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2013 Mr Hockey The Gordie Howe Story87

Réalisation de séries

Stargate SG-1
3x14 Foothold05/11/1999
4x13 The Curse22/09/2000
4x16 201012/01/2001
5x13 Proving Ground08/03/2002
5x17 Fail Safe05/04/2002
6x10 Cure16/08/2002
6x12 Unnatural Selection (2)10/01/2003
6x18 Forsaken21/02/2003
7x08 Space Race01/08/2003
7x17 Heroes (1)13/02/2004
7x18 Heroes, Part 220/02/2004
8x01 New Order (1)09/07/2004
8x02 New Order (2)09/07/2004
8x09 Sacrifices10/09/2004
8x12 Prometheus Unbound28/01/2005
8x14 Full Alert11/02/2005
8x15 Citizen Joe18/02/2005
8x18 Threads11/03/2005
9x01 Avalon (1)15/07/2005
9x02 Avalon (2)22/07/2005
9x10 The Fourth Horseman (1)16/09/2005
9x11 The Fourth Horseman (2)06/01/2006
10x02 Morpheus21/07/2006
10x07 Counterstrike25/08/2006
10x10 The Quest (1)22/09/2006
10x11 The Quest (2)13/04/2007
10x13 The Road Not Taken27/04/2007
10x14 The Shroud04/05/2007
10x17 Talion01/06/2007
Stargate Atlantis
1x15 Before I Sleep18/02/2005
2x07 Instinct26/08/2005
2x13 Critical Mass20/01/2006
2x15 The Tower03/02/2006
2x16 The Long Goodbye10/02/2006
2x20 Allies (1)10/03/2006
3x05 Progeny11/08/2006
3x19 Vengeance15/06/2007
4x07 Missing09/11/2007
4x08 The Seer16/11/2007
4x09 Miller's Crossing30/11/2007
4x11 Be All My Sins Remember'd (2)04/01/2008
4x15 Outcast01/02/2008
4x17 Midway15/02/2008
5x01 Search and Rescue (2)11/07/2008
5x04 The Daedalus Variations01/08/2008
5x06 The Shrine22/08/2008
5x10 First Contact (1)26/09/2008
5x11 The Lost Tribe (2)10/10/2008
5x14 Prodigal07/11/2008
5x17 Infection05/12/2008
5x20 Enemy at the Gate09/01/2009
Blood Ties
1x10 Necrodrome06/05/2007
2x02 Wild Blood19/10/2007
2x05 The Devil You Know09/11/2007
Stargate Universe
1x01 Air (1)02/10/2009
1x02 Air (2)02/10/2009
1x03 Air (3)09/10/2009
1x11 Space02/04/2010
1x19 Incursion (1)04/06/2010
1x20 Incursion (2)11/06/2010
2x01 Intervention (3)28/09/2010
2x03 Awakenings12/10/2010
2x06 Trial and Error02/11/2010
2x10 Resurgence (1)30/11/2010
2x16 The Hunt11/04/2011
2x19 Blockade02/05/2011
2x20 Gauntlet09/05/2011
3x12 Hangover22/04/2011
3x14 Metamorphosis02/05/2011
Primeval: New World
1x02 Sisiutl05/11/2012
1x04 Angry Birds19/11/2012
1x07 Babes in the Woods10/12/2012
1x09 Breakthrough22/01/2013
Lost Girl
3x08 Fae-ge Against the Machine10/03/2013
4x03 Lovers. Apart.24/11/2013
Motive (Motive : le mobile du crime)
1x06 Detour14/03/2013
1x10 Fallen Angel25/04/2013
2x05 Dead End03/04/2014
2x08 Angels With Dirty Faces24/04/2014
2x11 A Bullet for Joey15/05/2014
1x03 Trespass25/01/2014
1x05 Bitten08/02/2014
Reign (Reign : Le destin d'une reine)
2x21 The Siege07/05/2015
4x09 Pulling Strings14/04/2017
1x11 The Speed of Time18/06/2015
1x12 Door to Olympus25/06/2015
1x04 Vessel10/07/2015
3x02 A Skinner, Darkly07/07/2017
Dark Matter
1x12 Episode Twelve28/08/2015
1x13 Episode Thirteen28/08/2015
2x08 Stuff to Steal, People to Kill19/08/2016
Travelers (Les Voyageurs du temps)
1x02 Protocol 624/10/2016
1x03 Aleksander31/10/2016
1x11 Marcy26/12/2016
2x01 Ave Machina16/10/2017
2x02 Protocol 423/10/2017
2x03 Jacob30/10/2017
2x05 Jenny13/11/2017
2x06 U23520/11/2017
3x02 Yates14/12/2018
3x03 Protocol 314/12/2018
Chesapeake Shores
2x09 The Royal Court01/10/2017
2x10 Freefall08/10/2017
Good Witch (Un soupçon de magie)
4x01 With This Ring29/04/2018
4x02 In 4/4, With Emotion06/05/2018
Blindspot (Blindspot : mémoire tatouée)
4x07 Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth30/11/2018
1x06 Krever13/02/2019
1x07 Intent20/02/2019
Mystery 101
1x03 Words Can Kill15/09/2019
Martha's Vineyard Mysteries (L'Île aux mystères)
1x02 Riddled with Deceit23/02/2020

Scénariste de séries

SGU Stargate Universe Kino (Webisodes)
2x01 Porte des étoiles08/10/2009
2x02 Hyperespace09/10/2009
2x03 Anciens12/10/2009
2x04 Ascension13/10/2009
2x05 Alliance luxienne14/10/2009
2x06 Goa'uld15/10/2009
1x27 Chloe's room08/08/2010
1x28 Disgusting habit08/08/2010
1x29 Favorite meal of all time08/08/2010
1x30 Not being there08/08/2010