Virgil Vogel

pas de portrait

Né le 29 novembre 1919 à Peoria (Illinois) (États-Unis)

Décédé le 1 janvier 1996 à l'âge de 76 ans à Los Angeles (Californie) (États-Unis)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Virgil W. Vogel

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1959 Invasion du peuple animal (Terror in the Midnight Sun)73
1957 L'oasis des tempêtes (The Land Unknown)78
1956 Le Peuple de l'enfer (The Mole People)77
Moyenne de tous ses films10

Réalisation de séries

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1958) (Mike Hammer (1958))
2x14 The Last Aloha00/00/0000
6x24 Right Is the Fourth R07/03/1965
6x29 To Own the World18/04/1965
6x31 The Return02/05/1965
7x06 Devil on Her Shoulder17/10/1965
7x24 Her Brother's Keeper06/03/1966
Burke's Law (1963) (L'homme à la Rolls (1963))
3x03 Steam Heat29/09/1965
3x13 Or No Tomorrow15/12/1965
3x15 A Very Important Russian Is Missing29/12/1965
The F.B.I. (Sur la piste du crime)
5x09 Blood Tie09/11/1969
5x14 Journey Into Night14/12/1969
6x01 The Condemned20/09/1970
6x04 The Architect11/10/1970
6x05 The Savage Wilderness18/10/1970
6x06 Time Bomb25/10/1970
6x08 The Deadly Pact08/11/1970
6x10 Antennae of Death29/11/1970
6x18 The Eye of the Needle24/01/1971
6x22 Downfall21/02/1971
6x23 The Hitchhiker28/02/1971
6x25 The Natural14/03/1971
8x05 The Gopher15/10/1972
Mission: Impossible (1966)
4x26 The Martyr29/03/1970
5x12 Squeeze Play (aka Sicily)12/12/1970
5x14 Takeover02/01/1971
5x15 Cat's Paw09/01/1971
7x19 Speed16/02/1973
2x19 To Ride a Tiger14/02/1973
3x10 Dead Lady's Tears07/11/1973
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
1x23 Beyond Vengeance08/03/1973
1x26 The Unicorn05/04/1973
2x03 For the Love of God27/09/1973
2x07 Harem25/10/1973
2x17 Blockade24/01/1974
2x20 Inferno14/02/1974
2x21 The Hard Breed21/02/1974
2x23 Death and the Favored Few14/03/1974
3x02 The Most Deadly Species19/09/1974
3x08 Flags of Terror31/10/1974
3x11 Bird of Prey21/11/1974
3x12 License to Kill05/12/1974
3x13 The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague12/12/1974
3x16 Letters from the Grave16/01/1975
4x03 No Place to Hide25/09/1975
4x06 Deadly Silence16/10/1975
4x07 Murder by Proxy23/10/1975
4x09 Web of Lies06/11/1975
4x10 Dead Air13/11/1975
4x11 Merchants of Death20/11/1975
4x12 The Cat's Paw04/12/1975
4x15 Police Buff08/01/1976
4x19 Judgment Day19/02/1976
4x20 Clown of Death26/02/1976
4x21 Superstar04/03/1976
4x22 Alien Country11/03/1976
5x01 The Thrill Killers (1)30/09/1976
5x02 The Thrill Killers (2)07/10/1976
5x09 Hot Dog09/12/1976
Barnaby Jones
1x06 The Loose Connection18/03/1973
1x08 Sing a Song of Murder01/04/1973
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
1x09 Dr. Wells is Missing29/03/1974
The Fantastic Journey (Le Voyage extraordinaire)
1x06 An Act of Love24/03/1977
Man from Atlantis (L'homme de l'Atlantide)
1x01 Melt Down22/09/1977
1x04 Giant25/10/1977
1x05 Man O'War01/11/1977
Police Woman (Sergent Anderson)
4x09 Ambition28/12/1977
4x10 Blind Terror04/01/1978
4x14 The Human Rights of Tiki Kim01/02/1978
Centennial (Colorado)
1x01 Only the Rocks Live Forever01/10/1978
1x02 The Yellow Apron08/10/1978
1x06 The Longhorns03/12/1978
1x07 The Shepherds10/12/1978
1x12 The Scream of Eagles04/02/1979
Voyagers! (Voyages au bout du temps)
1x02 Created Equal10/10/1982
1x03 Bully and Billy24/10/1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Jake Cutter)
1x05 Legends Are Forever20/10/1982
1x10 The Lady and the Tiger08/12/1982
1x12 The Sultan of Swat05/01/1983
1x14 God Save the Queen19/01/1983
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
1x07 Not a Drop to Drink05/11/1982
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
3x20 Two Birds of a Feather17/03/1983
3x23 Faith and Begorrah28/04/1983
4x02 Luther Gillis: File #52106/10/1983
4x04 Distant Relative20/10/1983
6x14 Mad Dogs and Englishmen23/01/1986
Airwolf (Supercopter)
1x02 Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n22/01/1984
1x04 Proof Through the Night04/02/1984
2x11 Random Target08/12/1984
2x13 The American Dream12/01/1985
2x17 Natural Born23/02/1985
2x19 Dambreakers16/03/1985
2x22 Short Walk to Freedom13/04/1985
3x07 Eagles09/11/1985
Street Hawk (Tonnerre mécanique)
1x01 Pilot04/01/1985
1x02 A Second Self11/01/1985
1x03 The Adjustor18/01/1985
1x04 Vegas Run22/01/1985
1x06 Fire on the Wing05/02/1985
Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
3x14 Cuba Libre23/01/1987
3x16 Theresa13/02/1987
4x17 Hell Hath No Fury...11/03/1988
5x04 Bad Timing02/12/1988
Hardball (1989) (Duo d'enfer)
1x16 Prescription For Murder (a.k.a. Charlie and Kaz Meet the Mummy)08/06/1990
Quantum Leap (Code Quantum)
4x09 A Single Drop of Rain - September 7, 195320/11/1991
Walker, Texas Ranger
1x01 One Riot, One Ranger21/04/1993
Mystery Science Theater 3000
8x03 The Mole People15/02/1997