 In Case of Abnormal Rhythm02/12/2011
1x15 In Case of Letting Go24/02/2012
Chicago Fire
1x08 Leaving The Station05/12/2012
Golden Boy (Un Flic d'exception)
1x05 Vicious Cycle19/03/2013
Orange Is the New Black
1x11 Tall Men With Feelings11/07/2013
2x11 Take a Break from Your Values06/06/2014
2x13 We Have Manners. We're Polite.06/06/2014
3x02 Bed Bugs and Beyond11/06/2015
3x04 Finger In The Dyke11/06/2015
4x02 Power Suit17/06/2016
4x09 Turn Table Turn17/06/2016
5x02 Fuck, Marry, Frieda09/06/2017
6x06 State of the Uterus27/07/2018
7x03 And Brown Is the New Orange26/07/2019
Mistresses (US)
1x12 When One Door Closes...02/09/2013
2x05 Playing With Fire30/06/2014
2x06 What Do You Really Want07/07/2014
3x02 I'll Be Watching You18/06/2015
1x03 If You Want the Fruit...13/10/2013
Criminal Minds (Esprits criminels)
9x09 Strange Fruit20/11/2013
The Americans
2x03 The Walk In12/03/2014
1x12 This Wasn't Supposed To Happen21/06/2014
Resurrection (US)
2x08 Forsaken30/11/2014
4x11 Death Do Us Part30/01/2015
Code Black
1x13 First Date20/01/2016
1x17 Love Hurts17/02/2016
2x07 What Lies Beneath16/11/2016
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Esprits criminels : Unité sans frontières)
1x05 The Lonely Heart06/04/2016
Queen of the South (Reine du Sud)
1x11 Punto Sin Retorno01/09/2016
Secrets & Lies (US)
2x03 The Liar16/10/2016
Ten Days in the Valley
1x07 Day 7: Breaking the Story23/12/2017
Instinct (US)
1x04 I Heart New York08/04/2018
1x13 Cleared for Approach28/01/2019