Yoichi Kato

Japon Nationalité japonaise

Né en 1979 (44 ans)

Noms alternatifs : Youichi Katou / Yôichi Katô, 加藤陽一

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Scénariste de séries

Aikatsu! Idol Katsudô! (Aikatsu!)
1x01 I Can Become an Idol?08/10/2012
1x02 So Many Idols!15/10/2012
1x03 I Want to Know More About You22/10/2012
1x04 Oh! My! Fan!29/10/2012
1x05 Ran! Runway!05/11/2012
1x06 Lost in an Autograph!12/11/2012
1x07 Beware the Blog19/11/2012
1x08 The Underground Sun26/11/2012
1x09 Move On Now!03/12/2012
1x10 The Rainbow-Colored Otome10/12/2012
1x11 Otome Falls in Love with a Stranger17/12/2012
1x12 We Wish You a Merry Christmas!24/12/2012
1x13 The Tragedy of Calories!07/01/2013
1x14 Naughty Detectives?14/01/2013
1x15 Love Under the Camphor Tree21/01/2013
1x16 Heart Pounding!! Special Live Part 128/01/2013
1x17 Heart Pounding!! Special Live Part 204/02/2013
1x18 Choco and Love11/02/2013
1x19 The Secret Scent of the Moonlit Girl18/02/2013
1x20 Vampire Scandal25/02/2013
1x21 Stylish Thief ? Swallowtail04/03/2013
1x22 Idol Aura and Calendar Girl11/03/2013
1x23 The Muse of Ageha18/03/2013
1x24 Enjoy? Offtime25/03/2013
1x25 April Fools' Promise?04/04/2013
1x26 The Season of Sakura11/04/2013
1x27 Raise The Curtain?Fresh Girls Cup18/04/2013
1x28 Mizuki and A Soft-Shelled Turtle18/04/2013
1x29 Idol?Teacher18/04/2013
1x30 A Sincere Call and Response09/05/2013
1x31 An Idol on Mother's Day16/05/2013
1x32 Ichigo Panic23/05/2013
1x33 Chance & Try?30/05/2013
1x34 Hello ? Super Idol06/06/2013
1x35 Star of Tears13/06/2013
1x36 Tristar Take Off?20/06/2013
1x37 Head for the Sun27/06/2013
1x38 Strawberry Parfait?04/07/2013
1x39 Go get'em Soleil!11/07/2013
1x40 Girl meets girl18/07/2013
1x41 The Summer-Colored Miracle?25/07/2013
1x42 Shipboard Finale?01/08/2013
1x43 An Idol in Wonderland08/08/2013
1x44 More Than True Crisis!15/08/2013
1x45 Happy Summer?Vacation22/08/2013
1x46 Respect J?29/08/2013
1x47 Legend Idol?Masquerade05/09/2013
1x48 Wake up my music?12/09/2013
1x49 The Place Where Brightness Goes to19/09/2013
1x50 The Memories are in the Future26/09/2013
2x01 That Rock Chick is a Dream Girl03/10/2013
2x02 Welcome Home?Strawberry10/10/2013
2x03 Lalala??Rival17/10/2013
2x04 Secret of Smiles24/10/2013
2x05 The Password is OK-OK-Okay?31/10/2013
2x06 Top Secret of Love07/11/2013
2x07 Mascot Cha-Ran-Way14/11/2013
2x08 Magical Dancing?21/11/2013
2x09 Wrap It Up?Choco-Pop Detective28/11/2013
2x10 The Fabled Powa-Puri?05/12/2013
2x11 Sparkle Drip Magic?12/12/2013
2x12 The Idol is Santa Claus!19/12/2013
2x13 Red and White Aikatsu Battle!26/12/2013
2x14 Lucky Idol09/01/2014
2x15 Door Towards the Dream16/01/2014
2x16 Beautiful Mutual Feelings23/01/2014
2x17 Fortune Compass30/01/2014
2x18 Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess06/02/2014
2x19 Hosting Heart13/02/2014
2x20 Stylish Explorers: Cool Angels!20/02/2014
2x21 The Glittering Aquarius27/02/2014
2x22 Happy Idol Fest 1st DAY!06/03/2014
2x23 HappyIdol Fest 2nd DAY!13/03/2014
2x24 Cherry Blossom-colored Memories20/03/2014
2x25 Again Off-Time27/03/2014
2x26 Shocking Fresh Girl!03/04/2014
2x27 Let's Aim To Be Stars10/04/2014
2x28 The Miracle Begins!17/04/2014
2x29 Yes! Best Partner24/04/2014
2x30 Aikatsu! Boot Camp01/05/2014
2x31 Click Partner08/05/2014
2x32 Aim for It Perfect Partners15/05/2014
2x33 Otome Rainbow!22/05/2014
2x34 Blooming Miracle!29/05/2014
2x35 Rhapsody of the Desert Moon05/06/2014
2x36 My Dear Idol!12/06/2014
2x37 Soleil Rising!19/06/2014
2x38 Where Legends Are Born26/06/2014
2x39 Admiration Is Eternal03/07/2014
2x40 Sparkle Future Girl10/07/2014
2x41 Assemble Aikatsu 817/07/2014
2x42 Summer Idol Story24/07/2014
2x43 Twinkle Stars31/07/2014
2x44 Twin Wings07/08/2014
2x45 The Place Where Dreams Bloom14/08/2014
2x46 Let`s Akari Summer!21/08/2014
2x47 Secret Letter and Hidden Star28/08/2014
2x48 Twins Dress04/09/2014
2x49 The Flower`s Tears11/09/2014
2x50 Dream-bound Wings18/09/2014
2x51 The SHINING LINE of Admiration25/09/2014
3x01 Let's Aikatsu!?Ready Go!!02/10/2014
3x02 Good Fortune09/10/2014
3x03 Aikatsu Dash!16/10/2014
3x04 Bursting Flair?23/10/2014
3x05 Idol?Halloween30/10/2014
3x06 Two Dreamers06/11/2014
3x07 Put Your Feelings into Apples13/11/2014
3x08 The Hot Wind of Aikatsu!20/11/2014
3x09 The Passion of Sangria Rosa27/11/2014
3x10 Dear My Fans!04/12/2014
3x11 GOGO! Ichigo Cheer Corps11/12/2014
3x12 The Fashionable?Vivid Girl18/12/2014
3x13 Happy Christmas Tree?25/12/2014
3x14 A Warm?Japanese New Year08/01/2015
3x15 ?zora JUMP!!15/01/2015
3x16 Sumire-Colored Singing Voice22/01/2015
3x17 An Elegant Aikatsu29/01/2015
3x18 The Nadeshiko's Dance!05/02/2015
3x19 Star?Valentine12/02/2015
3x20 A Promise to the Future19/02/2015
3x21 Vampire Mystery26/02/2015
3x22 Spring Bouquet05/03/2015
3x23 The Queen's Flower12/03/2015
3x24 The Other Side of Admiration19/03/2015
3x25 A Warm?Offtime23/03/2015
3x26 Entrance of the Starlit Sky?02/04/2015
3x27 The Showtime of Dreams09/04/2015
3x28 Talk on the Runway16/04/2015
3x29 Magic Unit23/04/2015
3x30 The Brilliant Dancing Divas30/04/2015
3x31 The Burning Passionate Jalapeño!07/05/2015
3x32 Hello New World14/05/2015
3x33 Unintentional Skips?21/05/2015
3x34 The Center of the World is Kokone!28/05/2015
3x35 The Name is, Sweet & Soft?Nadeshiko04/06/2015
3x36 Exciting Unit Cup11/06/2015
3x37 Brilliance of One's True Self?18/06/2015
3x38 Johnny and The Bride25/06/2015
3x39 Aikatsu Restaurant02/07/2015
3x40 Hot Spicy?Girls!09/07/2015
3x41 I Want to Say Thank You16/07/2015
3x42 Horror!? Summer Island23/07/2015
3x43 Surprise Idol Battle30/07/2015
3x44 A Hot Summer Festival06/08/2015
3x45 Three of Us Again13/08/2015
3x46 The Dazzling Luminas20/08/2015
3x47 Raise the Curtain, the Great Starlight School Festival27/08/2015
3x48 Our Different Colors03/09/2015
3x49 The Bond Between Stars10/09/2015
3x50 Light of the Stage17/09/2015
3x51 The Road of Meetings24/09/2015
4x01 Let's Fly into a Vast New World!01/10/2015
4x02 Change Your Potato into a Mic08/10/2015
4x03 Thrilling Carat☆15/10/2015
4x04 YOU! GO! KYOTO!!22/10/2015
4x05 Little Devil Happening29/10/2015
4x06 I Want to See You, Okinawa05/11/2015
4x07 Galaxy✩Starlight12/11/2015
4x08 Perfect Dream Idol!19/11/2015
4x09 Tale of the Osaka Idol26/11/2015
4x10 ☆Mecha Panic☆03/12/2015
4x11 Happiness Party♪10/12/2015
4x12 New Year Ahead!17/12/2015
4x13 Luminas☆Christmas24/12/2015
4x14 The First Wind That I Have Found07/01/2016
4x15 The Sketchbook of Dreams14/01/2016
4x16 A Single Road, Our Parting Ways21/01/2016
4x17 Hinaki Miracle!28/01/2016
4x18 The Power of Idols04/02/2016
4x20 Spring DreAca Carnival!18/02/2016
4x21 Double Miracle☆25/02/2016
4x22 My Move on now!03/03/2016
4x23 The Futures that I'd Like to Come True17/03/2016
4x24 Queen of Roses17/03/2016
4x25 The Present Heading Towards the Future24/03/2016
4x26 The Best Present31/03/2016
Monster Strike
1x01 This is the Beginning Strike!03/10/2015
1x02 Finger Hit Parade! Oragon!10/10/2015
1x03 Aoi Mizusawa's Secret17/10/2015
1x04 Midnght at the Monster Colosseum24/10/2015
1x05 Duel at the Shopping Mall31/10/2015
1x06 The Glinting Edge07/11/2015
1x07 Akira Kagetsuki Solicitation Plan14/11/2015
1x08 Evil Eye Minami21/11/2015
1x09 SOS! A Shocking Video?!28/11/2015
1x10 Shopfront Shocker05/12/2015
1x11 Welcome, Minami!12/12/2015
1x12 Ora-gone?!19/12/2015
1x13 Impossible Task26/12/2015
1x14 Izanami02/01/2016
1x15 Beware the Warrior God26/03/2016