Un film de Savas Ceviz
Ecrit par Savas Ceviz
Avec Max Riemelt, Isabell Gerschke, Joel Basman...

1 h 39


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Head Burst
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Markus, a good-looking, likable and respected architect, is a paedophile. Bodies of little boys excite him. He suffers tremendously because of this inclination. He tortures himself for it and is disgusted by himself. Nevertheless, the arousal is there. And there is nothing he can do about it. He struggles the most when he is about to become sexual with a boy for the first time. That is when he senses that he will not be able to keep his desire under control for much longer. He is getting more and more isolated. Markus struggles to resist the ever-rising calls in his head to finally 'do more' with a boy. (Source : imdb)

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