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Réalisation de séries

The West Wing (À la Maison Blanche)
6x12 365 Days19/01/2005
7x04 Mr. Frost16/10/2005
7x11 Internal Displacement15/01/2006
The Nine (The Nine : 52 heures en enfer)
1x04 Brother's Keeper25/10/2006
ER (Urgences)
13x06 Heart of the Matter02/11/2006
13x13 A House Divided11/01/2007
13x21 I Don't03/05/2007
14x11 Status Quo03/01/2008
14x16 Truth Will Out24/04/2008
15x12 Dream Runner15/01/2009
15x20 Shifting Equilibrium19/03/2009
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
3x14 Selling Sickness06/02/2007
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
1x18 Breaking News31/05/2007
Mad Men
1x06 Babylon23/08/2007
2x02 Flight 103/08/2008
2x07 The Gold Violin07/09/2008
2x10 The Inheritance05/10/2008
1x04 Family Business16/10/2007
1x06 Keepers29/10/2007
Dirty Sexy Money
1x09 The Watch28/11/2007
2x02 The Family Lawyer08/10/2008
2x05 The Verdict05/11/2008
October Road
2x06 Revenge of the Cupcake Kid07/01/2008
House M.D. (Dr House)
5x03 Adverse Events30/09/2008
5x12 Painless19/01/2009
5x17 The Social Contract09/03/2009
6x12 Remorse25/01/2010
6x14 5 to 908/02/2010
Crash (2008) (Collision)
2x01 You Set The Scene18/09/2009
2x02 Always See Your Face25/09/2009
Psych (Psych : Enquêteur malgré lui)
4x08 Let's Get Hairy09/10/2009
5x06 Viagra Falls18/08/2010
6x06 Shawn, Interrupted16/11/2011
7x11 Office SPACE08/05/2013
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
10x08 Lover's Lanes19/11/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x17 There Is No Room For You On My Ass17/03/2010
1x22 That Crazy Bitch Was Right12/05/2010
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
1x05 Here Is the Fire16/03/2011
2x19 Taking The Leap29/03/2011
Pan Am
1x05 One Coin in a Fountain23/10/2011
1x14 196419/02/2012
Covert Affairs
3x10 Let's Dance18/09/2012
1x08 The Long Fuse29/11/2012
1x19 Snow Angels04/04/2013
2x04 Poison Pen17/10/2013
Low Winter Sun
1x03 No Rounds25/08/2013
1x10 ...Number 1615/12/2013
The Americans
2x12 Operation Chronicle14/05/2014
3x11 One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov08/04/2015
2x05 Act as If17/07/2014
1x09 Spooky Action at a Distance21/09/2014
2x03 The Threshold27/10/2015
Masters of Sex
2x11 One for the Money, Two for the Show21/09/2014
Battle Creek
1x02 Syruptitious08/03/2015
2x09 Inside Men And Outside Women11/08/2015
Hand of God
1x06 For the Rain to Gather04/09/2015
Code Black
1x09 The Son Rises25/11/2015
Fear the Walking Dead
2x07 Shiva22/05/2016
2x15 North02/10/2016
3x08 Children of Wrath09/07/2017
3x15 Things Bad Begun15/10/2017
3x16 Sleigh Ride15/10/2017
The Get Down
1x03 Darkness Is Your Candle12/08/2016
Fear the Walking Dead : Passage (Webisodes)
1x01 Part 118/10/2016
1x02 Part 223/10/2016
1x03 Part 330/10/2016
1x04 Part 406/11/2016
1x05 Part 513/11/2016
1x06 Part 620/11/2016
1x07 Part 727/11/2016
1x08 Part 804/12/2016
1x09 Part 905/02/2017
1x10 Part 1012/02/2017
1x11 Part 1119/02/2017
1x12 Part 1226/02/2017
1x13 Part 1305/03/2017
1x14 Part 1412/03/2017
1x15 Part 1519/03/2017
1x16 Part 1626/03/2017
Chance (US)
1x08 The House of Space and Time30/11/2016
1x05 Ruling Days21/07/2017
1x06 Book of Ruth21/07/2017
2x03 Once a Langmore...31/08/2018
2x04 Stag31/08/2018
The Umbrella Academy (Umbrella Academy)
1x02 Run Boy Run15/02/2019
1x03 Extra Ordinary15/02/2019
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan)
2x03 Orinoco31/10/2019
2x04 Dressed to Kill31/10/2019
2x08 Strongman31/10/2019
The Outsider
1x03 Dark Uncle19/01/2020
1x04 Que Viene el Coco26/01/2020
1x10 Must/Can't08/03/2020