Alan DiFiore

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Canada Nationalité canadienne

Aussi appelé : Alan Di Fiore

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2016 Money Monster98
Moyenne de tous ses films14.27

Scénariste de séries

Da Vinci's Inquest (Coroner Da Vinci)
1x06 We All Fall Down11/11/1998
1x11 Final Chapter13/01/1999
2x01 A Cinderella Story (1)06/10/1999
2x02 A Cinderella Story (2)13/10/1999
2x03 The Hanged Man20/10/1999
2x04 Tommy's on the Corner27/10/1999
2x05 His Wife03/11/1999
2x06 Sister's Light10/11/1999
2x07 A Nice Place in the Country17/11/1999
2x08 Blues in A-Minor24/11/1999
2x09 The Looking Glass01/12/1999
2x10 The Lottery08/12/1999
3x06 This Shit Is Evil15/11/2000
3x07 An Act of God22/11/2000
3x08 All Tricked Up29/11/2000
3x09 Better Broke Than Naked09/01/2001
3x10 You See How It Begins?16/01/2001
3x11 It's Backwards Day23/01/2001
4x01 Too Late For Mr. Early30/09/2001
4x02 Oppenheimer Park14/10/2001
4x04 Cheap Aftershave28/10/2001
4x05 Ugly Quick04/11/2001
4x06 Birds Have Been At Her11/11/2001
4x07 Shoulda Been A Priest18/11/2001
4x08 Sixes and Sevens02/12/2001
4x09 Be A Cruel Twist06/01/2002
4x10 Simple, Sad13/01/2002
4x11 Pretend You Didn't See Me20/01/2002
4x13 In The Bear Pit21/01/2002
5x02 Ass Covering Day03/11/2002
5x03 A Big Enough Fan10/11/2002
5x05 At First It Was Funny01/12/2002
5x06 Dizzy Looking Down08/12/2002
5x07 God Forbid We Call It What It Is12/01/2003
5x08 Doing The Chicken Scratch19/01/2003
5x10 Dogs Don't Bite People02/02/2003
5x11 The Ducks Are Too Depressing09/02/2003
5x13 Everybody Needs A Working Girl23/02/2003
6x01 Thanks For The Toaster Oven23/11/2003
6x02 Send In The Clowns23/11/2003
6x03 Bury My Own Bones30/11/2003
6x04 Iffy Areas Around The Edges07/12/2003
6x05 Twenty Five Dollar Conversation14/12/2003
6x06 Can Bend But I Won't Break18/01/2004
6x12 A Man When He's Down04/04/2004
6x13 Seven Tentacles04/04/2004
7x01 Not So Pretty Now12/10/2004
7x02 Wash the Blood Out of the Ring19/10/2004
7x03 That Sounds Like What We Call A Mutiny26/10/2004
7x04 Mr. Ellis Himself Woulda Been Proud02/11/2004
7x05 That's Why They Call It A Conspiracy09/11/2004
7x06 You Promised Me A Celebrity16/11/2004
7x07 First The Seducing Then The Screwing23/11/2004
Ghost Whisperer
2x14 Speed Demon02/02/2007
The Bridge (CA) (L'incorruptible)
1x01 Red Door05/03/2010
1x02 Paint It Black05/03/2010
1x03 The Fat Lady Sings the Blues12/03/2010
1x08 Brown Sugar16/04/2010
1x13 Chain of Fools21/05/2010
1x04 Lonelyhearts18/11/2011
1x09 Of Mouse and Man20/01/2012
1x11 Tarantella10/02/2012
1x14 Plumed Serpent09/03/2012
1x21 Big Feet11/05/2012
2x07 The Bottle Imp12/10/2012
2x15 Mr. Sandman22/03/2013
3x09 Red Menace03/01/2014
3x15 Once We Were Gods14/03/2014
4x06 Highway of Tears28/11/2014
4x18 Mishipeshu17/04/2015
The Expanse
3x06 Immolation16/05/2018