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Mardi 20 avril 2021

Les Frères Scott (One Tree Hill)

2x01 Machine arrière (The Desperate Kingdom of Love) 20/04 20:57

2x02 Si tout recommençait... (The Truth Doesn't Make A Noise) 20/04 20:57

2x03 Que la fête commence (Near Wild Heaven) 20/04 20:57

2x04 Si près, si proches (You Can't Always Get What You Want) 20/04 20:57

2x05 Soirée défis (I Will Dare) 20/04 20:57

2x06 Le charme de l'inconnu (We Might As Well Be Strangers) 20/04 20:57

2x07 Perte de contrôle (Let the Reigns Go Loose) 20/04 20:57

2x08 Chacun sa vérité (Truth, Bitter Truth) 20/04 20:57

2x09 La plus belle pour aller danser (The Trick Is To Keep Breathing) 20/04 20:57

2x10 Quand les gens parlent (Don't Take Me for Granted) 20/04 20:57

2x11 Le passé ressurgit (The Heart Brings You Back) 20/04 20:57

2x12 Envers et contre tous (Between Order and Randomness) 20/04 20:57

2x13 Chamboulements (The Hero Dies In This One) 20/04 20:57

2x14 Dur d'être seul (Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows) 20/04 20:57

2x15 La boîte à souvenirs (Unopened Letters to the World) 20/04 20:57

2x16 Le jour J (Somewhere A Clock is Ticking) 20/04 20:57

2x17 Règlements de compte (Something I Can Never Have) 20/04 20:57

2x18 Face à face (The Lonesome Road) 20/04 20:57

2x19 À pleine vitesse (I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning) 20/04 20:57

2x20 L'autre rive (Lifetime Piling Up) 20/04 20:57

2x21 Renouer les liens (What Could Have Been) 20/04 20:57

2x22 Un grand vide (The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (1)) 20/04 20:57

2x23 Un être s'éloigne, un autre arrive (The Leavers Dance (2)) 20/04 20:57

3x01 Nouvelles vies (Like You Like an Arsonist) 20/04 20:57

3x02 Fêtes et défaites (From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea) 20/04 20:57

3x03 On se dit tout (First Day on a Brand New Planet) 20/04 20:57

3x04 Bas les masques (An Attempt to Tip The Scales) 20/04 20:57

3x05 Nuit de folie (A Mulititude of Casualties) 20/04 20:57

3x06 L'homme de nos rêves (Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades) 20/04 20:57

3x07 Tout est possible (Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends) 20/04 20:57

3x08 Sous pression (The Worst Day Since Yesterday) 20/04 20:57

3x09 Reprendre, c'est voler (How a Resurrection Really Feels) 20/04 20:57

3x10 Au travail ! (Brave New World) 20/04 20:57

3x11 Opération nettoyage (Return of the Future) 20/04 20:57

3x12 Des rêves plein la tête (I've Got Dreams To Remember) 20/04 20:57

3x13 La nuit est à nous (The Wind That Blew My Heart Away) 20/04 20:57

3x14 Demain est un autre jour (All Tomorrow's Parties) 20/04 20:57

3x15 L'heure de vérité (Just Watch The Fireworks) 20/04 20:57

3x16 Accès de colère (With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept) 20/04 20:57

3x17 Le goût de la vie (Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?) 20/04 20:57

3x18 Le temps d'un week-end (When It Isn't Like It Should Be) 20/04 20:57

3x19 L'instant des aveux (I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me) 20/04 20:57

3x20 La demande (Everyday is a Sunday Evening) 20/04 20:57

3x21 Faute avouée (Over the Hills and Far Away) 20/04 20:57

3x22 Juste mariés (The Show Must Go On) 20/04 20:57

4x01 Eaux profondes (The Same Deep Water As You) 20/04 20:57

4x02 Perdre pied (Things I Forgot at Birth) 20/04 20:57

4x03 Reconnaissance (Good News For People Who Love Bad News) 20/04 20:57

4x04 Quand tout bascule (Can't Stop This Thing We've Started) 20/04 20:57

4x05 Faux frères (I Love You But I've Chosen The Darkness) 20/04 20:57

4x06 Quelqu'un sur qui compter (Where Did You Sleep Last Night?) 20/04 20:57

4x07 L'engrenage (All These Things That I've Done) 20/04 20:57

4x08 Remise des prix (Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye) 20/04 20:57

4x09 Dernière ligne droite... (Some You Give Away) 20/04 20:57

4x10 Question de vie ou de mort (Songs To Love And Die By) 20/04 20:57

4x11 Le vrai et le faux (Everything in its Right Place) 20/04 20:57

4x12 Nouveaux espoirs (Resolve) 20/04 20:57

4x13 Une heure pour tout changer (Pictures of You) 20/04 20:57

4x14 Partenaires particuliers (Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers) 20/04 20:57

4x15 Jour de bal... (Prom Night at Hater High) 20/04 20:57

4x16 Une dernière danse (You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love) 20/04 20:57

4x17 Virée au Texas (It Gets The Worst at Night) 20/04 20:57

4x18 Ouvre les yeux (The Runaway Found) 20/04 20:57

4x19 La fin des rêves (Ashes of Dreams You Let Die) 20/04 20:57

4x20 La remise des diplômes (The Birth and Death of the Day) 20/04 20:57

4x21 Ce n'est qu'un au revoir... (All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone) 20/04 20:57

5x01 4 ans, 6 mois et 2 jours plus tard (4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days) 20/04 20:57

5x02 Faux départ (Racing Like a Pro) 20/04 20:57

5x03 Reprises en main (My Way Home is Through You) 20/04 20:57

5x04 Batailles d'ego (It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)) 20/04 20:57

5x05 Retour en arrière (I Forgot to Remember to Forget) 20/04 20:57

5x06 Les rivales (Don't Dream It's Over) 20/04 20:57

5x07 Petite soirée entre ennemis (In Da Club) 20/04 20:57

5x08 La place est prise... (Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want) 20/04 20:57

5x09 Entre filles ! (For Tonight You're Only Here to Know) 20/04 20:57

5x10 À qui la faute ? (Running To Stand Still) 20/04 20:57

5x11 Larguer les amarres (You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side) 20/04 20:57

5x12 Le retour de la Comète (Hundred) 20/04 20:57

5x13 Ce que je veux... (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace) 20/04 20:57

5x14 Au bout de nos rêves (What Do You Go Home To?) 20/04 20:57

5x15 La vie est courte (Life is Short) 20/04 20:57

5x16 Rien ne sert de pleurer (Cryin' Won't Help You Now) 20/04 20:57

5x17 Ça passe ou ça casse (Hate is Safer Than Love) 20/04 20:57

5x18 Et après ? (What Comes After the Blues) 20/04 20:57

6x01 Le voile est levé (Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 1) 20/04 20:57

6x02 Coups du sort (One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning) 20/04 20:57

6x03 Unis dans l'épreuve (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.) 20/04 20:57

6x04 D'une rive à l'autre (Bridge Over Troubled Water) 20/04 20:57

6x05 Une page se tourne (You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It) 20/04 20:57

6x06 Inventer sa vie (Choosing My Own Way of Life) 20/04 20:57

6x07 Même pas cap' (Messin' With The Kid) 20/04 20:57

6x08 Arrête ton cinéma ! (Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe) 20/04 20:57

6x09 Mauvais exemple (Sympathy for the Devil) 20/04 20:57

6x10 Jalousie... jalousie (Even Fairy Tale Characters Would be Jealous) 20/04 20:57

6x11 Sur un air de jazz (We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)) 20/04 20:57

6x12 De surprises en surprises (You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)) 20/04 20:57

6x13 L'annonce faite à Lucas (Things A Mama Don't Know) 20/04 20:57

6x14 Tous au rendez-vous (A Hand To Take Hold of The Scene) 20/04 20:57

6x15 Combinaison gagnante ? (We Change, We Wait) 20/04 20:57

6x16 Confusion d'identité (Screenwriter's Blues) 20/04 20:57

6x17 5 couples, 5 histoires (You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight) 20/04 20:57

6x18 Contre mauvaise fortune (Searching For a Former Clarity) 20/04 20:57

6x19 Entretien et réparation (Letting Go) 20/04 20:57

6x20 Pour son bien (I Would for You) 20/04 20:57

6x21 Souvenir de toi (A Kiss to Build a Dream On) 20/04 20:57

6x22 Encore une chance (Show Me How To Live) 20/04 20:57

6x23 Maintenant et pour toujours ? (Forever and Almost Always) 20/04 20:57

6x24 Nos vies rêvées (Remember Me As A Time Of Day) 20/04 20:57

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