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Un film de Ann-Kristin Reyels
Ecrit par Katrin Milhahn et Antonia Rothe
Avec Finn-Henry Reyels, Silke Bodenbender, Godehard Giese...

1 h 26


Allemagne Allemagne

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Date de sortie

14 Janvier 2019
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Two boys, different worlds. Just at the beginning of the summer vacation, 10-year-old Jona has to move from Berlin to the German-Czech border with his mother and new stepfather. Lonely and angry, he explores the new surroundings. But then he met 13-year-old Ukrainian Miro across the border. Jona is fascinated by the taciturn and self-confident boy. Jona only slowly realizes what kind of fate is hidden behind Miro's adult facade.
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