Allison Liddi-Brown

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Née le 2 août 1959 (64 ans)

Aussi appelé : Allison Leddi-Brown

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation | Téléfilms

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 Princess Protection Program : Mission Rosalinda (Princess Protection Program) 80
Moyenne de tous ses films12.71

Réalisation de séries

The Secret World of Alex Mack (Les Incroyables Pouvoirs d'Alex)
1x04 The Videotape05/11/1994
1x05 School Dance12/11/1994
2x03 New Kid in Town21/10/1995
2x05 Suspect04/11/1995
2x12 Trophy Case06/01/1996
2x18 Local Hero14/09/1996
3x10 Muckraker07/11/1996
3x12 The Understudy14/11/1996
3x19 The Test26/12/1996
3x24 Nightmare in Paradise27/02/1997
4x07 The Switch14/10/1997
4x11 The Doctor28/10/1997
4x18 24 Hours04/12/1997
Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena, la guerrière)
5x07 Back in the Bottle15/11/1999
5x08 Little Problems22/11/1999
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
10x09 Family Tree17/11/1999
10x21 Spring Fever22/03/2000
Star Trek: Voyager
6x16 Collective16/02/2000
The Jersey
1x15 Elliot and Goliath15/04/2000
Even Stevens (La Guerre des Stevens)
1x04 What'll Idol Do?08/07/2000
1x05 All About Yvette15/07/2000
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
2x11 Organ Grinder13/12/2001
Strong Medicine (La Vie avant tout)
2x19 Type and Cross20/01/2002
4x04 Rash Decisions06/07/2003
4x07 Vaccinations27/07/2003
4x20 The Real World Rittenhouse25/01/2004
5x04 Cape Cancer11/07/2004
5x16 Graft31/10/2004
3x18 Graduation14/05/2002
The Bernie Mac Show
2x05 Welcome to the Jungle13/11/2002
3x14 The Case05/02/2003
3x19 Babysitting12/03/2003
4x06 The Offer29/10/2003
4x14 Hidden Agendas16/01/2004
The Twilight Zone (2002) (La Treizième Dimension)
1x34 How Much Do You Love Your Kid?26/02/2003
1x40 Developing30/04/2003
Boston Public
4x07 Chapter Seventy-Three07/11/2003
Las Vegas
1x22 The Big Bang10/05/2004
2x03 Blood Is Thicker27/09/2004
2x08 Two of a Kind08/11/2004
2x17 Tainted Love14/02/2005
4x10 Fleeting Cheating Meeting12/01/2007
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x11 Schmidt Happens09/01/2005
3x15 Mr. Monk and the Election25/02/2005
2x11 Safe House27/06/2005
Sex, Love & Secrets
1x03 Danger11/10/2005
Pepper Dennis
1x05 Saving Venice02/05/2006
1x08 Hiroshi Watanabe in Bed with Curtis Wilson23/05/2006
1x11 Pepper Dennis Behind Bars20/06/2006
The 4400 (2004) (Les 4400)
3x10 The Starzl Mutation06/08/2006
4x12 Tiny Machines09/09/2007
Brothers & Sisters
1x05 Date Night22/10/2006
Friday Night Lights
1x04 Who's Your Daddy24/10/2006
1x14 Upping the Ante31/01/2007
1x17 I Think We Should Have Sex21/02/2007
2x09 The Confession07/12/2007
4x05 The Son02/12/2009
5x08 Fracture05/01/2011
Army Wives (American Wives)
1x06 Who We Are08/07/2007
2x09 Casting Out the Net03/08/2008
3x14 Need to Know Basis13/09/2009
4x01 Collateral Damage11/04/2010
4x17 Murder in Charleston15/08/2010
1x05 The Legend of Dylan McCleen22/10/2007
1x10 Chuck Versus the Nemesis26/11/2007
2x08 Chuck Versus The Gravitron24/11/2008
4x09 The Con Man in the Meth Lab12/11/2008
5x11 The X in the File14/01/2010
8x02 The Partners in the Divorce24/09/2012
9x12 The Ghost in the Killer10/01/2014
10x06 The Lost Love in the Foreign Land06/11/2014
Private Practice
2x13 Nothing to Fear22/01/2009
3x04 Pushing the Limits22/10/2009
4x07 Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?04/11/2010
5x15 You Break My Heart16/02/2012
6x07 The World According to Jake21/11/2012
Grey's Anatomy
5x13 Stairway to Heaven22/01/2009
6x06 I Saw What I Saw22/10/2009
7x10 Adrift and at Peace02/12/2010
8x09 Dark Was the Night10/11/2011
8x19 Support System12/04/2012
15x11 The Winner Takes It All31/01/2019
15x22 Head Over High Heels18/04/2019
16x10 Help Me Through the Night23/01/2020
16x19 Love of My Life26/03/2020
17x04 You'll Never Walk Alone03/12/2020
18x10 Living in a House Divided03/03/2022
18x13 Put the Squeeze on Me24/03/2022
19x08 All Star02/03/2023
19x14 Shadow of Your Love13/04/2023
19x18 Ready to Run11/05/2023
20x02 Keep the Family Close21/03/2024
My Name Is Earl (Earl)
4x18 Friends with Benefits12/02/2009
Gossip Girl (2007)
2x20 Remains of the J30/03/2009
4x21 Shattered Bass09/05/2011
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
7x21 Chip/Tuck13/04/2009
8x02 Hostile Takeover28/09/2009
8x14 In The Wind01/02/2010
9x14 Stoned Cold27/02/2011
9x17 Special Delivery20/03/2011
10x18 Law and Disorder (1)25/03/2012
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
6x18 Rest In Peace, Marina Garito07/04/2010
7x22 Exit Strategy13/05/2011
8x15 Kill Screen06/04/2012
9x17 Today is Life22/02/2013
Royal Pains
2x02 Lovesick10/06/2010
3x09 Me First24/08/2011
4x07 Fools Russian25/07/2012
5x08 Hammertime07/08/2013
1x01 Hello, I Must Be Going28/06/2010
2x08 If This Boat Is a Rockin'09/11/2010
3x05 Nora11/10/2011
3x06 Tales from the Luncheonette18/10/2011
5x15 Just Like Home27/02/2014
5x16 The Enchanting Mr. Knight06/03/2014
6x11 Let's Go Home15/01/2015
Pan Am
1x10 Secrets and Lies08/01/2012
Scandal (US)
1x03 Hell Hath No Fury19/04/2012
2x19 Seven Fifty-Two25/04/2013
3x02 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner10/10/2013
4x02 The State of the Union02/10/2014
4x15 The Testimony of Diego Munoz12/03/2015
5x11 The Candidate18/02/2016
5x12 Wild Card25/02/2016
6x02 Hardball02/02/2017
7x11 Army of One08/02/2018
666 Park Avenue
1x06 Diabolic04/11/2012
2x18 Masquerade31/03/2013
3x05 Control27/10/2013
4x18 Clarity29/03/2015
Mistresses (US)
1x13 I Choose You09/09/2013
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
4x09 Ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'i (Happy Thanksgiving)22/11/2013
5x15 E 'Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)13/02/2015
The Night Shift
2x10 Aftermath20/04/2015
Battle Creek
1x10 Stockholm10/05/2015
Wicked City
1x06 Blizzard of Ozz22/12/2015
1x02 Twins23/03/2016
1x05 The Land of Normal20/04/2016
1x07 Permanent Glitter04/05/2016
1x10 What Happens in Vegas... Happens25/05/2016
1x05 Friends and Family24/07/2016
Shameless (US)
7x08 You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?20/11/2016
9x06 Face It, You're Gorgeous14/10/2018
The Catch
2x04 The Family Way30/03/2017
4x02 Groin Anomaly22/09/2017
4x03 Pinkwashing Machine22/09/2017
The Good Doctor (Good Doctor)
1x16 Pain12/03/2018
2x14 Faces04/02/2019
3x03 Claire07/10/2019
6x04 Shrapnel24/10/2022
1x06 Bring Me Stanton17/04/2018
The Passage
1x04 Whose Blood is That?04/02/2019
2x17 Paradise Lost10/04/2019
3x04 The Strength of the Wolf23/10/2019
3x19 In the Blind29/04/2020
4x11 Limits of Loyalty07/04/2021
5x07 What's Past Is Prologue14/11/2021
Magnum, P.I. (2018)
2x07 The Man in the Secret Room08/11/2019
4x04 Those We Leave Behind22/10/2021
The L Word: Generation Q
1x02 Less Is More15/12/2019
New Amsterdam (2018)
2x15 Double Blind25/02/2020
4x10 Death Is the Rule. Life Is the Exception23/11/2021
Station 19 (Grey's Anatomy : Station 19)
4x06 Train in Vain11/03/2021
4x08 Make No Mistake, He's Mine25/03/2021
CSI: Vegas
2x10 Eyeballs05/01/2023
Dear Edward (N'oublie pas de vivre)
1x02 Food03/02/2023
1x03 Stuff03/02/2023

Scénariste de séries

Strong Medicine (La Vie avant tout)
3x08 Contraindications15/09/2002
Las Vegas
2x03 Blood Is Thicker27/09/2004