Lola: The Movie

Lola, la película

Un film de Miguel Hermoso
Ecrit par Miguel Hermoso et Antonio Onetti
Avec Carlos Hipólito, José Manuel Cervino, Ana Fernández...

1 h 40


Espagne Espagne

- / 200 vote


Date de sortie

16 Mars 2007
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Biopic of the famous Spanish folk singer Lola Flores, la Faraona. Being a very young girl, she gets soaked in flamenco dancing in the gypsy neighborhood where she lives. At age thirteen, Manolo Caracol gives him the first opportunity to act in public, and already with 19 travels the towns of the south acting in itinerant shows. After these hard beginnings, he is presented with the opportunity to go to Madrid to take part in a film. The capital, at first, finds Lola more hostile than she expected, but soon she manages to form her own company with the help of an antiquarian who pretends it. In this company will form artistic and sentimental couple with Manolo Caracol. (Source : IMDB)

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