Thicker Than Water

Un film de Dominic Crisci
Ecrit par Ellie Popov
Avec Chai Romruen, Anthony Brandon Wong, Brad McMurray...

1 h 12


Australie Australie

- / 200 vote


Date de sortie

20 Avril 2018
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Orphaned, Ludmiller struggles to maintain the unity of her family, when her eldest brother D, a recovering drug addict, goes missing. Ludmiller's twin Susha and youngest brother Ivan are aware of the nature of his absence, so when he returns the good intentions are overshadowed by her suspicion. The fragile reunion is hindered when Ludmiller's old flame Jon also returns, causing emotions to run high as raw wounds are reopened. Ludmiller manages to remain grounded with help from her comical, gay best friends Sam and Tin, however, tensions skyrocket when Ludmiller double crosses Nic - D's old dealer, in order to rescue Chris, a victim of sexual abuse. A final confrontation sees the freedom of the family and emotional release for Ludmiller, but at a grave cost. (Source : IMDb)

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