William Corcoran

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Année Film Rôle Moy. Importance
1967 Atta Girl, Kelly! Danny Richards Principal

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2018 L'Inconnu du bal (TV) (Very, Very, Valentine (TV))84
Moyenne de tous ses films12.29

Réalisation de séries

21 Jump Street
1x11 Low and Away14/06/1987
2x02 Besieged (1)27/09/1987
2x03 Besieged (2)04/10/1987
2x08 Honor Bound08/11/1987
2x18 Brother Hanson & the Miracle of Renner's Pond13/03/1988
2x19 Raising Marijuana17/04/1988
2x20 Best Years of Your Life01/05/1988
3x05 Whose Choice is it Anyways?11/12/1988
3x08 Blu Flu29/01/1989
3x11 Woolly Bullies19/02/1989
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
3x15 Full Disclosure18/06/1988
4x03 Ancient Voices12/11/1988
4x07 For Art's Sake21/01/1989
1x06 And the Dead Shall Rise to Condemn Thee (1)31/03/1989
MacGyver (1985)
5x07 Children of Light06/11/1989
1x20 Crazy15/04/1990
Street Justice
1x01 Legacy (1/2)29/09/1991
1x02 Legacy (2/2)29/09/1991
2x05 Each One, Teach One31/10/1992
The Adventures of the Black Stallion (L'Étalon noir)
2x11 Island Stallion10/11/1991
2x12 Ostracized17/11/1991
Mann & Machine
1x02 Dating Game12/04/1992
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Kung Fu, la légende continue)
1x17 Reunion27/10/1993
Lonesome Dove: The Series (Lonesome Dove (1994))
1x06 Duty Bound31/10/1994
Prey (ADN, menace immédiate)
1x04 Origins05/02/1998
1x11 Vengeance25/06/1998
1x13 Deliverance09/07/1998
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (Marshall et Simon : Une nouvelle dimension)
1x01 Switching Channels07/02/1998
Stargate SG-1
2x19 One False Step19/02/1999
3x02 Seth02/07/1999
Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity)
1x12 Lose Your Dreams06/08/2000
First Wave
3x07 Asylum25/10/2000
3x22 Twice Bless'd07/02/2001
The Immortal (L'invincible)
1x10 The Hunted09/12/2000
Mutant X
2x17 Final Judgment07/04/2003
2x19 One Step Closer21/04/2003
3x05 The Taking of Crows27/10/2003
3x09 No Exit12/01/2004
3x12 Conspiracy Theory02/02/2004
3x16 Age of Innocence05/04/2004
3x19 Dream Lover26/04/2004
Falcon Beach (Amitiés d'une saison)
1x03 Starting Over05/06/2006
1x06 Getting to Know You26/06/2006
1x07 Summer Solstice03/07/2006
1x12 Trust This07/08/2006
1x13 Desperados14/08/2006
1x14 Reckless Love21/08/2006
1x15 Summer's Over28/08/2006
2x01 After the Fall05/01/2007
2x02 Strawberry Social Reject12/01/2007
2x06 The Music Video09/02/2007
2x07 Lost16/02/2007