Christian I. Nyby II

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 1 juin 1941 (82 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Chris Nyby

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1996 Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season91
1988 Whisper Kill93
1987 Flics et hors-la-loi (U.S. Marshals: Waco & Rhinehart)100

Réalisation de séries

Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
5x21 Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder03/02/1972
5x22 Achilles' Heel17/02/1972
2x07 Fuzz Lady04/11/1972
2x11 Musical Mania09/12/1972
2x15 The Professor03/02/1973
2x17 Honest17/02/1973
2x19 Boot03/03/1973
2x20 Rip-Off10/03/1973
3x02 The Old Engine29/09/1973
3x07 The Promotion03/11/1973
3x10 Zero24/11/1973
3x15 Inferno05/01/1974
3x18 How Green Was My Thumb?26/01/1974
3x19 The Hard Hours02/02/1974
4x04 Nagging Suspicion05/10/1974
4x14 The Bash28/12/1974
4x18 Prestidigitation25/01/1975
4x20 The Mouse08/02/1975
5x01 The Stewardess13/09/1975
5x11 Tee Vee29/11/1975
5x12 On Camera06/12/1975
5x16 The Girl on the Balance Beam17/01/1976
5x18 Above and Beyond ... Nearly31/01/1976
6x01 The Game25/09/1976
6x10 Welcome to Santa Rosa County25/12/1976
6x13 An Ounce of Prevention22/01/1977
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'Homme qui valait 3 milliards)
2x02 The Pioneers20/09/1974
2x08 The Deadly Replay22/11/1974
2x09 Act of Piracy29/11/1974
3x06 The Deadly Test19/10/1975
4x10 The Thunderbird Connection28/11/1976
The Rockford Files (200 dollars plus les frais)
3x11 The Trouble with Warren24/12/1976
1x08 Green Thumb Burglar10/11/1977
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
2x16 Sole Survivor29/01/1978
2x21 Arson and Old Lace02/04/1978
Battlestar Galactica (1978) (Galactica)
1x04 The Lost Planet of the Gods (1)24/09/1978
1x05 The Lost Planet of the Gods (2)01/10/1978
1x07 The Long Patrol15/10/1978
1x10 The Magnificent Warriors12/11/1978
1x14 Fire in Space17/12/1978
Sword of Justice (Le signe de la justice)
1x06 Judgment Day17/12/1978
B.J. and the Bear
1x01 Odyssey of the Shady Truth10/02/1979
1x02 Shine On24/02/1979
1x05 Never Give a Trucker an Even Break24/03/1979
2x01 Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers (1/2)29/09/1979
2x02 Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers (2/2)06/10/1979
2x03 Cain's Cruiser13/10/1979
2x11 Fly a Wild Horse08/12/1979
2x18 The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful16/02/1980
3x01 B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers (1/2)13/01/1981
3x02 B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers (2/2)13/01/1981
3x03 The Fast and the Furious (1/2)20/01/1981
3x04 The Fast and the Furious (2/2)27/01/1981
3x07 Beauties and the Beasts17/02/1981
3x08 Blonde in a Gilded Cage03/03/1981
3x10 A Bear in the Hand17/03/1981
3x11 Seven Lady Captives24/03/1981
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
1x21 Mystery on the Orly Express25/03/1980
2x13 Lobo and the Pirates21/04/1981
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
1x05 That's Right, We're Bad25/11/1981
McClain's Law (La loi selon McClain)
1x08 A Matter of Honor15/01/1982
Chicago Story
1x03 Bright Lights, Big City20/03/1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Jake Cutter)
1x07 Trunk from the Past03/11/1982
The Greatest American Hero (Ralph Super-héros)
3x06 Heaven is in Your Genes13/01/1983
3x11 It's Only Rock and Roll17/02/1983
Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
3x14 Moon Over Uranus27/01/1983
4x01 Here's Adventure, Here's Romance13/10/1983
4x17 The End of Logan's Run01/03/1984
5x11 Last Chance Salon13/12/1984
5x13 Of Human Garbage17/01/1985
5x17 Passage to Libya14/02/1985
6x14 Scales of Justice30/01/1986
6x17 Larry of Arabia27/02/1986
7x11 She's So Fein06/01/1987
7x14 Der Roachenkavalier03/02/1987
7x16 Sorry, Wrong Number03/03/1987
7x18 Dogbreath Afternoon17/03/1987
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
1x03 Children of Jamestown30/01/1983
1x06 Black Day at Bad Rock22/02/1983
2x03 The Only Church in Town11/10/1983
2x05 When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (1)25/10/1983
2x06 When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (2)25/10/1983
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
1x20 Knight Moves11/03/1983
Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
3x02 DJ DOA06/10/1983
3x03 I Heard It Was Murder13/10/1983
4x01 C'est Simon (1)27/09/1984
4x02 C'est Simon (2)27/09/1984
Riptide (US)
1x01 Pilot (1)03/01/1984
1x02 Pilot (2)03/01/1984
T.J. Hooker (Hooker)
4x04 Hardcore Connection03/11/1984
Moonlighting (Clair de lune)
2x03 Money Talks-- Maddie Walks08/10/1985
2x09 Atlas Belched10/12/1985
2x11 The Bride of Tupperman14/01/1986
3x02 The Man Who Cried Wife30/09/1986
3x04 Yours, Very Deadly28/10/1986
3x05 All Creatures Great and ... Not So Great11/11/1986
3x06 Big Man on Mulberry Street18/11/1986
2x03 Blind Justice29/09/1987
Perry Mason (1985)
1x07 The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel15/11/1987
1x08 The Case of the Avenging Ace28/02/1988
1x10 The Case of the Lethal Lesson12/02/1989
1x11 The Case of the Musical Murder09/04/1989
1x12 The Case of the All-Star Assassin19/11/1989
1x13 The Case of the Poisoned Pen21/01/1990
1x14 The Case of the Desperate Deception11/03/1990
1x16 The Case of the Defiant Daughter30/09/1990
1x17 The Case of the Ruthless Reporter06/01/1991
1x19 The Case of the Glass Coffin14/05/1991
1x20 The Case of the Fatal Fashion24/09/1991
1x21 The Case of the Fatal Framing01/03/1992
1x22 The Case of the Reckless Romeo05/05/1992
1x23 The Case of the Heartbroken Bride30/10/1992
1x24 The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal19/02/1993
1x25 The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host21/05/1993
1x26 The Case of the Killer Kiss29/11/1993
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
1x21 How Long Has This Thing Been Going On?23/03/1988
5x13 Stormy Weather (1)29/01/1992
5x14 Stormy Weather (2)05/02/1992
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
1x06 Vanishing Act (1)10/12/1993
1x07 Vanishing Act (2)17/12/1993
1x09 The Restless Remains14/01/1994
1x11 Flashdance with Death28/01/1994
1x14 Guardian Angel01/04/1994
1x15 Nirvana08/04/1994
1x16 Broadcast Blues15/04/1994
2x05 My Four Husbands14/10/1994
2x07 You Can Call Me Johnson28/10/1994
2x09 The Last Laugh (1)11/11/1994
2x10 The Last Laugh (2)18/11/1994
2x18 Sea No Evil17/02/1995
2x20 Naked Babes31/03/1995
2x21 Death in the Daytime28/04/1995
3x03 All-American Murder22/12/1995
3x05 Murder on the Run (1)05/01/1996
3x06 Murder on the Run (2)12/01/1996
3x08 Misdiagnosis Murder26/01/1996
3x15 Mind Over Murder12/04/1996
3x17 FMurder26/04/1996
4x01 Murder by Friendly Fire19/09/1996
4x04 X Marks the Murder (1)10/10/1996
4x05 X Marks the Murder (2)10/10/1996
4x07 Murder Can Be Murder24/10/1996
4x09 Murder by the Busload07/11/1996
4x11 The ABC's of Murder21/11/1996
4x14 A History of Murder16/01/1997
4x17 Hard-Boiled Murder13/02/1997
4x20 A Passion for Murder03/04/1997
4x21 Blood Brothers Murder10/04/1997
4x22 Physician, Murder Thyself24/04/1997
5x01 Murder Blues18/09/1997
5x03 Malibu Fire02/10/1997
5x07 Fatal Impact (1)30/10/1997
5x08 Fatal Impact (2)30/10/1997
5x10 Discards13/11/1997
5x13 Retribution (1)08/01/1998
5x14 Retribution (2)15/01/1998
5x16 Rain of Terror29/01/1998
5x18 Talked to Death26/02/1998
5x22 Promises to Keep (2)23/04/1998
5x24 Obsession (1)07/05/1998
5x25 Obsession (2)14/05/1998
6x01 Resurrection (3)24/09/1998
6x02 Resurrection (4)24/09/1998
6x04 Wrong Number08/10/1998
6x09 The Last Resort19/11/1998
7x05 The Flame21/10/1999
8x10 Playing God11/01/2001
8x11 Less Than Zero18/01/2001
8x17 Dance Of Danger30/03/2001
8x20 Deadly Mirage (1)04/05/2001
Walker, Texas Ranger
3x15 Cowboy04/02/1995
6x02 Iceman04/10/1997
7x08 Second Chance14/11/1998
7x13 Special Witness16/01/1999
8x06 The Lynn Sisters30/10/1999
8x24 Wedding Bells (1)20/05/2000
8x25 Wedding Bells (2)20/05/2000
9x22 Reel Rangers05/05/2001
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
9x18 Bobbi Dearest03/03/1999
Sons of Thunder (Le Successeur)
1x03 Daddy's Girl20/03/1999
1x04 Lost & Found03/04/1999
Martial Law (Le flic de Shanghai)
2x16 Honor Among Strangers (1)19/02/2000
Murder 101 (L'ABC du meurtre)
1x01 Murder 10107/01/2006

Scénariste de séries

6x01 The Game25/09/1976
6x18 Firehouse Quintet05/03/1977
1x12 Aweigh We Go22/12/1977