Bill Corcoran

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Né le 19 janvier 1951 (72 ans) • Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Les étoiles de Noël (Christmas Stars)90
2018 L'Inconnu du bal (Very, Very, Valentine)84
Moyenne de tous ses films13.23

Réalisation de séries

21 Jump Street
1x11 Low and Away14/06/1987
2x02 Besieged (1)27/09/1987
2x03 Besieged (2)04/10/1987
2x08 Honor Bound08/11/1987
2x18 Brother Hanson & the Miracle of Renner's Pond13/03/1988
2x19 Raising Marijuana17/04/1988
2x20 Best Years of Your Life01/05/1988
3x05 Whose Choice is it Anyways?11/12/1988
3x08 Blu Flu29/01/1989
3x11 Woolly Bullies19/02/1989
Wiseguy (Un flic dans la mafia)
1x11 Last Rites for Lucci19/11/1987
1x17 Not For Nothing08/02/1988
1x18 Squeeze15/02/1988
2x03 Revenge of the Mud People09/11/1988
2x07 Next of Kin21/12/1988
2x14 And it Comes Out Here08/03/1989
2x22 Le Lacrime de Amore (2)24/05/1989
3x04 Heir to the Throne11/10/1989
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
3x15 Full Disclosure18/06/1988
4x03 Ancient Voices12/11/1988
4x07 For Art's Sake21/01/1989
Friday the 13th: The Series (Vendredi 13)
1x22 The Pirate's Promise02/07/1988
1x06 And the Dead Shall Rise to Condemn Thee (1)31/03/1989
MacGyver (1985)
5x07 Children of Light06/11/1989
1x20 Crazy15/04/1990
Street Justice
1x01 Legacy (1/2)29/09/1991
1x02 Legacy (2/2)29/09/1991
2x05 Each One, Teach One31/10/1992
The Adventures of the Black Stallion (L'Étalon noir)
2x11 Island Stallion10/11/1991
2x12 Ostracized17/11/1991
Mann & Machine
1x02 Dating Game12/04/1992
Human Target (1992)
1x05 Cool Hand Chance15/08/1992
1x08 Blindside19/04/1993
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Kung Fu, la légende continue)
1x17 Reunion27/10/1993
Lonesome Dove: The Series (Lonesome Dove (1994))
1x06 Duty Bound31/10/1994
Prey (ADN, menace immédiate)
1x04 Origins05/02/1998
1x11 Vengeance25/06/1998
1x13 Deliverance09/07/1998
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (Marshall et Simon : Une nouvelle dimension)
1x01 Switching Channels07/02/1998
Pensacola: Wings of Gold (Pensacola)
2x05 Stand Down05/10/1998
2x20 G.Q.06/05/1999
2x21 Night Traps13/05/1999
Stargate SG-1
2x19 One False Step19/02/1999
3x02 Seth02/07/1999
Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity)
1x12 Lose Your Dreams06/08/2000
First Wave
3x07 Asylum25/10/2000
3x22 Twice Bless'd07/02/2001
The Immortal (L'invincible)
1x10 The Hunted09/12/2000
Mutant X
2x17 Final Judgment07/04/2003
2x19 One Step Closer21/04/2003
3x05 The Taking of Crows27/10/2003
3x09 No Exit12/01/2004
3x12 Conspiracy Theory02/02/2004
3x16 Age of Innocence05/04/2004
3x19 Dream Lover26/04/2004
Falcon Beach (Amitiés d'une saison)
1x03 Starting Over05/06/2006
1x06 Getting to Know You26/06/2006
1x07 Summer Solstice03/07/2006
1x12 Trust This07/08/2006
1x13 Desperados14/08/2006
1x14 Reckless Love21/08/2006
1x15 Summer's Over28/08/2006
2x01 After the Fall05/01/2007
2x02 Strawberry Social Reject12/01/2007
2x06 The Music Video09/02/2007
2x07 Lost16/02/2007