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Victor Gonzalez

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George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
4x10 A Clear and Presentless Danger14/12/2004
4x18 George Watcha's Out For Jason01/03/2005
4x19 George's Grand Slam08/03/2005
5x06 George Takes a Sentimental Ernie02/11/2005
5x07 George Finds Therapy Benny-ficial09/11/2005
Half & Half
3x17 The Big Undercover Lover Episode28/03/2005
Wizards of Waverly Place (Les Sorciers de Waverly Place)
1x19 Alex's Spring Fling20/07/2008
2x01 Smarty Pants12/09/2008
2x02 Beware Wolf21/09/2008
2x04 Racing12/10/2008
2x05 Alex's Brother, Maximan19/10/2008
2x08 Harper Knows23/11/2008
2x13 Fashion Week15/02/2009
2x15 Art Teacher01/03/2009
2x21 Justin's New Girlfriend02/05/2009
2x25 Cast-Away (To Another Show)17/07/2009
2x26 Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place24/07/2009
2x29 Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies08/08/2009
2x30 Retest21/08/2009
3x04 Three Monsters30/10/2009
3x05 Night at the Lazerama06/11/2009
3x06 Doll House20/11/2009
3x07 Marathoner Helper04/12/2009
3x09 Wizards vs. Werewolves22/01/2010
3x22 Captain Jim Bob Sherwood23/07/2010
4x05 Three Maxes and a Little Lady07/01/2011
4x13 Meet the Werewolves17/06/2011
Rules of Engagement (Leçons sur le mariage)
5x20 Beating The System07/04/2011
See Dad Run
1x04 See Dad Rise From the Dead28/10/2012
1x06 See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson11/11/2012
Wendell & Vinnie
1x04 Abra & Cadabra09/03/2013
1x09 Fathers of Fathers & Sons09/05/2013
1x11 The Dutch & Us23/05/2013
1x14 Swindle & Vinnie13/06/2013
1x19 Wendell's & Vinnie's15/09/2013
Instant Mom (L'apprentie maman)
1x02 The Lying Game06/10/2013
1x04 Forty-Two Inches of Pure Evil20/10/2013
1x12 Dine Hard19/01/2014
1x22 48 Hours05/06/2014
2x01 Sanders Again02/10/2014
2x05 Teacher's Pest06/11/2014
2x07 Drill Team20/11/2014
3x01 Fear Factor19/09/2015
The Thundermans (Les Thunderman)
1x03 Dinner Party09/11/2013
Last Man Standing (C'est moi le chef !)
4x02 War Games03/10/2014
4x03 Rediscover America10/10/2014
4x16 Three Sundays20/02/2015
4x17 Kyle's Friend27/02/2015
4x18 Mandy's Party13/03/2015
4x19 Summer Internship20/03/2015
4x20 Restaurant Opening03/04/2015
5x02 Free Range Parents02/10/2015
5x03 Ping-Pong09/10/2015
5x04 Educating Boyd16/10/2015
5x06 Halloween30/10/2015
5x07 The Dad Hat06/11/2015
5x08 The Big Sleepover13/11/2015
5x10 The Puck Stops Here04/12/2015
5x12 Polar Run08/01/2016
5x14 100th Episode: The Ring29/01/2016
5x15 Home Sweet Loan05/02/2016
5x17 Tanks for the Memories26/02/2016
5x18 He Shed She Shed11/03/2016
5x19 Outdoor Woman18/03/2016
5x22 The Shortcut22/04/2016
6x01 Papa Bear23/09/2016
6x02 Gameday Forecast: Showers30/09/2016
6x03 Where There's Smoke, There's Ire07/10/2016
6x04 Boyd Will Be Boyd14/10/2016
6x05 Trick or Treat21/10/2016
6x06 A New Place for One of Our People04/11/2016
6x07 Bridezilla vs. The Baxters11/11/2016
6x08 My Father the Car18/11/2016
6x09 Precious Snowflake02/12/2016
6x10 Help Wanted09/12/2016
6x11 My Name is Rob16/12/2016
6x12 Three Sisters06/01/2017
6x14 A House Divided20/01/2017
6x15 The Fixer27/01/2017
6x18 Take Me to Church24/02/2017
6x19 House of Tutor10/03/2017
6x20 Heavy Meddle17/03/2017
6x21 Bad Heir Day24/03/2017
6x22 Shadowboxing31/03/2017
Mike & Molly
5x10 Checkpoint Joyce16/02/2015
5x11 Immaculate Deception23/02/2015
5x12 The World According To Peggy02/03/2015
5x22 The Bitter Man and the Sea18/05/2015
Liv and Maddie (Liv et Maddie)
2x12 Muffler-a-Rooney01/03/2015
Dr. Ken
1x12 Ken's Physical15/01/2016
1x16 Meeting Molly's Boyfriend26/02/2016
The Odd Couple (2015)
2x08 The Dinner Engagement12/05/2016
Best Friends Whenever
2x03 Epic Girl's Day27/07/2016
2x05 Derby Little Secret29/07/2016
2x08 The Lying Game04/10/2016
One Day at a Time (2017) (Au fil des jours (2017))
1x06 The Death of Mrs. Resnick06/01/2017
1x07 Hold, Please06/01/2017
School of Rock (Rock Academy)
3x03 True Colors22/07/2017
3x05 The Other Side of Summer05/08/2017
3x09 Kool Thing07/01/2018
Superior Donuts
2x12 Always Bet on Black05/02/2018
2x15 The Chicago Way19/03/2018
Alexa & Katie
1x06 Picture Day23/03/2018
2x03 #GWENCAS26/12/2018
2x04 Tryouts and Latte Doubts26/12/2018
2x08 The Ghost of Cancer Past26/12/2018
3x03 Always Something There to Remind Me30/12/2019
3x06 Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck30/12/2019
1x04 Bad Guy13/02/2020

Scénariste de séries

George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
3x18 Jason Tutors Max27/02/2004
4x22 George's Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition03/05/2005