Earl Bellamy

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Né le 11 mars 1917 à Minneapolis, Minnesota (Etats-Unis)

Décédé le 30 novembre 2003 à l'âge de 86 ans à Albuquerque, Nouveau-Mexique (Etats-Unis)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
1976 Déluge sur la ville (Flood!)100
1975 Justice sauvage 2: La revanche (Walking Tall 2)110
1965 Munster, Go Home!100

Réalisation de séries

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1958) (Mike Hammer (1958))
2x02 Requiem for a Sucker00/00/0000
2x06 Baubles, Bangles and Blood00/00/0000
2x10 Tattoo Brute00/00/0000
6x03 Incident at El Crucero10/10/1963
Perry Mason (1957)
7x05 The Case of the Decadent Dean24/10/1963
7x09 The Case of the Festive Felon28/11/1963
7x12 The Case of the Badgered Brother19/12/1963
The Munsters (Les Monstres)
1x07 Tin Can Man05/11/1964
1x08 Herman the Great12/11/1964
1x16 Grandpa's Call of the Wild07/01/1965
1x17 All-Star Munster14/01/1965
1x33 Lily Munster, Girl Model06/05/1965
2x04 Herman Munster, Shutter Bug07/10/1965
2x09 John Doe Munster11/11/1965
I Spy (US) (Les espions)
2x10 One of Our Bombs is Missing16/11/1966
3x02 The Beautiful Children18/09/1967
3x03 Laya25/09/1967
3x04 The Medarra Block02/10/1967
3x05 Philotimo09/10/1967
3x07 Now You See Her, Now You Don't23/10/1967
3x09 The Seventh Captain13/11/1967
3x10 Apollo20/11/1967
3x13 An American Empress25/12/1967
3x16 Tag, You're It22/01/1968
3x19 Turnabout for Traitors19/02/1968
3x20 Happy Birthday... Everybody26/02/1968
3x22 The Name of the Game11/03/1968
3x23 Suitable for Framing25/03/1968
Get Smart (Max la Menace)
2x16 It Takes One to Know One07/01/1967
2x17 Someone Down Here Hates Me14/01/1967
2x18 Cutback at CONTROL21/01/1967
2x20 The Girls from KAOS04/02/1967
2x28 A Man Called Smart (1)08/04/1967
2x29 A Man Called Smart (2)15/04/1967
2x30 A Man Called Smart (3)22/04/1967
The Mod Squad (La nouvelle équipe)
1x02 Bad Man on Campus01/10/1968
1x05 You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer29/10/1968
1x08 The Price of Terror26/11/1968
1x18 A Hint of Darkness, A Hint of Light11/02/1969
1x19 The Uptight Town18/02/1969
1x24 Captain Greer, Call Surgery01/04/1969
2x03 An Eye for an Eye07/10/1969
2x09 The Death of Bill Hannachek25/11/1969
2x10 A Place to Run, A Heart to Hide In02/12/1969
2x11 The Healer09/12/1969
2x13 Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break23/12/1969
2x15 Sweet Child of Terror06/01/1970
That Girl
5x02 Donald, Sandi, and Harry and Snoopy02/10/1970
My Three Sons
12x01 The Advent of Fergus13/09/1971
12x02 Fergus for Sale20/09/1971
12x03 Lady Douglas27/09/1971
12x04 Goodbye Fergus04/10/1971
12x05 Four for the Road18/10/1971
12x06 Polly the Pigeon25/10/1971
12x07 Happy Birthday, Anyway01/11/1971
12x08 Proxy Parents08/11/1971
12x09 The Enthusiast15/11/1971
12x10 Katie's Career22/11/1971
12x11 Polly's Secret Life29/11/1971
12x12 The Sound of Music06/12/1971
12x13 TV Triplets13/01/1972
12x14 Three for School20/01/1972
12x15 Alfred27/01/1972
12x16 Buttons and Beaux03/02/1972
12x17 Peanuts17/02/1972
12x18 Bad Day for Steve24/02/1972
12x19 Second Banana02/03/1972
12x21 The Birth of Arfie23/03/1972
12x22 Lonesome Katie30/03/1972
12x23 Barbara Lost06/04/1972
12x24 Whatever Happened to Ernie?13/04/1972
The Partners (Coup double)
1x13 North is Now South18/12/1971
1x17 Magnificent Perception04/08/1972
1x19 Two in a Pen25/08/1972
The Brady Bunch
3x18 The Big Bet28/01/1972
M*A*S*H (M.A.S.H.)
1x14 Love Story07/01/1973
1x23 Cease-Fire18/03/1973
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
2x16 Taneha02/02/1975
2x21 Outrage in Balinderry20/04/1975
Matt Helm
1x02 Now I Lay Me Down to Die27/09/1975
The Quest (Sur la piste des Cheyennes)
1x02 The Buffalo Hunters29/09/1976
Starsky & Hutch
2x13 Little Girl Lost25/12/1976
2x22 The Velvet Jungle05/03/1977
2x24 Murder on Stage 1719/03/1977
3x03 Fatal Charm24/09/1977
3x05 Murder Ward08/10/1977
3x14 The Heavyweight14/01/1978
3x16 The Trap01/02/1978
4x18 Targets Without a Badge (1)06/03/1979
4x19 Targets Without a Badge (2)11/03/1979
4x20 Targets Without a Badge (3)11/03/1979
Hart to Hart (Pour l'amour du risque)
1x20 Cruise at Your Own Risk08/04/1980
2x03 This Lady is Murder25/11/1980
2x05 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered16/12/1980
2x12 Murder in the Saddle24/02/1981
2x14 Solid Gold Murder24/03/1981
2x16 The Murder of Jonathan Hart28/04/1981
3x11 From the Depths of My Hart05/01/1982
3x15 Harts and Palms09/02/1982
3x18 Harts On Their Toes02/03/1982
3x21 Hart and Sole06/04/1982
4x21 Too Close to Hart03/05/1983
5x20 Larsen's Last Jump13/03/1984
The Love Boat (La croisière s'amuse)
4x21 Black Sheep/Hometown Doc/Clothes Make the Girl28/02/1981
4x22 I Love You Too, Smith/Mamma and Me/Sally's Paradise07/03/1981
5x03 Moonlight18/10/1981
5x05 Weed Wars31/10/1981
Blue Thunder (Tonnerre de feu)
1x11 The Island16/04/1984
V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x17 War of Illusions08/03/1985