Yasuhiro Irie

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Né le 30 mars 1971 à . (Japon) (48 ans)

Japon Nationalité japonaise

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi : Brotherhood (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
1x01 The Full Metal Alchemist05/04/2009
1x03 Town of Heretics19/04/2009
1x04 Anguish of the Alchemist26/04/2009
1x05 Rain of Grief03/05/2009
1x06 The Road Of Hope10/05/2009
1x07 The Hidden Truth17/05/2009
1x08 Research Laboratory 524/05/2009
1x09 Created Feelings31/05/2009
1x10 Separate Paths07/06/2009
1x11 The Miracle of Rush Valley14/06/2009
1x12 One is All, All is One21/06/2009
1x13 The Beasts of Dublith28/06/2009
1x14 Those Who Lurk Underground05/07/2009
1x15 Messanger from the East12/07/2009
1x16 Footprints of a Comrade-in-Arms19/07/2009
1x17 Cool-Headed Flames26/07/2009
1x18 The Arrogant Palms of a Little Human02/08/2009
1x19 The Death of the Undying09/08/2009
1x20 The Father Standing Before a Grave16/08/2009
1x21 Advance of the Fool30/08/2009
1x22 Distant Backs06/09/2009
1x23 The Girl on the Battlefield13/09/2009
1x24 Within the Stomach20/09/2009
1x25 The Door of Darkness27/09/2009
1x26 Reunion04/10/2009
1x27 Interlude Party11/10/2009
1x28 Father18/10/2009
1x29 The Fool's Struggle25/10/2009
1x30 The Ishbal Annihilation Campaign01/11/2009
1x31 The Promise Made For 520 Cenz08/11/2009
1x32 The Son of the Fuhrer15/11/2009
1x33 The Northern Wall of Briggs22/11/2009
1x34 Ice Queen29/11/2009
1x35 The Shape of This Country06/12/2009
1x36 Family Portrait13/12/2009
1x37 The Original Homunculus20/12/2009
1x38 Clash in Baschool27/12/2009
1x39 Daydream10/01/2010
1x40 Homunculus17/01/2010
1x41 Hell24/01/2010
1x42 The Signs of a Counterattack31/01/2010
1x43 The Ant's Bite07/02/2010
1x44 A Full Recovery14/02/2010
1x45 The Promised Day21/02/2010
1x46 The Creeping Shadow28/02/2010
1x47 Messenger of Darkness07/03/2010
1x48 The Underground Oath14/03/2010
1x49 Parent and Child Feelings21/03/2010
1x50 Central Riot28/03/2010
1x51 Immortal Army04/04/2010
1x52 Everyone's Power11/04/2010
1x53 Flame of Vengeance18/04/2010
1x54 Beyond the Raging Fire25/04/2010
1x55 The Adults' Way of Life02/05/2010
1x56 The Return of the Führer09/05/2010
1x57 Eternal Rest16/05/2010
1x58 Human Sacrifice23/05/2010
1x59 Light that Was Lost30/05/2010
1x60 Eye of the Sky, Gate of the Earth06/06/2010
1x61 He Who Would Swallow God13/06/2010
1x62 The Vehement Counterattack20/06/2010
1x63 The Other Side of the Gate27/06/2010
1x64 Journey's End04/07/2010