William Fruet

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Né le 1 janvier 1933 (90 ans) • Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1987 Insect ! (Blue Monkey)96
1986 Macabre party (Killer Party)90
1982 Week-end tragique (Trapped)95
1983 Spasmes (Spasms)90
1980 Le cri des ténèbres (Cries in the Night)93
1979 L'Exterminateur (Search and Destroy)92
1976 Week-end sauvage (Death Weekend)87
Moyenne de tous ses films10.33

Scénario | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1983 Spasmes (Spasms)90
1976 Week-end sauvage (Death Weekend)87
Moyenne de tous ses films9

Production | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1980 Le cri des ténèbres (Cries in the Night)93

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2000 Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity) Terminée

Réalisation de séries

Friday the 13th: The Series (Vendredi 13)
1x01 The Inheritance03/10/1987
1x11 Scarecrow06/02/1988
1x15 Vanity's Mirror05/03/1988
2x01 Doorway to Hell30/09/1988
2x14 Face of Evil11/02/1989
2x24 The Shaman's Apprentice03/06/1989
3x06 Bad Penny11/11/1989
3x14 Repetition17/02/1990
3x19 The Tree of Life19/05/1990
Diamonds (Paire d'as)
1x15 Sweetheart Deal08/03/1988
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
3x09 If Looks Could Kill23/04/1988
Counterstrike (Force de frappe)
1x18 Regal Connection15/12/1990
2x15 The Three Tramps11/01/1992
3x09 Cyborg21/11/1992
3x16 The Hit28/02/1993
3x19 The Raw Truth11/04/1993
The Adventures of the Black Stallion (L'Étalon noir)
2x13 Black Spirit24/11/1991
2x14 Free Will01/12/1991
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
1x21 Birthright13/08/1995
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years
1x08 Thicker Than Water30/11/1995
1x12 Lover's Leap11/01/1996
Goosebumps (Chair de Poule)
1x08 Piano Lessons Can Be Murder08/12/1995
1x12 Stay Out of the Basement (1)27/01/1996
1x13 Stay Out of the Basement (2)27/01/1996
1x16 A Night in Terror Tower (1)25/02/1996
1x17 A Night in Terror Tower (2)25/02/1996
1x18 The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (1)17/05/1996
1x19 The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (2)17/05/1996
2x02 Attack of the Mutant (1)07/09/1996
2x03 Attack of the Mutant (2)07/09/1996
2x08 Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes12/10/1996
2x10 Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns26/10/1996
2x11 The Haunted Mask II (1)29/10/1996
2x12 The Haunted Mask II (2)29/10/1996
2x20 Welcome to Dead House (1)29/06/1997
2x21 Welcome to Dead House (2)29/06/1997
2x22 Don't Wake Mummy!12/07/1997
3x02 My Best Friend Is Invisible08/09/1997
3x03 The House of No Return13/09/1997
3x07 The Barking Ghost11/10/1997
3x08 One Day at Horrorland (1)25/10/1997
3x09 One Day at Horrorland (2)01/11/1997
3x10 The Haunted House Game08/11/1997
3x19 Chillogy (1): Squeal of Fortune25/04/1998
3x20 Chillogy (2): Strike Three... You're Doomed02/05/1998
3x21 Chillogy (3): Escape from Karlsville09/05/1998
4x07 Deep Trouble (1)16/11/1998
4x08 Deep Trouble (2)16/11/1998
Poltergeist: The Legacy (Poltergeist, les aventuriers du surnaturel)
2x14 Lullaby13/06/1997
3x06 Fallen Angel27/02/1998
3x12 Metamorphosis24/04/1998
3x16 The Covenant10/07/1998
4x05 The Possession16/04/1999
4x09 Initiation11/06/1999
1x09 The Capture (1)03/11/1998
1x10 The Capture (2)10/11/1998
1x13 The Forgotten01/12/1998
Da Vinci's Inquest (Coroner Da Vinci)
1x08 Gabriel25/11/1998
5x07 God Forbid We Call It What It Is12/01/2003
Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity)
1x07 Tawrens25/06/2000
1x10 Bounty Hunter16/07/2000
1x16 Sold Out For a Song03/09/2000
1x22 The Box22/10/2000
The Zack Files (Mystère Zack)
1x02 You Don't Say18/09/2000
1x11 Deja Vudoo27/11/2000
1x18 The Talented Mr. Talisman05/02/2001
1x19 Sparkin'12/02/2001
2x02 Searching for Zack Greenburg24/09/2001
Tracker (2001)
1x06 The Beast19/11/2001
1x12 To Catch a Desserian18/02/2002
1x17 A Made Guy29/04/2002
1x18 Fever of the Hunt (1)06/05/2002
1x19 Fever of the Hunt (2)13/05/2002