Annie Weisman

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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2019 Almost Family FOX toujours en cours

Scénariste de séries

1x10 If You Prick Us, Do We Not Breed?00/00/0000
Dead Like Me
2x03 Ghost Story08/08/2004
2x06 In Escrow29/08/2004
2x09 Be Still My Heart19/09/2004
2x13 Last Call17/10/2004
Heartland (US)
1x04 Mother & Child Reunion09/07/2007
1x07 A Beautiful Day30/07/2007
1x09 Smile13/08/2007
Samantha Who? (Samantha Qui ?)
2x19 The Other Woman23/07/2009
The Cleaner
2x10 Cinderella25/08/2009
Eastwick (Les mystères d'Eastwick)
1x08 Paint and Pleasure25/11/2009
Desperate Housewives
7x08 Sorry Grateful14/11/2010
7x17 Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed03/04/2011
8x06 Witch's Lament30/10/2011
8x17 Women and Death18/03/2012
2x02 The Witch of East Chatswin24/10/2012
2x13 Blowtox and Burlap13/02/2013
2x21 Apocalypse Meow17/04/2013
3x06 About a Boy-Yoi-Yoing05/03/2014
3x10 No, You Can’t Sit with Us23/04/2014
About a Boy
2x05 About an Angry Ex18/11/2014
2x10 About a Boy Becoming a Man13/01/2015
2x15 About a Trunk20/07/2015
2x19 About a Self Defense20/07/2015
The Path
1x03 A Homecoming06/04/2016
1x08 The Shore11/05/2016
2x02 Dead Moon25/01/2017
2x08 Return08/03/2017
3x02 A Beast, No More17/01/2018
The Bold Type (De celles qui osent)
2x10 We'll Always Have Paris07/08/2018