That Girl (1966-1971)

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Ann Marie, actrice en herbe, se rend à New York pour tenter de faire carrière.

Genre(s) : Comédie | Durée des épisodes : 22 min | Statut : Terminée depuis 1971


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Saison 1

Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01Don't Just Do Something, Stand There08/09/1966 0
1x02Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye15/09/1966 0
1x03Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night22/09/1966 0
1x04I'll Be Suing You29/09/1966 0
1x05Anatomy of a Blunder06/10/1966 0
1x06Rich Little Rich Kid13/10/1966 0
1x07Help Wanted20/10/1966 0
1x08Little Auction Annie27/10/1966 0
1x09Time for Arrest03/11/1966 0
1x10Break a Leg10/11/1966 0
1x11What's in a Name?17/11/1966 0
1x12Soap Gets in Your Eyes24/11/1966 0
1x13All About Ann01/12/1966 0
1x14Phantom of the Horse Opera08/12/1966 0
1x15Beware of Actors Bearing Gifts15/12/1966 0
1x16Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid22/12/1966 0
1x17Among My Souvenirs05/01/1967 0
1x18These Boots Weren't Made For Walking12/01/1967 0
1x19Kimomo My House19/01/1967 0
1x20Gone With the Breeze26/01/1967 0
1x21Rain, Snow and Rice02/02/1967 0
1x22Paper Hats and Everything09/02/1967 0
1x23What Are Your Intentions?16/02/1967 0
1x24A Tenor's Loving Care23/02/1967 0
1x25Leaving the Nest is For the Birds02/03/1967 0
1x26You Have to Know Someone to Be Unknown09/03/1967 0
1x27The Honeymoon Apartment16/03/1967 0
1x28This Little Piggy Had a Ball23/03/1967 0
1x29Author, Author30/03/1967 0
1x30The Mating Game06/04/1967 0