Walter Grauman

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1971 They Call It Murder (TV)95
1970 Crowhaven Farm (TV)74
1969 Daughter of the Mind (TV)90

Réalisation de séries

Perry Mason (1957)
3x03 The Case of the Garrulous Gambler17/10/1959
3x13 The Case of the Wayward Wife23/01/1960
The Untouchables (1959) (Les Incorruptibles)
1x12 The Underground Railway31/12/1959
1x14 The Noise of Death14/01/1960
1x17 One-Armed Bandits04/02/1960
1x22 The White Slavers10/03/1960
1x25 Portrait of a Thief07/04/1960
1x27 Head of Fire - Feet of Clay21/04/1960
2x01 The Rusty Heller Story13/10/1960
2x03 Nicky03/11/1960
2x05 The Mark of Cain17/11/1960
2x06 A Seat on the Fence24/11/1960
2x07 The Purple Gang01/12/1960
2x09 The Larry Fay Story15/12/1960
2x14 The Masterpiece19/01/1961
2x15 The Organization26/01/1961
2x20 The Antidote09/03/1961
2x22 Murder Under Glass23/03/1961
2x24 Ring of Terror13/04/1961
2x30 The King of Champagne25/05/1961
2x32 90-Proof Dame08/06/1961
4x06 Bird in the Hand30/10/1962
4x18 Globe of Death05/02/1963
The New Breed (Le Gant de velours)
1x01 No Fat Cops03/10/1961
1x28 The Man with the Other Face10/04/1962
1x30 Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here24/04/1962
1x35 So Dark the Night29/05/1962
The Twilight Zone (1959) (La Quatrième Dimension)
4x08 Miniature21/02/1963
The Fugitive (1963) (Le fugitif)
1x01 Fear in a Desert City17/09/1963
1x22 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1)25/02/1964
1x23 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2)03/03/1964
2x10 The Cage24/11/1964
2x13 The Iron Maiden15/12/1964
2x15 Ballad for a Ghost29/12/1964
2x17 The End is But the Beginning12/01/1965
3x03 Crack in a Crystal Ball28/09/1965
3x06 Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue19/10/1965
3x09 Landscape with Running Figures (1)16/11/1965
3x10 Landscape with Running Figures (2)23/11/1965
Burke's Law (1963) (L'homme à la Rolls (1963))
1x11 Who Killed Purity Mather?06/12/1963
Twelve O'Clock High
1x28 The Cry of Fallen Birds09/04/1965
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
1x01 The Streets of San Francisco16/09/1972
1x03 The First Day of Forever30/09/1972
1x04 45 Minutes from Home07/10/1972
1x05 Whose Little Boy Are You?14/10/1972
1x06 Tower Beyond Tragedy28/10/1972
1x12 The Bullet16/12/1972
1x15 Deathwatch13/01/1973
1x18 A Collection of Eagles01/02/1973
1x19 A Room With a View08/02/1973
1x22 The House on Hyde Street01/03/1973
5x13 The Cannibals20/01/1977
5x22 Let's Pretend We're Strangers19/05/1977
Barnaby Jones
1x01 Requiem for a Son28/01/1973
1x05 Perchance to Kill11/03/1973
2x01 Blind Terror16/09/1973
2x03 Echo of a Murder30/09/1973
2x04 Day of the Viper07/10/1973
2x06 Catch Me If You Can21/10/1973
2x09 Stand-In for Death11/11/1973
2x10 The Black Art of Dying25/11/1973
2x24 Foul Play31/03/1974
3x01 A Gathering of Thieves10/09/1974
3x02 Dead Man's Run17/09/1974
3x03 The Challenge24/09/1974
3x05 Odd Man Loses08/10/1974
4x02 Theater of Fear26/09/1975
4x03 The Orchid Killer03/10/1975
4x04 The Price of Terror10/10/1975
4x09 Fatal Witness14/11/1975
4x10 Beware the Dog21/11/1975
4x11 Blood Relations28/11/1975
4x12 A Taste for Murder04/12/1975
4x15 Dead Heat01/01/1976
4x18 Silent Vendetta29/01/1976
4x20 Deadly Reunion12/02/1976
5x01 Blood Vengeance07/10/1976
5x02 Deadline for Dying14/10/1976
5x03 Sins of Thy Father21/10/1976
5x04 The Fatal Dive28/10/1976
5x06 Band of Evil18/11/1976
5x16 The Marathon Murders17/02/1977
5x18 Circle of Treachery03/03/1977
5x19 Anatomy of Fear17/03/1977
5x21 The Deadly Valentine31/03/1977
6x02 The Mercenaries22/09/1977
6x03 The Wife Beater29/09/1977
6x07 Daughter of Evil03/11/1977
6x08 The Captives10/11/1977
6x09 The Reincarnation17/11/1977
6x15 The Scapegoat05/01/1978
6x16 A Ransom in Diamonds12/01/1978
6x18 Final Judgment (1)26/01/1978
6x19 Final Judgment (2)26/01/1978
6x21 Terror on a Quiet Afternoon09/02/1978
6x22 The Coronado Triangle02/03/1978
7x01 Blind Jeopardy21/09/1978
7x04 Hitch-hike to Terror19/10/1978
7x09 Victim of Love30/11/1978
7x10 Memory of a Nightmare14/12/1978
7x14 Echo of a Distant Battle (1)11/01/1979
7x15 Echo of a Distant Battle (2)11/01/1979
V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x08 The Dissident07/12/1984
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
1x08 We're Off to Kill the Wizard09/12/1984
1x13 Murder to a Jazz Beat03/02/1985
1x19 Murder Takes the Bus17/03/1985
2x07 A Lady in the Lake10/11/1985
2x18 If A Body Meet A Body09/03/1986
2x21 The Perfect Foil13/04/1986
3x03 Unfinished Business12/10/1986
3x09 Obituary for a Dead Anchor07/12/1986
3x11 Night of the Headless Horseman04/01/1987
3x12 The Corpse Flew First Class18/01/1987
3x18 No Laughing Murder15/03/1987
4x06 It Runs In The Family01/11/1987
4x10 Indian Giver29/11/1987
4x11 Doom with a View13/12/1987
4x14 Curse of the Daanau07/02/1988
4x15 Mourning Among the Wisterias14/02/1988
4x17 A Very Good Year for Murder28/02/1988
4x19 Just Another Fish Story27/03/1988
5x02 A Little Night Work30/10/1988
5x05 Coal Miner's Slaughter20/11/1988
5x08 Prediction: Murder01/01/1989
5x11 The Search for Peter Kerry05/02/1989
5x18 Trevor Hudson's Legacy16/04/1989
6x08 When the Fat Lady Sings19/11/1989
6x14 How To Make a Killing Without Really Trying04/02/1990
6x19 Always a Thief08/04/1990
6x20 Shear Madness29/04/1990
7x07 The Return of Preston Giles18/11/1990
7x11 Family Doctor06/01/1991
7x14 Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?10/02/1991
7x22 The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane12/05/1991
8x03 Unauthorized Obituary29/09/1991
8x05 Lines of Excellence03/11/1991
8x07 Terminal Connection17/11/1991
8x17 To the End Will I Grapple With Thee15/03/1992
8x20 Angel of Death03/05/1992
9x02 Family Secrets27/09/1992
9x04 The Wind Around the Tower01/11/1992
9x11 Final Curtain10/01/1993
9x19 Lone Witness04/04/1993
10x03 The Legacy of Borbey House03/10/1993
10x09 Murder at a Discount05/12/1993
10x15 Murder on the Thirtieth Floor06/02/1994
10x19 Roadkill01/05/1994
10x21 Wheel of Death22/05/1994
11x06 The Murder Channel06/11/1994
11x10 Murder of the Month Club04/12/1994
11x15 Twice Dead12/02/1995
11x19 School for Murder30/04/1995
11x21 Game, Set, Murder14/05/1995
12x12 Kendo Kill04/01/1996
12x20 Southern Double-Cross04/04/1996
Cover Up (Espion Modèle)
1x12 A Subtle Seduction29/12/1984
9x06 Murder in Malibu14/05/1990