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Jeudi 10 juin 2021


1x44 Mother is busy, so stop complaining about what's on the dinner menu 10/06 20:44

1x45 Walk at a moderate speed with your beloved dog 10/06 20:44

1x46 Save the XX games until after you're twenty 10/06 20:44

1x47 Do cherries become sakura blossom trees? 10/06 20:44

1x48 Those whom are alike, fight / Why is that? Oh well, if you're going to fight, don't lose 10/06 20:44

1x49 A life without gambling is like sushi without wasabi 10/06 20:44

2x01 Spread the fighting spirit, it's critical! 10/06 20:44

2x02 Give milk to babies at room temperature 10/06 20:44

2x03 Make appointments before meeting someone 10/06 20:44

2x04 Stress can lead to baldness, but if you try not to be stressed then that will make you stressed, so there's nothing we can do 10/06 20:44

2x05 Almost every mother is the same 10/06 20:44

2x06 Don't make any chewing noises while you are eating 10/06 20:44

2x07 Be careful with one-day-commanders 10/06 20:44

2x08 If you are looking for something, remember what you did on the day you last saw it 10/06 20:44

2x09 Croquette bread is the most popular at the shop after all 10/06 20:44

2x10 Be careful of forgetting your umbrella because you weren't paying attention 10/06 20:44

2x11 The sun will rise again 10/06 20:44

2x12 Bugs gather around the lights on moonless nights 10/06 20:44

2x13 To catch the mummy, become the mummy 10/06 20:44

2x14 JUMP's next preview is useless 10/06 20:44

2x15 Maibou actually fills you up 10/06 20:44

2x16 Boys learn the values of life through beetles 10/06 20:44

2x17 Dumplings over flowers 10/06 20:44

2x18 To keep running is life / Minami-chan is the dream girl after all 10/06 20:44

2x19 There's nothing but apparitions when crossing worlds 10/06 20:44

2x20 Please help by separating your trash 10/06 20:44

2x21 Even cute things are creepy where there's a lot of them 10/06 20:44

2x22 There is data that can't be erased 10/06 20:44

2x23 A dog's paw smells aromatic/Go with Might Happen Drive 10/06 20:44

2x24 Do Matsutake Mushrooms taste that good? Think it over carefully once 10/06 20:44

2x25 The manga writer is actually pro, after you've done stocks of manuscript 10/06 20:44

2x26 Complain about your job outside of your house, not inside! 10/06 20:44

2x27 If that's the case, just be quiet and red rice 10/06 20:44

2x28 Yesterday's enemy is somehow today's enemy as well 10/06 20:44

2x29 A person who's picky with food is also picky with humans 10/06 20:44

2x30 If there's four people, it is a lot of knowledge 10/06 20:44

2x31 When a person who wears glasses suddenly takes them off, it feels like something is missing, as if a part of the person is missing 10/06 20:44

2x32 A woman's best make up is her smile 10/06 20:44

2x33 By repeatedly saying 10/06 20:44

2x34 Rank has nothing to do with luck 10/06 20:44

2x35 Hard boiled egg on a man's heart 10/06 20:44

2x36 A hard boiled egg won't get crushed 10/06 20:44

2x37 You concentrate on counting sheep and you actually can't sleep 10/06 20:44

2x38 Women who say 10/06 20:44

2x39 Gokon's funnest part is before it starts 10/06 20:44

2x40 There will be a third time for things that have happened twice 10/06 20:44

2x41 As delicious as the food is, it's scary when you get food poisoning 10/06 20:44

2x42 If you wanna get skinny, move! Don't eat! 10/06 20:44

2x43 Be someone who can find people's merits, not their flaws 10/06 20:44

2x44 Even a hero has issues 10/06 20:44

2x45 When riding a train, always put both hands on the handle 10/06 20:44

2x46 Men, be madao 10/06 20:44

2x47 If you're a man, don't give up 10/06 20:44

2x48 When talking about your exploits exaggerate by a third so everyone has fun 10/06 20:44

2x49 Games should be played one hour once a day 10/06 20:44

2x50 Life and Games are filled with bugs 10/06 20:44

3x01 Even detestable things can be lovely 10/06 20:44

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