Christopher Misiano

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Chris Misiano

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
5x11 Guardian11/01/1995
5x22 Switch17/05/1995
6x04 Jeopardy01/11/1995
6x11 Corpus Delicti17/01/1996
6x20 Girlfriends01/05/1996
7x06 Double Blind06/11/1996
7x18 Mad Dog02/04/1997
7x22 Past Imperfect14/05/1997
8x02 Denial08/10/1997
8x14 Grief04/02/1998
9x21 Ambitious12/05/1999
10x15 Fools for Love23/02/2000
10x24 Vaya Con Dios24/05/2000
Nash Bridges
3x06 Ripcord24/10/1997
ER (Urgences)
4x21 Suffer the Little Children07/05/1998
5x02 Split Second01/10/1998
5x18 Point of Origin08/04/1999
5x21 Responsible Parties13/05/1999
6x08 Great Expectations25/11/1999
6x16 Under Control23/03/2000
7x02 Sand and Water19/10/2000
7x08 The Dance We Do07/12/2000
7x18 April Showers19/04/2001
8x01 Four Corners27/09/2001
15x01 Life After Death25/09/2008
Now & Again (Un agent très secret)
1x02 On the Town01/10/1999
Third Watch (New York 911)
1x04 Hell Is What You Make of It10/10/1999
1x21 Just Another Night at the Opera15/05/2000
The West Wing (À la Maison Blanche)
1x06 Mr. Willis of Ohio03/11/1999
1x15 Celestial Navigation16/02/2000
2x05 And It's Surely to Their Credit01/11/2000
2x13 Bartlet's Third State of the Union07/02/2001
2x14 The War at Home14/02/2001
2x20 The Fall's Gonna Kill You02/05/2001
3x00 Isaac and Ishmael03/10/2001
3x04 On the Day Before31/10/2001
3x13 Night Five06/02/2002
3x16 The U.S. Poet Laureate27/03/2002
3x19 The Black Vera Wang08/05/2002
4x01 20 Hours in America (1/2)25/09/2002
4x02 20 Hours in America (2/2)25/09/2002
4x08 Process Stories13/11/2002
4x09 Swiss Diplomacy20/11/2002
4x14 Inauguration: (1/2)05/02/2003
4x20 Evidence of Things Not Seen23/04/2003
4x23 Twenty Five14/05/2003
5x02 The Dogs of War01/10/2003
5x04 Han22/10/2003
5x08 Shutdown19/11/2003
5x11 The Benign Prerogative14/01/2004
5x21 Gaza12/05/2004
5x22 Memorial Day19/05/2004
6x03 Third-Day Story03/11/2004
6x10 Faith Based Initiative05/01/2005
6x11 Opposition Research12/01/2005
6x15 Freedonia16/02/2005
6x20 In God We Trust23/03/2005
7x01 The Ticket25/09/2005
7x03 Message of the Week09/10/2005
7x08 Undecideds04/12/2005
7x12 Duck And Cover22/01/2006
7x17 Election Day, (2/2)09/04/2006
7x22 Tomorrow14/05/2006
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
1x03 The Focus Group02/10/2006
2x09 Bash09/10/2006
The Nine (The Nine : 52 heures en enfer)
1x05 All About Eva01/11/2006
1x12 Wayne's World18/01/2007
Grey's Anatomy
3x20 Time After Time19/04/2007
3x24 Testing 1-2-310/05/2007
In Treatment (En analyse)
1x13 Sophie - Week Three13/02/2008
1x14 Jake and Amy - Week Three14/02/2008
1x16 Laura - Week Four18/02/2008
1x17 Alex - Week Four19/02/2008
Eli Stone
1x03 Father Figure14/02/2008
1x09 I Want Your Sex27/03/2008
1x05 Power Hungry14/10/2008
4x04 Acceptance05/10/2009
Trauma (US)
1x04 Stuck19/10/2009
Friday Night Lights
4x04 A Sort of Homecoming18/11/2009
4x09 The Lights of Carrol Park13/01/2010
The Forgotten (Les Oubliés)
1x15 Donovan Doe09/03/2010
The Good Wife
1x21 Unplugged11/05/2010
4x16 Runnin' with the Devil10/03/2013
Pan Am
1x02 We'll Always Have Paris02/10/2011
Suits (Suits : Avocats sur mesure)
2x05 Break Point19/07/2012
3x09 Bad Faith10/09/2013
4x05 Pound of Flesh16/07/2014
6x04 Turn03/08/2016
7x11 Hard Truths28/03/2018
7x13 Inevitable11/04/2018
7x15 Tiny Violin25/04/2018
8x01 Right-Hand Man18/07/2018
8x08 Coral Gables05/09/2018
8x09 Motion to Delay12/09/2018
Last Resort
1x06 Another Fine Navy Day08/11/2012
2x08 Lineage25/11/2012
3x15 Struggle16/03/2014
666 Park Avenue
1x12 The Elysian Fields12/02/2013
Mistresses (US)
1x02 The Morning After10/06/2013
4x01 The New Girls30/05/2016
4x02 Mistaken Identity06/06/2016
1x05 Insomnia06/04/2014
2x01 Revelation28/09/2014
2x06 Afflictions02/11/2014
2x10 Prophecy04/01/2015
Gang Related
1x09 Dia de Todos los Santos17/07/2014
1x03 The Hive10/08/2014
2x04 Overlord03/11/2015
Marvel's Agent Carter (Agent Carter)
1x08 Valediction24/02/2015
The Americans
3x12 I Am Abassin Zadran15/04/2015
Code Black
1x02 We Plug Holes07/10/2015
Shades of Blue (Shades of Blue : Une flic entre deux feux)
2x02 Eye of the Hurricane12/03/2017
2x03 Ghost Hunt19/03/2017
Doubt (Doubt : Affaires douteuses)
1x05 Not a Word08/07/2017
Ten Days in the Valley
1x05 Day 5: Back to Ones16/12/2017
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
19x16 Dare14/03/2018
20x18 Blackout21/03/2019
Council of Dads
1x04 The Sixth Stage14/05/2020