Yōichi Takahashi

Né le 28 juillet 1960 à Tokyo (Japon) (59 ans)

Japon Nationalité japonaise

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Captain Tsubasa (Olive et Tom)
1x01 The new Soccer Star13/10/1983
1x02 A Career begins20/10/1983
1x03 Kick-Off for the Future27/10/1983
1x04 The Football is my best Friend03/11/1983
1x05 Where is the Rival?10/11/1983
1x06 Blocked Off17/11/1983
1x07 The Show must go on24/11/1983
1x08 A perfect Duo01/12/1983
1x09 The last Chance08/12/1983
1x10 A long Way to Brazil15/12/1983
1x11 The Provocation22/12/1983
1x12 No easy Way29/12/1983
1x13 Fast Game in the Mud05/01/1984
1x14 Tsubasa is sieged12/01/1984
1x15 An unfair Enemy19/01/1984
1x16 The verification Test26/01/1984
1x17 The Youth National Championship02/02/1984
1x18 Fatal Confrontation09/02/1984
1x19 The mighty Shot16/02/1984
1x20 Soccer is my Dream23/02/1984
1x21 No Victory in Semi Final01/03/1984
1x22 The Brothers Tachibana08/03/1984
1x23 Ryo shoots an Own Goal15/03/1984
1x24 The Fight for the Final22/03/1984
1x25 The best Keeper of the Tournament29/03/1984
1x26 The End of a Career05/04/1984
2x01 Encounters in Semi-Final12/04/1984
2x02 The brave Fighters from the North19/04/1984
2x03 Hard Confrontations26/04/1984
2x04 A wounded Prince03/05/1984
2x05 A brilliant Fight10/05/1984
2x06 Tsubasa in the Trap17/05/1984
2x07 I Can`t Play24/05/1984
2x08 Tsubasa`s Resurrection31/05/1984
2x09 Misugi, don`t die07/06/1984
2x10 My heart still beats14/06/1984
2x11 Mega-shot21/06/1984
2x12 A wise decision28/06/1984
2x13 The finale05/07/1984
2x14 The shooting secret12/07/1984
2x15 The duel19/07/1984
2x16 Roar, lion26/07/1984
2x17 Nankatsu in crisis02/08/1984
2x18 The equalizer09/08/1984
2x19 The game without aces16/08/1984
2x20 Against better knowledge23/08/1984
2x21 Kojiro`s sign of winning30/08/1984
2x22 Unsuccessful overhead kick06/09/1984
2x23 The fight continues13/09/1984
2x24 The extra time20/09/1984
2x25 What`s the result of the extra time27/09/1984
2x26 One new strategy04/10/1984