Adam Horowitz

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 4 décembre 1971 (49 ans) • South Orange, New Jersey (États-Unis)

Adam Horowitz

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2021 Epic Toujours en cours
2020 Amazing Stories (2020) (Histoires Fantastiques (2020)) Toujours en cours
2016 Dead of Summer (Dead of Summer : Un été maudit) Terminée
2013 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Terminée
2011 Once Upon a Time Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries13.86

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2010 Tron : L'héritage (TRON: Legacy) 125
2005 Un mariage presque parfait (TV) (Confessions of an American Bride (TV)) 90
Moyenne de tous ses films11.25

Réalisation de séries

1x08 Tonight's the Night18/11/1999
Once Upon a Time
4x15 Enter the Dragon15/03/2015
Dead of Summer (Dead of Summer : Un été maudit)
1x01 Patience28/06/2016

Scénariste de séries

Fantasy Island (1998)
1x02 Superfriends03/10/1998
1x08 Handymen12/12/1998
1x12 The Real Thing16/01/1999
1x08 Tonight's the Night18/11/1999
1x15 Booty Camp10/02/2000
1x21 What Makes Sammy Run11/05/2000
2x02 Baby, Don't Do It!29/09/2000
2x07 Ur-ine Trouble (2)10/11/2000
2x12 The Shocking Possession of Harrison John26/01/2001
2x15 It's Greek to Me02/03/2001
2x20 You Don't Tug On Superman's Cape...You Don't Spit Into The Wind...You Don't Pull The Mask Off The Ol' Lone Ranger...11/05/2001
4x03 Your Money or Your Wife24/10/2001
4x09 Moving On05/12/2001
Birds of Prey (Les Anges de la nuit)
1x03 Prey for the Hunter23/10/2002
1x06 Primal Scream13/11/2002
1x07 Split20/11/2002
1x11 Reunion08/01/2003
One Tree Hill (Les Frères Scott)
1x20 What Is And What Should Never Be27/04/2004
Life As We Know It (US) (La Vie comme elle est)
1x08 Family Hard-ships16/12/2004
Lost (Lost, les disparus)
1x22 Born to Run11/05/2005
2x04 Everybody Hates Hugo12/10/2005
2x12 Fire + Water25/01/2006
2x18 Dave05/04/2006
2x22 Three Minutes17/05/2006
3x04 Every Man for Himself25/10/2006
3x10 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead28/02/2007
3x14 Exposé28/03/2007
3x18 D.O.C.25/04/2007
3x21 Greatest Hits16/05/2007
4x03 The Economist14/02/2008
4x07 Ji Yeon13/03/2008
4x10 Something Nice Back Home01/05/2008
5x02 The Lie21/01/2009
5x05 This Place Is Death11/02/2009
5x10 He's Our You25/03/2009
5x14 The Variable29/04/2009
6x03 What Kate Does09/02/2010
6x07 Dr. Linus09/03/2010
6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo13/04/2010
6x16 What They Died For18/05/2010
Lost: Missing Pieces (Webisodes)
1x02 The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt13/11/2007
Once Upon a Time
1x01 Pilot23/10/2011
1x02 The Thing You Love Most30/10/2011
1x07 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter11/12/2011
1x10 7:15 A.M.22/01/2012
1x14 Dreamy04/03/2012
1x18 The Stable Boy01/04/2012
1x22 A Land Without Magic13/05/2012
2x01 Broken30/09/2012
2x05 The Doctor28/10/2012
2x09 Queen of Hearts02/12/2012
2x14 Manhattan17/02/2013
2x19 Lacey21/04/2013
2x22 And Straight On 'Til Morning12/05/2013
3x01 The Heart of the Truest Believer29/09/2013
3x06 Ariel03/11/2013
3x11 Going Home15/12/2013
3x12 New York City Serenade09/03/2014
3x19 A Curious Thing27/04/2014
3x22 There's No Place Like Home11/05/2014
4x01 A Tale of Two Sisters28/09/2014
4x07 The Snow Queen09/11/2014
4x13 Darkness on the Edge of Town01/03/2015
4x14 Unforgiven08/03/2015
4x23 Operation Mongoose (Part 2)10/05/2015
5x01 The Dark Swan27/09/2015
5x05 Dreamcatcher25/10/2015
5x11 Swan Song06/12/2015
5x12 Souls of the Departed06/03/2016
5x23 An Untold Story15/05/2016
6x01 The Savior25/09/2016
6x05 Street Rats23/10/2016
6x10 Wish You Were Here04/12/2016
6x11 Tougher Than the Rest05/03/2017
6x16 Mother's Little Helper09/04/2017
6x21 The Final Battle Part 114/05/2017
6x22 The Final Battle Part 214/05/2017
7x01 Hyperion Heights06/10/2017
7x11 Secret Garden02/03/2018
7x19 Flower Child27/04/2018
7x22 Leaving Storybrooke18/05/2018
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
1x01 Down the Rabbit Hole10/10/2013
1x08 Home12/12/2013
1x13 And They Lived...03/04/2014
Dead of Summer (Dead of Summer : Un été maudit)
1x01 Patience28/06/2016
1x03 Mix Tape12/07/2016
1x04 Modern Love19/07/2016
1x10 She Talks to Angels30/08/2016